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The Deep State’s Criminal Propensity of Assassinating Navy Seals

Navy Seals perform night maneuvers. PHOTO: Facebook

‘It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they’ve been fooled.’ — Mark Twain

As with Benghazi, Deep State criminals appear to have a special challenge with Navy Seals. The reason for this is that Navy Seals are used for covert missions, some of which are bogus, like the killing of Osama bin Laden. Unlike their so-called kompromated “leadership,” at least some these soldiers are not full mode autotrons.

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I don’t run in their circles, but perhaps some of my regulars here can weigh in on that aspect. Regardless, it appeared that some were confident enough to talk more openly about aspects that weren’t right about the bin Laden mission.

I believe the Seal team members involved in the bin Laden operation represented a threat to the Crime Syndicate in terms of the possibility that several of them might expose the truth about that mission. Dead men can’t talk. In fact, the following “60 Minutes” interview is with the Navy Seal who is said to have shot “bin Laden.” The soldier said flat out the man he shot didn’t look like Osama. This seal, named Matt Bissonnette, wrote a book about his experience called “No Easy Day” (removed from Amazon). He wrote it under the pen name “Mark Owen.”

The 15 members of DEVGRU’s Gold Squadron, the special unit tasked with killing bin Laden on May 2, 2011, were among the 38 casualties (30 Americans) on Aug. 6, 2011, in the Maidan Wardak province of Afghanistan.

Unfortunately for the Crime Syndicate, the parents and families of these men are not actors, such as those used at the staged deceptions. When these families talk about their lost loved one, instead of spewing scripted-sounding, happy talk and psycho babble about heaven, charity scams, Christmas, God and country, you see real people in real pain asking real questions. They have become dedicated critics of the mission that cost the lives of their sons.

In the following video, the father of one of these fallen seals is being gaslighted, rushed and hardly permitted to speak to dinosaur, corporate, faux-media giant Fox News. For an understanding of gaslighting methodology, see “Gaslighting: The Case of Benghazi.

The Washington Post also gaslighted him but allowed him to make the following statement:

“Somebody was leaking to the Taliban,” said Mr. Strange. “They knew. Somebody tipped them off. There were guys in a tower. Guys on the bush line. They were sitting there, waiting. And they sent our guys right into the middle.”

By all accounts, this mission was, at minimum, criminally negligent and incompetent. However, as is often the case with New Underworld Order crime, that is the cop-out version of events. In actuality, there was intent. This was an assassination. The smoking gun that points to it follows:

  1. The unit utilized an antiquated Vietnam CH47D Chinook helicopter last retrofitted in 1985. That was unprecedented. Seals exclusively use the state-of-the-art MH-47.

  2. This was a high-risk mission flown into a hot zone at night.

  3. No drones were used to take out, soften or prepare the target area. There was no escort and no recon Pathfinder utilized.

  4. It was later shown that intel knew 100 Taliban fighters were in the vicinity. Indications are that they knew a CH47D was coming.

  5. At the last minute, most of the Afghan commandos and all their officers were pulled from the chopper. They were replaced with eight unknown Afghans not listed on the manifest. Some suggest this was a Taliban suicide mission.

  6. Although there was a firefight after the Chinook was shot down, all the Seals involved were immediately cremated — without  consulting their families. Since there were no escorts or recon, it took 10 minutes for a rescue team to arrive, which gave sufficient time for the crash survivors to be massacred on the ground.

  7. As is typical with Deep State crime involving aircraft, such as 9/11, no black box was ever recovered. The preposterous explanation given: It was “washed away in a flash flood.”

  8. There was a cover up of the facts until a Congressional investigation was conducted.

The key points are laid out in the following video of parents speaking at the National Press Club. In interviews, it seems their consensus is that their sons were set up to be assassinated in retaliation for the hit on bin Laden. Others felt that their identities were exposed for retribution due to a cheap and tawdry politically motivated comment from Vice President Joe Biden [see “Who Betrayed Navy Seal Team 6?“].

There might be something to that, but this and other theories don’t really explain why they were sent on a suicide mission in the first place. Therefore, I think it was a dead-men-don’t-talk cover up as someone else was hit on the May 2, 2011 operation, and it wasn’t bin Laden.


When Libya was put into the hands of the rebels, there was still a large stash of high-tech weapons on the ground. Many, if not most, of these weapons fell into rebel hands.

The Crime Syndicate sensed a good business opportunity and started the process of purchasing these weapons for the purpose of shipping them off to jihadists and al-Qaeda in Syria. The transit point of this operation was the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. This was confirmed in a series of leaks thereafter.

