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Italy Embracing Populism is a Major Headache for Europe

The leader of Italy’s populist right-wing Northern League is a big fan of Donald Trump's border policy, and he’s hoping Trump’s rise will help usher in a new era in European politics. PHOTO: Daily Beast/Marco Bertorello/Getty

By Tom Luongo | 20 January 2018

GOLD, GOAT ‘N’ GUNS — For years Italy’s Northern League kept to itself, being focused on secession rather than reform from within. That change began last year with their non-binding referendum to petition Rome for more fiscal autonomy. But, as the Italian parliamentary elections come into view, the Northern League is playing politics.

And doing it well.

Having made a coalition with Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia and two smaller center-right parties, the Lega Norda (Northern League) is now in a great position to win the election. Its leader, Matteo Salvini, has wholly embraced populism and is now in open opposition to Europe as a whole.

From a report at Breitbart:

During a heated interview with Italian TV Channel Rete 4 this week, Mr. Salvini reaffirmed his eurosceptic credentials, blasting: “Europe can go f*ck itself!

“Europe has been punishing us for the last 15 years and we are worse off than 15 years ago,” he added. “European measures are the last thing I am interested in.”

Salvini’s populist stance goes much further than that.  His Twitter feed reads like Nigel Farage’s after a lengthy stay at the pub. He’s pushing for a 15% flat tax, the bane of the Progressive left who understands that a progressive tax system is the biggest obstacle to wealth generation. Salvini invokes U.S. President Donald Trump whenever he can, especially on defending Italy’s borders and EU immigration policy.[…]

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