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Kenosha Police Shooting of Jacob Blake Has That Rancid Smell


We have another police situation, now from Kenosha, Wisconsin, where the recurring psyop themes of police yokelism is combined with black moronic behavior to bring about a bad outcome. And where — outside of cartoon world — is it necessary to empty one’s weapon of seven shots? Why didn’t the police grab or tackle Jacob Blake? Blake is walking to his car, but the police have lead feet.

ImageReports claim his children were in the car and saw daddy shot seven times by police at close range — and yet he lives on. What are the odds? Will he be sitting in studio with Oprah in two weeks a la Jesus Campos?

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It could well be that Blake, who has a history of gunslinging, was going for a weapon. But wouldn’t you know it, Kenosha can’t afford police body cams to verify. How convenient. How many accounts have we written about in which body cams and surveillance video is missing in action? Of course, there’s always the ever-present, short, poor-quality, cell phone video from “a bystander.” Why didn’t he continue filming after the shots were fired?

And what convenient timing, the evening before Trump’s RNC acceptance speech and the kickoff of the Republican convention. Remember, the mantra has been “win Wisconsin, win the election.”

The scene looks scripted, like low-budget theater performed for low-IQ 12 year olds living in the land of Idiocracy. And what’s with all the hokey hysterical background yelling and screeching before the shooting- theatrics? At my age, I haven’t just fallen off the cabbage truck, but tell me this: Is going ape shit when the police show up the new normal, or is that just in black communities? This, too, feels like contrived stagecraft to reinforce stereotypes of hysterical black behavior, non-stop.

Something is off about this event. This has the rancid smell of staged deception.

Here is the standard staged deception herky jerky view from the other side of the car. Yes, like in the event involving the drug fiend St. Floyd we get the proverbial footage from the other vantage point. Whodathunk? Police seem to be grappling with Blake to cuff him? Yet some how he springs loose and walks to the car. We can see the little kids being used as props, but from where is the dun of hysterical screeching coming from?

What’s on the ground.

It remains to be seen if this kicks off renewed riots and looting at the national level. The brief clip of the incident has that potential, as it looks cold blooded, if one didn’t consider the case background.

If this is to be taken at face value, we need to see ASAP body cam video and soon of the lead officer to determine if Blake was reaching for a weapon. Instead — like with Floyd — we predict this body cam is “not available” (a la American star chamber justice) for public scrutiny. If so, this would point to a staged deception in play.

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Wisconsin’s black Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes was immediately out instigating and WITHOUT GIVING IMPORTANT DETAILS concerning any weapons that Blake may have had in his possession.

Wisconsin high school principal turned Democrat Gov. Tony Evers also quickly pandered to Black Lives Matter with an outrage-stoking social media post. He posted this while admitting “we don’t have all the details yet”. Well Governor, what’s the big hangup, did Blake have a weapon on him? period!

Blake’s Facebook cover image is a picture of pigs in police uniform, The National Pulse reports. What are the odds. And what’s in the bottom left corner of the image? A map of where he’d be shot?


Jacob Blake is not just a moron. He’s another bad dude in the St. George Floyd mold. He also has warrants for domestic abuse and a sex assault. Good police know who the bad actors are in the community. Given Blake’s history of being in this type of rodeo before, it is evident that the officer reacted to what was a potential threat.

Jacob Blake
Jacob Blake 2015 arrest photo

According to a newspaper account in 2015, Racine police say a K9 Dozer had to help officers take Blake into custody when the man refused to go quietly into custody after he pulled a gun at a local bar.

RACINE COUNTY EYE — Jacob Blake, 24, of Racine, was charged Monday [Sept. 22, 2015] in Racine County Circuit Court with causing a soft tissue injury to a police officer and one misdemeanor count each of carrying a concealed weapon, carrying a firearm while intoxicated, endangering safety-use of a dangerous weapon, and disorderly conduct. If convicted, he will face up to 8-1/2 years in prison and/or up to $50,000 in fines.

According to the criminal complaint, Blake and two women were at the Brass Monkey tavern, 1436 Junction Avenue, Saturday when Blake got into an argument with another patron and pulled a black handgun. Blake pointed the gun at the other man, and the magazine fell to the floor. The bartender told Blake to leave, and he did but then pointed the gun through the window at patrons inside the bar before walking south on Junction Avenue.

Police say they encountered a woman walking on Junction who was in the bar with Blake, but she said she didn’t know what happened and that her friends left without her in a silver SUV. A few moments later, officers were advised that a silver SUV was traveling north on Junction with a male subject driving who matched the description of Blake, and they initiated a traffic stop in the 1200 block of Racine Avenue.

