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Chemical Attack at Douma, Syria Was a Poorly Done Fake

The “chemical attack” that has Trump’s panties in a bunch shows all the hallmarks of a fraud and fake. Hence comes a video released by the White Helmets fraudsters on Twitter of the scene. It shows the gas cylinder involved. First, it was alleged to have penetrated a concrete reinforced roof. You can see the quite large roof hole near the end. Then it landed softly on a bed that shows no damage.

This is a normal gas cylinder, used for technical gases. It has no detonator, just a simple valve with a missing wheel. Although the alleged bomb penetrated the ceiling, the flimsy fins are intact and show no bending or dents.

Pro-rebels have posed bodies of dead children in a “Last Hug” photo. It went viral claiming to show young victims of the Douma gas attack in their “last embrace.” Victims can be clearly seen on two separate floors in aftermath footage before being placed in position together for the photo shoot. These photos could have been taken anywhere.

We see the familar pattern in these hoaxes of bystanders not wearing protective masks and gear. At minute 1:25 in the video below, Johnny-on-the-Spot White Helmets are shown running into the impact zone without protection or masks. At 2:15, we see footage of “victims” hosed with water, which is useless against chlorine gas. The people aiding are unprotected. At 3:55 we see hazy poor quality filming as unprotected individuals approach a downed gas “victim”.

Speaking with EuroNews, Russia’s ambassador to the EU, Vladimir Chizov, said

Russian military specialists have visited this region, walked on those streets, entered those houses, talked to local doctors and visited the only functioning hospital in Douma, including its basement where reportedly the mountains of corpses pile up. There was not a single corpse and even not a single person who came in for treatment after the attack.”

“But we’ve seen them on the video!” responds EuroNews correspondent Andrei Beketov.

Russian Ministry of Defense warned of chemical false flag three weeks before it happened.

Russian MoD stated that all soil test results from Douma, have shown NO trace of sarin or chlorine nor any other chemical agent.


TNN Takeaway: Not even a B Hollywood production, especially on the technical aspects.

11 Comments on Chemical Attack at Douma, Syria Was a Poorly Done Fake

  1. A moron for a president and citizenry that has the combined brain power of a piss ant. I have never been so embarrassed to be called a “Mercan”.

  2. Russia has won, the false flag scam more thoroughly exposed to the world … Theresa May to fall from power shortly as the leading UK involvement in staging the false flag is highlighted

    And Donald John Trump has outwitted his neo-con tormentors, making stupid blustering war-mongering tweets to please them, in order to buy time … enabling the Russians and Syrians to get the evidence to bring down the Western web of lies

    Let us be open to the possibility that Trump, flawed as he is, linked as he is to all the mafias … is nonetheless trying to courageously do some good whilst in the devil’s den … brave enough to sacrifice his life and reputation in one of the most dangerous games a human being can play

  3. Vladimir Putin has just hired Israel’s Viber as his choice for Russian ‘safe communication’ (WhatsApp type), even tho Israel just bombed Syria along with the US-UK-France, Israel killing some of Russia’s Iranian ‘allies’

    And to make room for his Chabad Israeli friends, Putin blocked and crushed a popular company, Telegram, founded by a native Russian … some ‘nationalist’!

    Putin total NWO? … Here’s a photo of Vladimir Putin and Jordan’s King Abdullah enjoying satanic freemason hand signals

    Western stooge Yeltsin appointed Putin … It was perhaps Putin’s mission to build Russia up so it could be the ‘enemy’ again

    Russia once again the ‘Best Enemy Money Can Buy’ as Antony Sutton showed was true of the old Soviet Union, getting US tech transferred to it thru Israel and other conduits, in the 1950s-60s-70s

    Seems there is no ‘real’ East-West rivalry, but a fake half-conflict in which Russia and Putin are merely resentful of being given such low-class roles to play

    Ultimately Russia pulls its punches and plays along … no truth on 9-11, no truth on the fake ‘moon landings’ of 50 years ago, playing along with the hoax of ‘Edward Snowden’ … and the big cover-up of the fact that, as TNN covered, Hiroshima & Nagasaki seemed typical firebombing raids just like Tokyo, and that as nuclear engineer Anders Björkman showed long ago, ‘nuclear weapons’ have never existed

    This also explains why Russian media such as RT are still quite wimpy about things, even despite ‘threats of WW3’ etc and what just happened in Syria

    This explains all the smoldering conflicts in so many broken up countries where Putin just let the fires keep burning
    Moldova – Transnistria
    Georgia – Abkhazia – South Ossetia
    Armenia – Azerbaijan – Nagorno-Karabakh
    Ukraine – Donbass

    Not to mention Russia letting the UN destroy Libya, Russia approving ‘Iran sanctions’ over bullshite … And about 20% of those Israeli soldiers shooting Palestinian children and protestors, are essentially Russians, many of them Christian Orthodox with an alleged ‘Jewish ancestor’

    • According to some, Putin will be the new NWO leader (via the reformed UN), so until then he needs to act rational and keep playing “master chess games”.
      My impression is that the Russian descendant Ashkenazi are the majority of Israel’s citizenship.

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