Coronavirus Be Damned! GLAAD-handed Identitarians Are Poised to Crash Super Bowl Parties Nationwide

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Not to get all old-timey on you or anything, but do you remember back when the Super Bowl was about football? And at Super Bowl parties, debates focused on the increasingly inflated value of player contracts and the rising cost of game tickets?

Football was an homage to war. Men, battling in rain, sleet and snow to capture territory, using all of their cunning, skill and strength and risking their lives. We admired the courage of these giant, lumbering soldiers of fortune.

Well, grandpa, those days are so over. It’s time for you to die, says Oprah. It’s time to make way for the Gen-Z confusexuals, selfie-obsessed ME-lennials and their Boomer parents who, by the way, are the original Me Generation.

For these cultural crews, the Super Bowl is just the big f’ing thing (BFT) that party happens around, like an ice sculpture. The event itself is really all about them, what they have to say, what they have to sell and how they identify themselves. Me, me, me, me, me, me, me, meeee.

“But enough about me. What do you think of me?”

Super Bowl LIV! is being billed as a “rainbow wave” with a “Latino flair,” showcasing the power of women. I kid you not. I warned friends it was coming, but they didn’t believe me.

Wait — What About the Kneelers?

The dust had finally settled on the whole issue of social justice demonstrations during games — which was instigated by former San Francisco 49er quarterback and spotlight kneeler Colin Kaepernick, by the way.

As you probably recall, after Kaepernick, small numbers of random players across the league began kneeling during the National Anthem as a show of support for the radical activist group Black Lives Matter. Viewers, in response, began showing their disapproval and disgust by boycotting games. Ratings hit record lows.

Now, the networks don’t air the playing of the anthem, and the issue has fallen to the wayside. Gradually, viewers have started tuning back in, and the ratings for NFL football games have gradually started to climb again.

And now this.

Party Crashers

This year’s lineup of Super Bowl commercials is “the queerest in history,” according to LGBTQ media lobbying and bullying organization GLAAD. They call it “a rainbow wave of advertising.”

Brands pandering for LGBTQ dollars include TurboTax, Sabra, Doritos, Pop-Tarts, Microsoft, Olay, Budweiser and Amazon’s Alexa. Yep, if you missed Drag Queen Story Hour at your local library, not to worry. You can watch troupes of tranny types sashay during ad breaks.

“Queer Eye” hair stylist Jonathan Van Ness takes pretzels from “ho-hum to so yum!”

Other drag queens can be spotted in other ads, and lesbian comedian Ellen DeGeneres does an ad with her “wife,” Portia, among others. Some ads are fine. You wouldn’t know the person was homosexual unless somebody told you, and “gayness” is not what they’re selling.

But the point is that none of these people are hard up for work. Far from it. They were offered these lucrative commercial acting jobs because bullying groups like GLAAD are demanding over-representation on television. These actors got these roles because they’re homosexual, and that’s a form of discrimination.

Keep in mind that homosexuals make up just 4% of the U.S. population. But GLAAD is pushing for a 15% presence across all media. No doubt, GLAAD is fluffing the dirty laundry to come up with names of homosexual or bisexual athletes in order to bully them into come out and further GLAAD’s causes. They market these folks to the extent that they become more known for sexual identity than their athletic ability.

In 100 years of NFL football, only 13 members have identified as homosexual. Now, you can add Katie Sowers to that list. She’s the first woman to coach in a Super Bowl game. She will be on the field Sunday and on a Microsoft ad. She didn’t come out until 2017.

The Microsoft ad is fine, because it focuses on her passion for football, not on LGBTQ activism. We applaud talented people excelling in sports. There’s no reason a woman can’t coach a team. If Viking women could lead the hoards, then why not Katie? I just hope she doesn’t turn into another Megan Rupino.

Other women taking the field on Sunday include singers Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and Demi Lovato. Okay, it’s Miami. We get it. And J Lo, way to go. Fifty years old and still killing it. But in interviews, they’ve — or perhaps their agents or program producers — have been overly marketing the “Mexico/Latinos are here to push for change” scripts, which beckon the open-borders identity groups. It also helps promote the massive lineup of Spanish-language channels that cable companies are now offering, including NFL Espanol.

Much to my surprise, although Latinos make up an estimated 20% of the U.S. population, they comprise just 0.5% of the NFL players, according to the NFL’s annual report card for racial diversity. Only 27% of players are white, 20% are American Indian/Alaskan native and 59% are black.

But it’s not really about the players or the game, right? reports that presidential candidates are slated to spend more than $21 million on ad buys for during the Super Bowl. Trump and Bloomberg pledged to spend more than $10 million each, while the rest of the field of contenders are spending about $1 million combined.