Believing the driver was armed, police conducted a high risk traffic stop, the complaint reads, and ordered Blake to put his hands out the window of the vehicle. Instead, Blake exited the SUV and started walking toward officers and ignored commands to get down on the ground. Officers forced Blake to the ground and ordered him to put his hands behind his back. When Blake refused to comply, K9 Dozer was deployed to force the defendant into compliance.

While police were at the hospital with Blake so he could be treated for the wound he obtained from K9 Dozer, officers say he refused to answer questions, but he did submit to a legal blood draw to determine his level of intoxication. At the time he was taken into custody, Blake was searched and police say he had a holster on his hip but no gun. A subsequent search of the SUV turned up a black handgun on the floor behind the drivers seat. A box of ammunition was also found, and two loaded magazines were discovered in Blake’s coat.

The defendant’s blood alcohol level came back at .144, according to the criminal complaint.

The following arrest warrant was issued on July 7, 2020. Charges include criminal trespass, three counts of domestic abuse, felony sexual assault and disorderly conduct.



Right on cue, Black Lives Matter “protesters” and vandals waged war on the small business community of Kenosha. What a cowinkydink, here’s a nice pile of broken concrete just waiting to be deployed. Breaking 911 compiled excellent coverage of the destruction.

A short time later, an officer gets “bricked.”

Arsonists lit cars on fire at a small local dealership.

Protesters with rifles and Sheriffs with tanks.

Fire trucks positioned to protect local courthouse were set on fire.

More mayhem last night as the governor calls in the National Guard.

Armed business owners and citizens are attempting to stand guard against the mob.

In case you have trouble understanding what the shooting of a possibly armed man wanted for sexual assault and spouse abuse who was trying to flee from police has to do with burning down small businesses, here’s a white teenage girl and a bun boy to explain it to you.

18 Comments on Kenosha Police Shooting of Jacob Blake Has That Rancid Smell

  1. The fact he’s just another wanted black male criminal seems real enough to me. The violent reaction of a portion of the useless black underclass (in Kenosha?!, along with some disaffected white trash) seems real enough to me. When the black lieutenant governor of Wisconsin says “our people”, it seems clear enough to me he’s not talking about/including white people (try that as a white public official).

    Reportedly, he is 29 y/o and has (already) fathered 6 children (how many out of wedlock? — with how many different women? — is he paying to support them).

    A GoFundMe page to help Blake has raised more than $130,000.

    And all of that seems rancid enough to me.

    • Yes- what white person would dare to refer to fellow whites as ‘my people’ today? There is little or no cohesion among whites as such even in language. But this will end at the right time with the right generation.

      • > But this will end at the right time with the right generation.< No time like the
        present. What exactly would "we" (us Whites) be waiting for ?! A 'generation'
        with more courage and resolve ?! Apparently so. What a sad thing to pass
        on. The only 'problem' more long overdue than the blacks is the "who know
        whos." Don't know what the percentage would be, but I feel safe in saying
        that by good margin, the majority of blacks are not worth having around.
        To say they are not only non-productive but a net negative, a burden and
        a drain, would be the easiest case to make. To let them, combined with
        more non-white immigration, out breed us would be complete insanity.
        If there's a day of reckoning coming, WE should be the ones to make it.
        Police, keep practicing at the range, take aim, make your shots count.

    • (in Kenosha?!, …

      the city of Kenosha is approx 11.5% black (comparing, Kenosha County WI is less black than the city, approx 7.5%) — the state of Wisconsin is < 7% blackthe US as a whole is approx 13.5% black.

      Predictably, the violent crime rate in Kenosha is higher than overall in WI (but less than the national average), which again shows that in any area the best predictor of the violent crime rate is the fraction of the population that is black.

      But this will end at the right time with the right generation.

      There isn’t much time for that — estimated latest 2045 Whites will be < 50% in the US.

  2. Another psyop. Why did they shoot him behind the car door FAKE NOT buying it at all more cabal divide and conquer! That sounded like a cap gun

    • Why not wait until the full story comes out? — did you learn nothing from the George Floyd case? — he was shot because he was resisting arrest: he made a break for it and was trying to enter his vehicle, where the cops probably reasonably assumed he might have a gun — in those circumstances, it doesn’t really matter how or where (i.e. in the back) he’s shot.

