Review of Degenerate, Dead-Inside, TV Series ‘The Mick’

Readers of The New Nationalist (TNN) can get a taste of the dead-inside Fox TV series “The Mick” here. The destruction of the traditional family unit premise centers around drunkard Aunt Mickey taking over the household of her rich sister and WASP husband after they are arrested and hauled off to jail.

Like much of newly released TV and movie entertainment, the series is banal, unfunny and larded with the standard underman low-life culture and depravity. Normally, we would just let it go with that and move on; however, “The Mick” deserves special treatment as the degenerate script writers introduce one Ben, who is a six-year-old “transgender.”

In one scene, Ben comments that the dress he is wearing “kind of breezes on his vagina.”

Adding insult to injury the perverts have an added touch of bondage, equipping Ben with a S&M mouthpiece allegedly related to “tongue healing” after licking a hot grill at Benihana. Of particular note is that Ben is constantly seen throughout with saliva drooling off the device and his chin.

There are constant blood scenes being portrayed.

In one scenario, Mickey tries to put her foot down with the reprobate kids, but it only leads to them going to what the eldest Sabrina refers to as a “white trash high school party.” What would a Jew TV series be without the standard white slurs?

There are zero positive male role models.

For the Valentine’s Day episode, we are treated to a bathtub threesome as two young boys wait naked for an under-age girl to get them all alcoholic drinks.

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Not the least bit surprisingly, this “entertainment” was created by (((Dave Chernin and John Chernin))), both sons of top Hollywood executive (((Peter Chernin))).

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  1. Thanks for watching, so we don’t have to. My cable company -Spectrum- is trying to force me to bring this garbage into my home by charging me more for phone and internet than I would pay for all three – TV Phone and internet. Sorry, not gonna do it. No TV ’til football season.

  2. Its been said for years that the whole “gay rights” movement was always really about creating stepping stones for the real goals of normalizing pedophilia and sexualizing children. The scenes from ‘The Mick’ like the child trans with the S&M torture mask and the children in the bathroom planning sexual acts seem too degenerate to imagine as part of prime time TV! But when looked at in the context of the larger evil goals, it all make perfect sense. Thank you for the review.

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