Coach and Olympian: Allowing trans women to compete against biological women ruins sports

By Vicki Huber | 28 October 2019

[College Fix] Editor’s note: Current high school track coach and former Olympic runner Vicki Huber (sister of College Fix editor Dave Huber) weighs in on the growing trend among schools to allow transgender women to compete against biological women.

OPINION: ‘I will never support a scenario where a female has to step to the starting line to race against a male, even if that male identifies as a female. One of the best parts of competing is knowing that, on any given day, you have a chance at winning. By allowing biological males to compete against females, we strip that chance away from our girls.’

THE COLLEGE FIX — Call it nerdy, but my best memories of high school are the ones of times spent with my running club. The Delaware Sports Club met twice a week at a local track, as well as on weekends for longer runs. This club was not exclusive, as we were a group of anywhere from 30 to 100 people depending on the night, ages ranging from 14 to 80. We ran a lot, we laughed a lot, but the best part was getting to know so many people who shared my love of running.

One of the advantages of running with the club was that I got to train with boys and men. Even though our coach divided us into groups according to ability, that did sometimes mean that boys and girls, women and men, would be grouped together.

When it got closer to important races, many times my coach would have me run a workout with the older guys in their twenties who were very good runners – he wanted me to be pushed harder than the other women could push me. […]

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