What About the Coronavirus?

The more important story — the one that seems to be downplayed thus far — is that the Superbowl is also a terrific way to spread the coronavirus nationwide. Tens of thousands of people are traveling to Miami from all over the country to attend the game. They fly from central hubs, pack themselves like sardines into crowded planes, crowded airports and then the stadium. I predict that within about a week, we will begin to hear stories about fans returning home from Miami with a microscopic souvenirs.

Meanwhile, Santa Clara, Calif. — the home of the 49ers — declared it’s first case of the coronavirus on Friday.

Miami University is awaiting coronavirus test results on two students who have been in quarantine since Monday. It sounds like results were expected on Friday, but now they’re delayed until Monday, according to federal Centers for Disease Control. If the tests turn out positive, there will undoubtedly be questions about whether the information was known but withheld to prevent a Superbowl panic.

The U.S. government on Friday declared the novel coronavirus a public health emergency starting today, which means either mandatory quarantine or screening for American citizens returning from China. Nearly 200 Americans are on an Air Force base in California right now after being recently evacuated from Wuhan, China.

A handful of U.S. military bases are being declared as quarantine sites as an estimated 1,000 additional Americans may be returning soon from sensitive areas abroad.

To date, the outbreak has killed at least 213 people and infected more than 9,000 others, which represents a mortality rate of 2.4%. To put this into perspective, the CDC reports that the “percentage of deaths attributed to pneumonia and influenza is 6.7%, below the epidemic threshold of 7.2%.”

10 Comments on Coronavirus Be Damned! GLAAD-handed Identitarians Are Poised to Crash Super Bowl Parties Nationwide

    • That sewer-mouthed Yankee ho needs her face slapped.

      As for football, I watch it because I need something to entertain me. When football season is over, I cancel the TV service until football starts up again in the fall. I never watch the commercials- as soon as there is a break in the action, it’s either mute or switch to the other game. This makes it very tough to watch football at my place, but it’s also pretty tough for me to sit through endless commercials, so I avoid Super Bowl parties.

      NFL football is not what it used to be- It was a much better game in the days of Ronnie Lott and Jack Tatum. Hard hits were not the cause of traumatic head injuries- it was ‘the rug’ , Astroturf, that was the cause of all the brain damage suffered by Pro football players. Those who never played on Astroturf can’t even imagine how hard and unyielding it was. Think of a concrete floor with two layers of indoor-outdoor carpeting. Earl Campbell is now so crippled up from years of playing on Astroturf that he can hardly walk, while Howie Long, who played on grass, is fine.

      • Yet you will probably be fine with such upstanding ex-NFL stars commentaries as Michael Irvin, simply because he refrains from such colorful language. It is a sin no doubt in modern day “Murka” to curse the vile filth we have allowed to rule over us and suck our very life essence from us. I prefer the truth, no matter how crude over mindless mental masturbation such as sports and politics. Just the way I roll.

        • You don’t use the F-word in public- it’s just plain disrespectful. Those who have reached the age of 65, like Ma Barker there, are expected to exhibit a modicum of decorum and dignity. It’s the singer, not the song- I don’t care what she said and would not listen to it, not when it’s expressed in that foul-mouthed manner.

      • I made it about half-way through that obscene old woman’s rant.
        If I had to guess, I would say (((she))) is from Lawn Guyland, Noo Yawk.

  1. I never understood the appeal of football. It seemed to me that most of the time, the players are either getting back into formation, a time out, half-time show than actually playing. I read an article in the War $treet Journal that determined the ball is in motion something like 3% of the time. It is telling that the Super Bowl is known as much for commercials as for the game itself. A game so boring they need nubile women on the sidelines gyrating to get the erectile dysfunction plagued couch potatoes to get excited.

    Such a spectacle attracts those that are easily swayed – perfect for passing on state desired loyalty messages to fags, minorities and the military.

  2. To me, the symbolism of American football is one of ritual emasculation. After all a football is not a ball, but has the shape of a testicle. Lot going on here.

  3. Growing up I loved professional sports, but as time went by and I learned the Jewish hand behind it all, I became contemptuous and disinterested. Competitive games and sports themselves can be traced back to the ancient Greeks, but it is Jewish finance that drives the degenerative social agenda behind all of it.

    Such is case with one former Missouri linebacker Michael Sam who was drafted by the L.A. Rams back in 2014. Sam had conveniently just come out as gay just before the draft. Sam was considered by most scouts not to even be an NFL level talent, but was still drafted in what many thought was a backroom deal between the NFL and the Rams.

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