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Wildly Inaccurate PCR Testing Puts the Scam in the COVID-19 Scamdemic

A PCR genetic test nasal swab used as the primary test to diagnose coronavirus. PHOTO: Imaging Technology News/Getty

Winter Watch welcomes special guest writer Giuseppe Vafanculo. He’s a former professional journalist with more than 500 byline articles in major-market newspapers and magazines in the 1980s. His midlife career change led him to graduate summa cum laude from a top-five U.S. College of Oriental Medicine with a Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine and a Bachelors of Science in Eastern/Western Nutrition. Vafanculo is nationally board certified and licensed in Wisconsin and Virginia. He has owned and operated an Oriental Medicine/Acupuncture/Holistic Health practice for 15 years. The outrages of the COVID-19 scamdemic brought Vafanculo back to the new mass Internet media in 2020.

By Giuseppe Vafanculo

It has been described many ways: pandemic, plague, feardemic, panicdemic and scamdemic. After accumulating and evaluating nine months of data, perhaps the most accurate descriptor of the COVID-19 is scamdemic.

The lynchpin to the scamdemic is the wildly inaccurate and literally useless test being used by the corrupt Center for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) scientific “experts” to claim the shocking numbers of infected humans: the PCR test.

Created in 1985 to enhance AIDS research, the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test won a Nobel Prize for its inventor Kary Mullis. He invented the PCR test as a tool for biomedical research and criminal forensics. PCR can be extremely deceptive in the diagnosis of infectious diseases, though. The inventor himself argued against using PCR as a diagnostic tool for infections.

“I’m skeptical that a PCR test is ever true. It’s a great scientific research tool. It’s a horrible tool for clinical medicine,” warns Dr. David Rasnick, biochemist and protease developer.

A true rebel against Big Pharma and the CDC, Mullis insisted that it states on the box of every PCR test: “This is not a diagnostic tool.”

Mullis was heretic against corporate science and Big Pharma.

“Scientists are doing an awful lot of damage to the world in the name of helping it. I don’t mind attacking my own fraternity, because I am ashamed of it,” Mullis said at a press conference shortly before he died.

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The PCR test is so well known for giving inaccurate results that the CDC warns not to give the test to asymptomatic persons “because of the increased likelihood of false-positive results.”

Chinese experts stated that if you’re testing asymptomatic people with PCR, up to 80% of positives could be false positives. But the numbers aren’t just skewed by false positives, they are also skewed by how many people are offered the test and what condition they are in. For example, during the first few weeks of the “pandemic,” tests were scarce. As they became more widely available, of course the number of infections accounted for increased as well, and false-positive results further increased those numbers.

Even The Journal of the American Medical Association recently published results of a study validating the gross inaccuracies of the PCR test.

“Some patients who have recovered from coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) with documented negative real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) results at the time of recovery have had subsequent positive RT-PCR test results for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), in the absence of any symptoms suggestive of new infection. It is unknown whether such patients are infectious and whether they should be quarantined. Real-time PCR is not a viral culture and does not allow determination of whether the virus is viable and transmissible.”

JAMA Intern Med. Published online November 12, 2020. doi:10.1001/jamainternmed.2020.7570

As former New York Times Reporter Alex Berenson (@AlexBereson) observed upon reading the results of the JAMA study: “In other words, 97 percent of these patients had no live virus in their bodies despite a positive PCR test — and they were 18 percent of ALL the people surveyed (though they were not a random sample — they had had the virus before).”

Vaccine iconoclast and truthteller Del Bigtree of observes that “at 33 cycles or amplifications, the PCR test is only 20 percent accurate or effective.”

The FDA recommends 40 cycles, rendering the PCR test basically useless because all tests show positive.

Bigtree outlines the absolute farce that is PCR testing, validating a second wave of COVID-19.

A brilliant 13-minute video by YouTuber “CoronaVirus Plushie” sums up all the elements involved with the PCR test scamdemic.

Essentially, it is easy to overcycle the PCR test and create a dystopian scenario where everyone tests positive for COVID-19. So does your pet, and your food, and your car. And that’s how you make a  scamdemic. That’s how you destroy countries and the lives of billions of people to create mandatory vaccines, a micro-chipped or quantum tattooed population, a new normal, a great reset, and, of course, a new world order.

Giuseppe Vafanculo is the creator and host of Revolution Radio’s ( “The Perfect Triangle” Fridays 6-8 p.m. ET live on Studio A. Vafanculo is co-host of “The Wisdom Circle” Wednesdays 12-2 p.m. ET live on Studio A; and “Operation Scorpio” Saturdays 1-4 p.m. ET live on Studio A.  He is also the producer and regular commentator on “Need to Know: The Fetzer Report” weekday evenings live on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Archived at Jim Fetzer Bitchute. Russ Winter plans on participating every other week on these earlier shows.