  3. The whole thing stinks to high heaven. I say another scripted event to keep America burning. You are right, how is it possible the police did not just tackle this piece of trash and cuff him.
    Also very suspicious; seven shots in the back at close range with what I assume was a 9mm and not one trace of blood splatter; The victim never flinches the entire time, a body will tend to contract with each shot it takes; Killer cop has a hold of victims tee shirt, why didn’t he just yank him out of the car?

    FYI – Trucks being burned in front of the court house are small size refuse trucks. Possible they were scheduled for retirement and were “sacrificed for the cause”.

  4. It’s yet another hoax. My guess is that the CIA is the organizing element behind this nationwide ‘insurgency’. They bus a relatively small group of terrorists from place to place, set some fires and break a few windows to provide the necessary photo-ops, and then move on. It’s always done under the cover of darkness, not because they fear arrest- they are never arrested- but they need to conceal the fact that their numbers are small, and their origin is not local.

    Why Wisconsin? It’s somehow election related- my guess is that this is an attempt to drive swing voters into the Trump camp. Stand by for a disputed election, with vote counts delayed for many weeks, and Trump self-declaring himself the ‘winner’ around January 1st. Then, of course, all hell will likely break loose- right on schedule.

    • From Portland, I can confirm this.
      I spoke with one of these paid protesters who was from Arkansas, headed back there a few weeks ago. Probably went to Kenosha next. All the world happens to be a stage.

  5. I agree that this stinks, unless it’s just a really bad shoot. They happen frequently to whites also, they just don’t get national media attention, RIP Daniel Shaver and Ryan Whitaker, who were gunned down in my neck of the woods. They were way more innocent and cooperative than jacob blake, by the way. Media reports say the cops tased blake before he walked around the vehicle. Never understood why police departments went away from nightsticks and toward tasers, the only logic behind such a dumb decision seems to be to line (((someone’s))) pockets. All mr blake needed while ignoring police commands was a nightstick to the back of his head. Tactically speaking, tasers are a double bind option that forces the officer to their handgun faster. Perhaps nightsticks were phased out after rodney king? I can’t remember exactly when cops stopped carrying them. My grandfather was a policeman in the 50s & 60s, and he carried a leather bound, lead filled sap club, also called a blackjack, in addition to his 7 pound metal flashlight, stick and gun. Blackjacks fit on the belt or in the side or back pockets easily, and would’ve dropped mr blake like a bad habit with one slap to the ear. That’s a lot more options before the pistol, for the cops of yesteryear. Instead, now cops get nearly useless single shot tasers and nothing else before their sidearm? Maybe a little can of pepper spray? Even their flashlights are tiny and useless now. That’s a perfect recipe for more police shootings. Not sure if this is an out and out psyop, but the media is using it as one, so it effectively is one.

  6. A minority of single minded, spiritually superior whites can outwit & overcome the ‘barbaric hordes’. The ‘boomers’, our grown children & even grandchildren are not that generation. It will require total separation from 20th/21st century semitic popular culture, post French Revolution philosophy, yoga & all eastern disciplines, professional sports, & all antiChrist pharmekai. F. P. Yockey projected 2050AD to begin this concerted consciousness. The enemy’s millennia of patience has paid off. And so must ours!

  7. OT

    I think I will go. Any Europeans like to meet up?

    Predictably, the city of Berlin has banned the demo (nice of them to wait until what is practically, i.e. re travel arrangements, the last minute):

    Berlin verbietet Demonstration gegen Corona-Politik

    There will likely still be some kind of event, as many have already made travel plans and will show up anyway (along with people who live in/near Berlin).

    Anyone planning to go should bring a mask, as it’s required on Berlin public transit (BVG: In allen öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln gilt weiterhin: Abstand halten und Mund und Nase bedecken) — also on German trains ( In allen Zügen, Bussen und an den Bahnhöfen der Deutschen Bahn besteht die Pflicht zum Tragen einer Mund-Nase-Bedeckung) — there may also be conditions/restrictions re entering the country.

    • OT

      To show how absolutely totally fucking nuts the Germans are in any case:


      Islamistischer Gefährder, gegen den seit 2017 ermittelt wird, bisher gab es kein Urteil: Syrer reist im Herbst 2015 als “unbegleiteter minderjähriger Flüchtling” ein, wird seit nun 3 Jahren von Polizisten überwacht – für geschätzte #Kosten von 5 Mio. €!