The smoking gun of the embassy attack was the Obama administration’s ludicrous claim that there was a spontaneous protest over a religious slight in an Internet video.

As a rule of thumb, demonstrations occur in daylight so as to capture press coverage.

According to a Libyan-American witness, “There was no demonstration. They came with machine guns, with rockets.”

But in a country like the U.S., with a severely gaslighted population, those who don’t see rocket attacks and firefights that last all night as demonstrations are dismissed as crazy conspiracy nuts.

The most plausible conspiracy practice here was that the Libyan rebels pulled a double cross, pulled their security and took these weapons back. The Deep State operatives either failed to respond or failed to recognize the double cross — either that, or they were deliberately allowing their new al-Qaeda buddies to take the weapons back in an extra payment benefit deal. The Libyan jihadists then shipped the goods off to Syria and kept the money. I lean toward the second theory.

When the attack began, security at the compound was ordered to stand down. The problem was that several of the Navy Seals on site went with their trained instincts and defended the ambassador.

The ambassador himself was probably not tipped off as to the true nature of this sleazy Deep State operation and thought the situation was fight or die.

Another possible theory is that the ambassador was soft or resistant about the true intent of this weapons transfer and thus dispatched.

The firefight ranged on for 12 hours and the defending Americans were left to die as the stand-down extended to all military personal in the region that could have performed an interdiction and rescue. These are basically criminal Deep State operations that make little sense from a policy point of view unless seen in this light.

Recommended book“Dark Forces: The Truth About What Happened in Benghazi” by Kenneth R. Timmerman

29 Comments on The Deep State’s Criminal Propensity of Assassinating Navy Seals

  1. ‘The first rule of assassination – kill the assassins’, is even a memorable line from the final Star Trek movie with the original crew, 1991’s ‘The Undiscovered Country – Star Trek VI’

    Washingon’s Blog recently had a thoughtful piece assembling survey data from USA, showing just how difficult is the uphill battle for truthers – & why an article’s title is the most important part

    – About 60 % of people only read news headlines, almost never more deeply into the articles

    – Only about 14% of (USA) people, 1 out of 7, fully read 4 news articles in a month, whether ‘mainstream’ or ‘alternative’, which yet qualifies them as “active news customers” (!) … “the fourteen-per-cent number makes it seem more like a hobby or a subculture”

    One might add here that most people stay in an orbit of about 12 websites, tho do follow links from them … hence it’s a finite job for the cabal if they can also dominate ‘alternative’ sites which are controlled opposition & limited hang-out

    It’s also been said that ‘independent sovereigntist’ themes probably have a 40% ceiling in modern populations … majority will remain ‘cucks’ (as it were) under whomever … & also the following from Washington’s Blog:

    – About 60 % of shared links to news articles, are never clicked upon, even by people who sent them, re-tweeted them, etc … “People are more willing to share an article than read it” (!) … People send or post links because they like the title or summary idea, without reading the piece

    Article here – ‘tl; dr – ‘too long, didn’t read’ – tb; dr – ‘too boring, didn’t read’

  2. I wonder if Flynn and Trump might deal with this. We can only hope that such skeletons are released from the closet. Somebody needs to pay if the cancer is to be purged.

    I will be quite disappointed in Trump if something like this isn’t revealed early in his administration. How else you gonna clean house? Some evil needs to be exposed, I would think, to get this rolling.

  3. navy seals are not heroes theyre mercenaries for and under the control of the executive branch of the us government.

    in effect theyre forward pretorian guard for the us president.

    theyre expendable pawns used by elites when one of their gordian knots need face-to-face contact.

    the typical infantry soldier has more integrity than any socom taskforce 626 sniper or specops gitsummmmm rah rah idiot who doesnt even realize or care his military-nfl fantasies invading other countries and killing mostly poor women and children are all for the benefit of a handful of billionaires.

    i have zero sympathy for people going into a job knowing full well everything i said above. they know all this, they still go into it. theyre the most expendable by the deep state, like a used rag.

    • Good comment, but I disagree about the typical infantry soldier having more integrity – the ONLY soldier who has integrity are the ones dug into our beaches, firing on the ships of an aggressor country invading our shores, NOT the mercenary prostitute whores who are happy to be flown 5000 miles around the world to blow up men, women and children who are ZERO threat to this country. Amoral, criminal, blood-soaked cowards, the lot of them. Even Hell is too good for them.

