Vladimir Lenin’s Ideology of Hate is Rehabilitated Online Without Censorship or Obstruction by Hate Speech Police

By Michael Hoffman | 18 December 2017

REVISIONIST REVIEW — You may have heard that earlier this year Amazon.com removed dozens of books for sale on its website because they were judged to be “hateful.”

Books in praise of Communist butchers continue to be sold by Amazon, however.

The media inform us that Twitter has also embarked upon a campaign to nobly cleanse its digital premises of “hate.”

The privileged students in halls of academe such as Stanford, Harvard and Cornell have signed on to the Inquistion’s standard that error has no rights. Challenges to Leftist and Zionist orthodoxies are labeled as hateful by consensus approval, and thus subject to a ban in the name of preventing hatred and genocide. […]

2 Comments on Vladimir Lenin’s Ideology of Hate is Rehabilitated Online Without Censorship or Obstruction by Hate Speech Police

  1. With the anniversary of the killing of the Tsar and his family passing, this (marxist?) has an interesting take on the facts of the ordeal.


    She even has articles calling out content put on Russian Insider. https://02varvara.wordpress.com/2018/07/12/12-july-2018-russian-insider-and-russian-faith-allied-with-the-daily-stormer-hate-tries-to-infiltrate-christs-church/

    I don’t agree with everything she is standing for but I get a ‘aangirfan blogspot’ vibe from it all, anti global corruption. She defends and deflects the Jewish element of history in her posts though so she has some slant there.

    • Another quote from her blog:

      Both Trump and Clinton are part of the
      same social class… they’re wealthy Upper Middles who want to break into
      the Upper Class, but can’t. The Clintons wanted to move to Tarrytown,
      but the Rockefellers kept them out (they ended up in Chappaqua… a burb
      full of wealthy no-accounts like them). Trump is a real-estate
      developer, which says it all… he has no chance of really hobnobbing with
      the Mellons, Carnegies, Whitneys, or Rockefellers either.

      The last real “American aristocrats” to
      sit in the White House were FDR and George H W Bush (George W was an
      aristocrat wannabe.. he just didn’t make the grade, socially speaking).
      Kennedy was a Lace Curtain Irish wannabee… the Kennedys still aren’t
      completely considered real Upper Crust by the Social Register set.
      Therefore, Clinton and Trump fawn on the real oligarchs, because they
      lust to be in that set themselves. There’s no chance of that happening.
      The oligarchs will use them… but they’ll never consider them equals or
      allow them into the inner sanctum. What’s more, the Clintons and Trump
      know this, but they hope against hope that they real poohbahs will
      approve of them and anoint them “aristocrats” too.

      Clinton and Trump come from the same
      sleazy social class. The reason that both cudgel ordinary people is that
      they want to be Uppers, but the Uppers won’t have them. Their
      disappointment comes out as resentment against ordinary folk, so Clinton
      and Trump allow their Upper Middle pals to screw working people. It
      can’t go on forever. If you squeeze people hard enough, it leads to a
      reaction… like heads stuck on fence posts. I don’t want to see it come
      to that, but Clinton and Trump aren’t helping matters (neither are minor
      neoliberal slumtickets like Paul Ryan and Maxine Waters… two shitbirds
      of a feather who enable the wealthy).

      Both hate us and our aspirations. React accordingly…

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