AOC proposes funding to deprogram white supremacists

By Carl Campanile | 15 January 2020

NEW YORK POST — The federal government needs to fund the de-programming of white supremacists and conspiracy theorists, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said Friday night.

“The White supremacist cause is futile, it’s nihilist,” AOC, a Democrat who represents parts of The Bronx and Queens, said during a virtual town hall meeting Friday night.

“Their world will never exist. That’s why we’re seeing violence right now.,” she said, speaking in the wake of the violent siege on the US Capitol by radical supporters of President Trump.

“We have to pick up those pieces.”

Ocasio-Cortez said the House subcommittee on civil rights she serves on has held hearings over the prior two years on white supremacy and said there are programs to “de-radicalize” brain-washed adherents.

But she said funding was not a priority for those programs during the Trump years. […]

3 Comments on AOC proposes funding to deprogram white supremacists

  1. The bizarre comments of AOC are just a taste of what’s to come for Americans. This nonsense of ‘white supremacy/ privilege’, etc., is a creation of the Kosher press, nothing else. All of this propaganda has one goal – the elimination of whites from all positions of influence, or livelihood. It’s soft genocide and people like AOC should be made to pay a price for it.

    • Don’t worry. Once she’s outlived her usefulness to the criminal psycho elites, they’ll “deal” with her if you know what I mean.

      And all this “white shaming” will accomplish (among all white workers, “deplorables,” etc.) will be to make white folks mentally tougher…the upper middle-class and upper class whites can “privilege” themselves to psychological hell for all I care…let their Antifa children and grandchildren assign them to “re-education” camps…they’ll deserve it.

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