      A Syrian “refugee” who arrived in 2015 as an “unaccompanied minor” (per numerous reports, each one of those normally costs approx €6k/month) is considered a terrorist threat, and so he has been under 24/7 police surveillance, with the total cost to date estimated at €5m.

    • OT

      And re the horrific general disregard of Europe/European politician for the safety and well-being of their own people:


      #Dortmund: „Er kniete sich auf seine Frau und würgte sie am Hals, um sie zu töten.“ Shukri E. tötet vierfache Mutter Onalya (†30) nach Streit – Iraker saß bereits in den NL wegen Tötung einer 17-Jährigen im Knast, wurde vorzeitig entlassen und abgeschoben

      An Iraqi is on trial in Dortmund/DE for killing his wife, a mother of 4 — he was previously convicted in The Netherlands of killing a 17 y/o, was released early from prison there, somehow ended up in Germany, and killed again.

    • Same star chamber justice “ÿou can’t handle the truth” lack of transparency as Floyd case.

      This is a separate interesting/problematic feature of (some of) these cases which more people should pay attention to, albeit here only a day has elapsed, and maybe they want to try to make sure they have all pertinent facts before releasing them — the extreme example of withholding info, to the point of publicly saying parents would not be allowed to see the bodies of their dead kids, is Sandy Hook — still today, re that incident if you look at all the info/evidence released to the public, there is absolutely nothing to indicate anyone died that day, e.g. all crime scene fotos are heavily redacted: not one drop of blood can be found.

      From the article:

      Kaul did not answer questions from FOX6 News regarding whether police found a weapon on Blake, or how many officers were involved in the shooting. Neighbors said Blake was trying to stop a fight — demanding justice.

      In other words, he ‘dindu nuffin’ — and (duh) it doesn’t matter what he was allegedly doing before the cops arrived — it’s what he did after the cops arrived that matters.

      The fotos in the linked article are alone enough to strongly suggest the shooting is defensible: they clearly show him heading away from the cops (his back turned) and toward/inside his own vehicle, where as I said before it was reasonable for the cops to fear/assume there might be a weaponso it doesn’t matter where on his body he was shot (in the back), or how many times he was shot — cops shoot as often as they think is necessary to disable/stop the suspect — in this sense, the constant media emphasis on the fact he was “shot in the back”, without adding context, is extremely and inappropriately/unfairly prejudicial.

  8. One YT channel I watch on a regular basis is John Correia’s Active Self Protection. Correia teaches all kinds of classes from how to handle fire arms to strategic-based situational awareness. In many of his videos, he goes over mistakes made by police in armed situations that either cost them their life or came close to it.

    In the Blake video, I can tell you a few mistakes(assuming this was a real event)made by these cops. One, you NEVER pursue a suspect within arms reach where they can immediately turn on you and render any kind of physical harm. Two, you NEVER grab a suspect while you are activating your firearm. All kind of things can go wrong! Two hands on a handgun is ALWAYS the proper technique, especially if you are about to initiate the trigger to end a potential immediate threat . Also, you need a proper amount of distance in case you need to activate your firearm, create a sight-line, and go to work! Three, the second cop following directly behind the first cop is absolutely ridiculous back-up technique when you have an agitated person who potentially has a weapon or is going for one. For one, you need a proper amount of distance between you, your partner, and the suspect involved. This second cop not only is following his partner like a puppy, he has his gun drawn in the ‘ready’ position and he has it pointed at his partner almost the whole time. Descendant of Barney Fife maybe?

    Yes! This one does have that smell indeed. And, of course, on cue, some NBA players are talking about staging a walk-out on some playoff games as a protest to this ‘other pandemic’ we are dealing with of white cops shooting unarmed black men and blah, blah, blah…

  9. In the course of dealing with my husband’s Viet Nam claims – eleven bravo (front lines infantry) with a bronze star as a PFC – i had to learn a lot about gunfire.

    That meant learning just how brainwashed the public is after 100 years of movies and the history of television concerning gunfire.

    What I learned from a man on the front lines among soldiers expertly trained and powerfully armed is that pepole have no idea how bloody a gunshot wound truly is. If shot in the finger, a person will have a powerful blood hose – the circulatory system is under that much pressure.

    Yet people are accustomed to seeing a discreet little oily piddle in movies from gunshots.

    This raised so many questions: what was the alleged victim shot with? Paintballs? Even seven torso wounds from a 22 would damage vital organs enough to put a guy in worse shape than “serious” condition.

    This was close range fire. There is no way the guy could not be in critical condition. You are correct that this story reeks of sewage.

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