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Zeroing in on the Antifa/BLM Zombie Apocalypse Farm System

Night 100 of Portland riots on Sept. 5, 2020. PHOTO: KOIN News

One of the ploys used in the Covid-1984 Scamdemic is the facade and excuse to release large numbers of the criminally mental ill from prisons and jails. Given that there are few, if any, legitimate job opportunities for this brood in the economy, one path these individuals pursue is directly into the discordian paid ranks of antifa and BLM. WInter’s Razor holds that “normal people don’t set fire to buildings.”

Antifa BLM farm system

This explains why target cities run by Fifth Columnists experienced endless nights of chaos, and how other cities can receive immediate reinforcements once the latest police abuse hoax is run.

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Homeless, broke, criminally insane antifa recruits are set up in undisturbed encampments in Portland.

Many pajama people may believe all this is a function of false “Hanlon Razor” incompetence at multiple levels. But in reality, it is deliberate malice.

A marker of malice is the new policy not to release mug shots of persons arrested. This, along with the end of the bail system, allows unprosecuted criminals to be quickly recycled undetected back into the discordian ranks.

It also hides the freakish zombie apocalypse appearance of this posse from the public. This example of mug shots at right clearly shows how scary these untermensch are.

Yes, whodathunk. Mug shots are “racist.”

The new mug shot policy passed down by the Crime Syndicate puppeteers is being put in place by the corrupt American Lugenpresse. They don’t want us “making negative judgments”.

An important element of this operation beyond the Fifth Column discordian political infestation is a Trojan Horse Department of Justice that refuses to enforce even rudimentary civil rights laws and the 14th Amendment, which provides equal protection under the law. It prohibits unlawful disruptions in commerce and public accommodations, such as the right of all to walk or drive down public roads and use streets and sidewalks. The latest travesty is disrupting folks’ outdoor dining. We covered all this at length in our post on fixer and corrupto U.S. Attorney Gen. William Barr.

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The idea that “The Purge” is in play isn’t new. In fact, it comes from ancient traditions that had lawlessness and social disorder as their overarching themes. “The Purge” is the nightmare where Charles Manson comes to power. ‘Murica is closing in on that fast.

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Rome’s Own Version of an ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ Cult: Bacchanalia Runs Amok

Meanwhile, Dementia Jo-Jo Biden has come out of his basement and is on the campaign trail. Don’t miss this. The Rammstein Amerika song video really fits. European friends tease me with it when they view these developments.

9 Comments on Zeroing in on the Antifa/BLM Zombie Apocalypse Farm System

  1. Good take on the Hanlon’s Razor aphorism, never knew that was the attribution.

    Personally, I’ve spent my entire adult life researching conspiracy theory. None of civilization can be explained by mere stupidity. As if mere shortsightedness is responsible for intricate machinations to force existentially incompatible races together.

    But, to see the vast promethean edifice of the grand conspiracy, you have to have that pivotal moment that makes you loose complete faith in the system. The Antifa zombies merely exist on the same exact spectrum as the normies around them. Both are praying to the same secular Janus to deliver them from the woes inflicted by the very salvation they seek.

    There is only The State, l’etat c’est moi. Whether it be Sabbateans, Nabbateans, Chaldeans, Calvinists, Monarchists, Pagans, Christians, Muslims, doesn’t matter. If it seeks to control you by any means, it has left its’ signature and calling card. There is nothing The State hasn’t considered resorting to in order to maintain control.

    • But who owns and controls “The State”? Perhaps, certain progeny of the non-allegorical individual who tempted Christ by offering Him earthly kingdoms; who, in turn, was the progeny of Cain ( i.e., Edomites>Canaanites>Kenites; aka, the seed of the Serpent ).

      “They” have broadened their dominion and increased their rule over the rotting realms of this world, but they will utterly fail in the end. Babylon will fall and the Kingdom of God and His Saints will prevail.

