De Blasio’s ‘Utopia’? Quarter-Mile Food-Bank Line Spotted In Queens

By Tyler Durden | 23 August 2020

ZERO HEDGE — Three weeks into a fiscal cliff, a large food bank line emerged on Saturday (Aug. 22) in Queens, a New York City borough, stretching for nearly a quarter-mile down the street.

With each passing day, the failure of Congress and the Trump administration to agree on the next round of stimulus exerts more and more pressure on consumers, who now derive a quarter of all personal income from the government.

The La Jornada food pantry, located on 133-36 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, usually hands out food packages to 1,000 families per week. Now, according to the New York Post, the number, in recent weeks, has skyrocketed to 10,000. […]

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  1. Zio hedge interesting. Isn’t DeBlasio’s real name Wilhelm descendant of the old Nazi cabalist Kaiser Wilhelm LOOK it up the resemblance is startling

  2. link

    NY Times has a guide for moving to the suburbs. Metropolitan Jews and wealthy liberal whites are evacuating the racial strife they manufactured in NYC and fleeing to the burbs. Most of these destinations they recommend are 80-90% white.

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