Listen: Russ Winter Joins Giuseppe Vafanculo and David Scorpio to Discuss the Faux Election on ‘The Perfect Triangle’

10 Comments on Wildly Inaccurate PCR Testing Puts the Scam in the COVID-19 Scamdemic

  1. This proves we are ruled by imbeciles, or worse, soulless entities who are out to destroy life as we know it, while they continue in the lap of luxury. I would say both scenarios are in play here. Wakey, wakey people!!

    • I think it proves that these monsters are not going to stop until they have completed their mission. They spent a great deal of effort to get here. They aren’t turning back or “opening up”

      • Gotta hand it to the oppressors- world wide thought/population control through ‘hate speech’ & ‘pandemic’, with the attendant punishments & elimination of civil liberties, injected into our minds by all print/audio/visual commercial ‘media’ & ‘education’ which has saturated every policy & procedure in all human transactions. How can this 9 month old total coup be out smarted? There has to be a will to have the way.

  2. A lot is being made of the number of cycles affecting the result of the PCR test. More importantly the focus should be on the primers being used. What is the sequence of the RNA it is picking up and replicating.? Is this a virus (retro-virus), as claimed, which has been isolated and shown to cause the alleged symptoms? Or is it, perhaps, a genetic sequence commonly found in humans, or even part of the human genome, as some researchers are suggesting? If so,, then even genuine positive test results are bogus. This is the real problem with the PCR tests, in my view. We should be insisting that the primers are provably targeting a genuine infectious entity.

  3. Not a new thought but if everyone all of a sudden decided to stay home and not get tested then “teh numbas” would drop to zero and The State would have no bogeyman to draw fear porn on. I’m sure they’d put up road block testing to ensure “teh numbas” are what they are pre-prescribed to be.

    • I heard that this is what happened in Honolulu. Nobody was showing up for testing, so the governor commandeered the federal H-3 freeway to use as a COVID testing site. For a number of days, all day, people were unable to use the highway without subjecting themselves to a test.

  4. Kary Mullis would sure rotate in his grave would he lived through 2020 and see how his pcr test gets abused by the same people, Fauci and his gang(the american aids tzar featuring Birx(she was hooking up 55+ countries via pepfar to pharmas money flow) and Redfield(read his wiki his bright idea aids vaccine sounds like they tried this scam already back then) are at it again using the same test.

    Kary Mullis gets called aids denialist on his wiki just cause he questioned already Faucis aids via hiv construct and the abuse of his test, looking at now not much has changed. Pretty sad he died last year, but i could guess if this is all planned he either was murdered or hes undercover cause in any way he could not be present this year.

    Thanks to current events i lost alot trust, the last bit for western medicine school i had. Recently i read Pasteur vs Bechaump, a lost chapter in the history of biology” (and medicine, and i would call it rewritten not lost). Book is free on archive org, good read really. Basically Bechaump was more on the right track, while Pasteur was on dead ends stealing and misinterpreting Bechaumps work and destroying his reputation. Terrain vs germ theory, Pasteur went with the wrong germ theory… Rockefeller who started out as snakeoil salesmen after migrating from germany(Rockenfeld near Neuwied), sure lots happened lots money was made with Standart Oil, but i wish i could see the reason why they started to pick up the whole western medicine school, forming institutes like Hopkins and pushing that germ theory cause it fit perfectly to vaccine snakeoil scam which realy had a boost during the spanish flu(people should read!).

    So in the end, i cant trust that, why do people still believe in germ theory or in vaccine, you can guess the reasons why Rockefeller pushed those, save humankind and lives or maybe rather explore the medicine/health sector as whole and make it and industry like profit machine?

    Thats where it continues with CV-19, its all based on misinterpretion, on lies, on greed for more money and sure power/control as we are already now in the middle of a transform to dystopia.
    Hard to grasp and i dont want to live in such world.

  5. Very sad how many people know this, but don’t care. I’m talking about doctors, nurses, virologists, immuno-biologists, media, govts, (Not all) but many have been bribed, bullied or are part of one of the cults pushing this scam. I was just watching Al Jazeera. For years they have been reporting so much injustice in the world, then overnight they just decided to push cv19 statistics for almost 12 months straight with virtually no opposing interviews with anyone outside of the UN or WHO! No Kary Mullis, No Judy Mikovich … nada! And now they are making out that the poorest countries need to receive this “life saving” injection first? How we have all been hoodwinked by these so called defenders of freedom and truth!!

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