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False Flag Super Bowl Nuke Alert

January 27, 2018 Winter Watch 1

100 million TVs will tune in presenting a tremendous temptation to people who orchestrate false flags. By Kevin Barrett | 26 January 2018 VETERANS TODAY — Everything is lining up “false flag” for this year’s Super Bowl. […]

Trump’s Trojan Horse Immigration Policy

January 27, 2018 Russ Winter 5

President Donald Trump’s new “framework for amnesty” plan is straight out of the Trojan-horse carnival-barker script. This, after endless talk and no action about “extreme vetting,” the program would provide citizenship to at least 1.8 million […]

Making Sense of the Iran Protests

January 26, 2018 Winter Watch 0

By Shannon Tawoos WASHINGTON REPORT ON MIDDLE EAST AFFAIRS — On Dec. 28, 2017, protests began in Mashhad, Iran’s second largest city and home to the shrine of Imam Reza. Initially aimed at President Hassan Rouhani’s […]

Queering Engineering At Purdue

January 22, 2018 Winter Watch 0

By Rod Dreher | 30 March 2017 THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE — Having all but ruined humanities education, the Social Justice Warriors now turn to the STEM fields. Purdue University has hired Donna Riley as its new head […]

It’s Time to Drop the Jew Taboo

January 21, 2018 Winter Watch 0

It’s making serious discussion of Russian geopolitics and history next to impossible. By Charles Bausman | 15 January 2018 RUSSIA INSIDER — Most people know about, but few are willing to condemn, the strict taboo in […]

Liberty, Lazarus and Colossal Lies

January 20, 2018 Torchy Blane 6

While we watched and waited as Democrat Minority Leader, Jewish Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York, held the U.S. budget hostage for the sake of illegal immigrants, we took a look at some of the common economic […]

What’s Q Anon All About?

January 18, 2018 Thomas Müller 15

Q Anon is a fascinating project. Some say it’s a LARPing fantasy game. But I submit it is too sophisticated for that. It is in fact a limited hangout operation designed to steer, misdirect and […]

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