  4. I suspect it’s common practice, and probably another reason there are so many mercenaries on the modern battle scene – they’d be much easier to erase. I had a mate who got into the special forces and died in a training accident, some of the info that came out at his funeral made me wonder later if it wasn’t so much of an accident after all.

  5. The history of greasing the SPEC OPS guys is a regular occurrence. What they know is typically a liability and the NWO has no problem sacrificing them.

    Hey guys, it looks cool on television. Do yourselves a favor. Don’t volunteer for this nonsense.

  6. “There was a cover up of the facts until a Congressional investigation was conducted.”

    IMHO, Congressional investigations always end being part and parcel of a cover-up process regardless of what “facts” may be disclosed.

  7. This thread is a tough one.

    We train and finance the absolute peak of mental and physical performance in our young men, we place them in harm’s way, they do an excellent job, and then if our national goals change we execute them. I cannot think of a more shameful way to treat these excellent gentlemen.

    Sure, you could say, “but Simple we are not the only ones…look at Russia and the Spetznaz”, and I would have to concur; however, I would submit that we (the United States of America) are supposed to be better than that. These young men and their older trainers / leaders have dreams, families, and lives beyond their service to our nation. We need to protect and support them in their aspirations, otherwise we have no business training such warriors.

    I think I was speaking with RL (sorry if I get this one wrong Regret Left, and it was not you) on a different thread, and we were talking about which of the Founding Fathers we both liked. His was President Thomas Jefferson for his intellect and drive toward freedom; mine George Washington because like Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus, he was a leader and warrior who went home to live out his dreams beyond both the military, as well as politics.

    Many of our Navy Seals and other Special Forces are much the same. They offer us their service for a time, we do our best to train and support them; then it is time to go home and live good, full, lives. We should never allow our government to disrespect and harm them in the process.

    Just a, humble, thought from a Simple Citizen.


  8. Although I would concede the fact that mileswmathis’ site is most plausibly a project out of Langley, it’s still quite apparent to me that his hypothesis is correct: most of the news – including alternative – we imbibe on a daily basis is fake! Whether one is viewing Alex Jones or Anderson Cooper is irrelevant; as most of the major talking points of the day (i.e., problem) invoked by TPTB (i.e., Bankers; corps; MSM; etc.) are designed to elicit a specific response (i.e., reaction) from the viewers; so the new suggested idea (i.e., solution, aka, ‘trial balloon’, ideation or predictive programming) from said teleprompter readers can manifest itself into reality in the near future. In this particular case, I would posit that the embassy ambush story was strictly theatre; designed and delivered to effect the division and diversion deemed requisite by TPTB; for the continuing of much larger agendas in that region of the world – unimpeded. RGB-Y1 out!!!

    • Interesting post, that I agreed with for the most part.

      My only suggestion is that Mr. Mathis is actually a SIS / roundtable project that is fed some of his information. The rest, I would opine is true research.


  9. Good buddy of mine is a fully-trained Seal Team member. He played 4yrs of football at the Univ. of Utah; started at DE his Sr. year. He was about 6’5″ & 275lbs! These guys are a different breed! The training requirements(at least use to be)are made of legends! The sleep deprivation, hunger, hand-to-hand combat, etc. they go through to qualify is intense!

    Not long after my friend graduated, he fell ’bout 70ft. from a chopper repelling down on rope and messed up his back. Navy tenor and football were over in an instant for him! He was a tough dude and endured and got married and has a great family now! Had a brother that played in the NFL, and their dad was badass as well!

    My buddy never saw how Navy Seals were just an instrument of the elite and intell services geo-politically. He was totally into the ‘image’ of a Rambo-type, if you will!

      • Him & I don’t talk anymore really! He got married and sought a family and I went the other direction of the ‘road less travelled by’ route! He got overwhelmed by my research into Hitler & Nat Soc. ya know! He would always cry, “But they were Nazeeeeezz? And I wld try to calm him down and get him to listen, but it was a futile endeavor eventually.

        He was a great guy though! Loved talking football with him! He majored in German, spoke it & went on an LDS mission to Austria; he was well-read in Junger, Kafka, Luther, German history; we use stay up nights having great discussions! Always told him how, I if I was his size, I would have a way to get-in-on in the NFL! Love the physical nature of the sport, but my bone-structure would not hold up in the NFL!

        Off topic! Have you seen this from the FDA? No more doubts now!

        • Always great to speak with you. Unfortunately, I am getting a “page does not exist message on that twitter link”; you know that I am always happy to look at anything that you send me, so if you have another way for me to see it, then I would be happy to give it a read.