      • Even people that do not believe in God or the Bible have to acknowledge that a sizable segment of the present population in this country is beyond insane. The stats on the corona virus are a complete fraud, Fauci is a complete fraud. The very blacks that live in the 3rd world inner cities are 100% guilty of electing their overlords and now demand that we follow their lead. In Ephesians 6:12 the apostle Paul warned that we don’t battle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, rulers of darkness and powers of the air. This infestation has even destroyed the Christian church with its Jewish centric Dispensationalist psychobabble. I am confident in my eternal salvation, but do not have faith in my fellow citizens anymore. I am sad for that.

    • A good post. The state is just a tool though for the satanists (more of a life ideology than a religion to them) that you list. The occult forces use all kinds of religions in their toolbox: 1) belief in government (breaks natural law), 2) belief in scientism; 3) belief in state religions; 4) belief in pseudo spirituality (i.e. New Age); 5) belief in money and materiality.

  2. Regarding the mugshots photo- the mugshot that is one over from/to the right of the top left photo is a mugshot of rapper vanilla ice from a 2015 burglary arrest. Pretty funny… That said, if one applies winter’s razor, which I agree with, I don’t agree that ‘Murica is as close to the “purge” as others might believe, my sentiments. Most places in this country will not put up with BLM or antifa antics. Those discordian types looking to carry out a purge have a good chance of they themselves being purged, so maybe this is the actual purpose of the plan? Perhaps there’s a balkinization process going on, but I find nothing worrisome about lopping off these cancerous shithole cities from the groups of saner types that want nothing to do with them. What has NY, SF, LA, DC etc. ever done for the rest of the country? I’m sincerely asking that…

    • New York City Population: 8.4 million
      New York City GDP: 1.5 Trillion

      Oklahoma Population + Kentucky Population: 8.4 Million
      Oklahoma GDP + Kentucky GDP: 370 Billion

      This works with 9 out of 10 “cancerous growths” and any “Real American” state or pair of states with a comparable population size .

      Blue states pay taxes and generate economic power. Red states, with few exceptions USE federal tax money at a much faster rate than they generate it.

      So, in short what they do is pay you and pay for your first world existence. Whatever corporate welfare, kickbacks and tax breaks a red state is spending to attract business and jobs to the region is offset by federal tax dollars siphoned from blue states. Without those states and their cancerous cities America has all the economic might of Poland and is about 5 years away from 3rd world nation status.

      • New York City’s GDP is a loaded example and you should obviously know that. You should also know that the atlantic is a poor source to reference for your asinine comparison. New York City is only the banking capital of the entire country, which has the largest economy in the world, thus its GDP is greatly inflated. See the reference below for real references and try to massage the numbers to your liking. Funny how your sacred New York City, in spite of its amazing GDP you’re so proud of, has a higher percentage of people in poverty than Oklahoma and Kentucky… What does that tell you? I’ll give you a hint- look at the “language other than English spoken at home” comparison- Kentucky-5.5%, Oklahoma-10.3%, New York City-48.7%… Sounds like an oligarchy shithole city to me! Want another indicator of how much NYC hits up the federal government for funding? Sans the geographically giant states of Texas and California, which unsurprisingly also have their share of shithole cities, NYC got more new deal projects than any other state. I bet you love franklin delano roosevelt, the heir to his grandpa’s dirty opium smuggling money. Keep telling us all that your sacred cesspool densely populated cities are so great, as people continue to flee them. You’re wrong. The only advantage of cities is convenience, paid for by their citizens in the form of higher costs of living, less safety, less freedom, and less privacy. They’d go bankrupt without us salt of the earth types, not the other way around. Thank you for playing!

        Census comparisons between NYC-OK-KY:,KY,newyorkcitynewyork/PST040219

        List of new deal projects by state, expandable:

        “Astor wasn’t the only American to make his fortune in part through opium smuggling: Warren Delano, Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s father, made millions engaging in what he called a “fair, honorable and legitimate” trade.”
        Complete with a pajama person ready source for readers of the rag Atlantic:

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