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Finally, We Know What Really Happened at the Robert E. Lee Statue in Charlottesville


In the video footage below, Millie Weaver recounts her first-hand knowledge of the events that transpired at the August 2017 Unite the Right rally at the statue of Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville, Va. Weaver’s live video coverage evidences a staged psyop for the benefit of the pajama people.

We post this video with the full expectation that it will soon be removed by the notorious You Tube censors, so we recommend viewing it now.

Winter Watch dispatched the other Charlottesville incident during that day: the alleged car attack, which is covered in “In the Wake of the Series of Hate Hoaxes: Time to Reexamine the Charlottesville ‘Car Assault’. Was it a Staged Deception?

At one time, there were many videos available online that documented the lopsided Leftist violence at the rally. Most of those videos have since been banned, allocated to the Memory Hole and replaced by thousands of 5th Columnist disinformation articles and videos that continue the Crime Syndicate’s drumbeat of right-wing and white-supremacist violence.

I doubt that many of our readers will view the full three hours of Weaver’s footage, but we highly recommend a sampling. It clearly shows who dished out the preponderance of violence.

Starting [00:45:00] agent provocateurs of the left and right are well covered.

You will also see the police standing down while Leftist counter-protesters on the street pelted small balloons filled with urine, feces, paint and gel into the Unite the Right rally folks in the Robert E. Lee park. Weaver’s cameraman was pepper sprayed early on by a black-garbed and hooded freak of the Zombie Apocalypse contingent [01:26:50].

Read “Zeroing in on the Antifa/BLM Zombie Apocalypse Farm System”

Police placed a barricade around the park. Then, the police declared the Unite rally an unlawful assemblage and ordered everyone to exit the park. Participants were only allowed to exit down one small staircase leading into the street, where violent Antifa and BLM mobs awaited them. There, going down a gauntlet and without police presence they were subjected to more pepper spray, crap and urine.

Outside of the Lugenpresse’s clown world echo chamber, it’s quite obvious who was inflicting the abuse at Charlottesville.

I will be on the “The Patrick (Dino) Ryan Show” tonight. My segment is during the second hour of the three-hour podcast that airs live from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Central Time on Tuesday, Oct. 20. We plan to discuss the MK Ultra practitioners and aspects of the posts below. You can email questions to the show. 

9 Comments on Finally, We Know What Really Happened at the Robert E. Lee Statue in Charlottesville

    • I’ve never had the ‘pleasure’ of experiencing pepper spray and I hope I never do. How exactly would one go about using this treatment? I guess I’m skeptical where the whole Johnson & Johnson “No More Tears” baby shampoo thing is concerned, lol….well, many are suing for cancer caused by their powder but at least I haven’t heard anything about babies suing for tears when none were promised.

      • I got maced by a cop when I was younger (22) and I understand it is similar
        to pepper spray. No fun, but overall not terribly overwhelming. True, you can’t
        or don’t want to to do anything, but it fades and goes away in 10 – 20 minutes.
        What made it worse for me was that I was handcuffed and nobody gave me
        any water or splashed any on me. So just think burning watery eyes with
        runny nose & nothing to do about it for near 15 minutes as it slowly fades.
        About sums it up. Baby shampoo and water > ha, I have my doubts !
        Was that helpful ?! lol ha, ha …

  1. I guess I’m at a bit of a loss as to why it would be necessary for anyone to watch a 3 hour anything from Millie Weaver in order to know Charlottesville was a PsyOp from day one? Is this just a matter of providing good, detailed specifics for anyone who might be interested in having it? For the simple fact – in case one had any doubts as to whether or not Charlottesville was the usual crappola or not – this got and STILL continues to get tons of attention/mentioning on mainstream media all across the board. I find it particularly sickening. It’s like this one-trick pony they have to keep going back to in order to try and validate claims of white supremacism. I cringe any time I see them role that beautiful bean footage of the “white guys” marching in the dark, illuminated by their matching tiki-torches, chanting “Jews will not replace us” – a line I always found awkward and misleading. Also, they appear to be zombies and sound monotone. There is no passion in it.
    Oh – I got on the SPLC mailing list a few years ago – by mistake – and continue to get mail from them every few months. Even now, in 2020, they, in particular, LOVE including glossy color brochures of all things CHARLOTTESVILLE. Speaks volumes, eh? To think they are well-funded to kill trees to print these lies. I find it just as pathetic that the SPLC also gives equal billing to all things “KKK” related. Talk about going out on a limb and stretching things in order to try and justify the creation of the abominable white boogeyman.
    What is it going to take for white people to wake up EN MASSE? Now, for white people under the age of 30, I don’t hold out as much hope because I know they were born into a world different than the one I was and the electronic brainwashing has been all the more severe. I only have to look to my nephew who is 17 to see how much damage has been done.

    • We already know the narrative of the event and its nature. We’ve all seen the staged-looking clusters of KKK et al that were strategically placed on the street to pose for photographers, SPLC brochures, etc.

      What the video offers that other sources don’t is a bird’s eye view of how things went down there. I’ve never seen any video footage of what actually actually transpired in the park.

      From this video, it appears that from the get go, the instigation of violence was clearly coming from the “left.” That’s a huge leap from the narratives trotted out to this day. This video is evidence of false narratives, and as such it should be documented. But we know how that game goes. Nonetheless, we try.

      In terms of hope, I hear what you’re saying, but I can offer this: I recently spent an afternoon with my 14-year-old nephew, who I hadn’t seen in a couple years, and a couple of his high school friends. I had never chatted with him about the world we live in. I merely asked what they thought about everything going on right now, and boy they gave me earful!

      I sat in silence, shocked by what independent and critical thinkers they are. I didn’t offer my views, I only complimented them on not being lemmings to mainstream media propaganda and asked if their schoolmates shared their views. They said that it’s about 50/50 among kids in their middle-class school district, but kids in the wealthy school district across town typically do not. So there’s an interesting glimpse of the future. The wealthier the kids, the more likely they are to be programmed.

    • “We’ve all seen the staged-looking clusters of KKK et al that were strategically placed on the street to pose for photographers, SPLC brochures, etc.”

      I was at the rally. There were no robed Klan people, that stock footage came from a different rally the media was attaching to the UtR rally after the fact. I remember the Monday morning after the event being shocked that MSM was including all of these robed Klan characters as though they were there!

      Looking back on it Unite the Right represents the first wave of Antifa attacks, sponsored by the government, that we would see repeated over and over in areas like Portland and Minnesota. It was an assault on decent citizens expressing our rights. Americans turned their backs on us and received the next three years as their reward. Its unfortunate for those who are still political prisoners from that event and we must not forget our prisoners!!

  2. Saved the video. Never know what BS policy gonna get the video scrubbed. Like Google/YouTube policy on telling the “Truth”.

    Good thing she didn’t mention Members of the “tribe” paying for the chaos. Everyone at the SLPC would loose their shit.

  3. Staged on both sides. But as we’ve see now it was about the funding of Pension benefits for these police department employees, teachers and all government employees in the Cities that had massive amounts of debt with Pension liabilities.
    The 1.9 trillion dream package helped refund those Pensions and now there aren’t any more BLM protests in those area.

    Follow the money.

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