          To be honest, I have been low news as of late (other than some local stuff – bus driver shortage for schools, some marches downtown, those sort of stories), so I am not sure about the FDA at all.

          Please send it my way.

          As for your buddy, I get it. Maybe you can reconnect at another time. Although I do not know much about the LDS, I would imagine any position that sends one to the beautiful nation of Austria, would be an excellent opportunity. Plus, I like that young fellow who is the Prime Minister at this time.


          P.S. It is not so much as temperature hot around here this week, but the humidity is insane. Normally I like humidity because it loosens my muscles when I sweat, but the air quality in your nation’s capital has been just awful. The whole Simple family is finding it difficult to breathe and none of us has any afflictions that I am aware of.

          Hopefully Utah is a lot better.

        • @NeverSleever took it down! It was a video of an FDA panel discussing the shots and one guy on the panel confronted everyone head-on about how more people were dying now from the shots than from the fictitious virus. That is alarming!

          • Wow, okay I will look for that one (probably on Bitchute, since I doubt YT will carry it). Thanks for letting me know about it.

            Before I cam back to look for this response, I was reading this:


            “Start with yourselves. Be as self-sufficient as possible. Get involved in your community; that leftist slogan is actually a good one: think globally, act locally. Befriend your neighbors. Learn a real skill – electricity, plumbing, carpentry. Farm! DON’T go to law school, for goodness’ sake. Get in shape. Eat and sleep right. Have plenty of the essentials: food, fuel, gold, ammunition. Learn to shoot. Limit computer and phone time. Cultivate healthy personal relationships – real ones, not virtual ones. Marry young, have kids – especially women, don’t get seduced by all that “career” nonsense. Read old books. Cultivate virtue. Go to church.

            Simply being what used to be considered normal and leading a productive life is becoming the most revolutionary act one can perform. With that in mind, find the strength to be revolutionaries indeed!

            You’ve seen the meme: Hard times create strong men; Strong men create good times; Good times create weak men; Weak men create hard times. Well, take it from the weakling generation that brought them to you: the hard times, they is a-coming. But they won’t last forever. If you live through them – and some of you will not – we’ll see what possibilities, as of now literally unimaginable, might then exist. But you will need to be personally fit to take advantage of them. You will also need to be part of some kind of sustainable community of like minded people.”

            Although we do plan to move ASAP, I had also been thinking about killing off “Simple Citizen” since I have grown a bit tired of my time online (it has nothing to do with anyone, but me — everyone here has been pretty darn nice to me for the months that I have been on). After reading this speech, I am not so sure. It is a loosely based community of like minded folks. We do not always agree, but who does. I have literally been married for decades and as much as I love my wife, we just do not always get along.
            We do our best, which is what I think all people do when they are in relationships, whether it is here (WW) or in our daily lives.

            Either way, I found the speech pretty good and somewhat helpful.

            Oh and Ed, you may like this author:


            Not everything he writes is great, but I am beginning to get into:


            and its not half bad. Funny that it was authored in 1984 of all years.

            Please be well.


  10. These are professionals from all over! The short snippet @NeverSleever had was a bit misleading, but these nurses, doctors, etc. questioning the whole narrative is important!

    • Still listening…I have already sent it to RW and have asked that he consider putting it up for all. Well done my friend. Will have Mrs and Miss Simple review this one tomorrow.

      I have also booked marked the channel for the gentleman on Bitchute, because I respect that guys videos.

      As usual, many thanks!


      • Ed,

        The MIT gentleman at the end made so much sense when he implored the FDA to take us all off of an emergency status for the shot and move to the deeper layers of research needed to understand these drugs. The U.S. government had reject all proposals for m-RNA ideas going back to the late 1990s; there was (obviously) a good reason for doing so.

        This was well worth the time and I am deeply appreciative. Like I said, the whole Simple clan will hear it tomorrow.


  11. You should also look into the false flag operation involving the strange demise of Loretta Fuddy. You can trace her all the way back to the Subud cult in Indonesia of which Ann Dunham was also a member. A lot of military were involved and some of them needed to be disposed of as well. There are other mysterious deaths of Seals.

  12. The American public has been being gaslighted on every major topic of political and governmental issues for decades. So, just how much truth do you believe those in the military are given? I would say very little. Plus, these are the youths whose brains aren’t even fully developed therefore making them prime subjects for the brainwashing necessary to make them willing to do whatever they are told.

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