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The Truth Has No Bias: The Real Origins of /r/Pizzagate and the Pizzagate/Pedogate Movement (Part 1)

IMAGE: Fuckcensorship/Steemit

By Fuckcensorship | 19 November 2017

STEEMIT — Wednesday 11/22/2017 marks a full a year since the /r/Pizzagate subreddit was banned on Reddit. A lot has happened since then. This article was originally written in the beginning of 2017 with plans of publishing it on 11/07/2017 but is being published today.

     As the founder of /r/Pizzagate, part of me knows this story should have been published a long time ago, but I suppose better late than never. 

     If there is enough interest I may write a followup piece. 

The Legacy Media has worked relentlessly to spin the truth on what the Pizzagate investigation actually is, but the /r/Pizzagate subreddit and Pizzagate/Pedogate movement have ALWAYS been about investigating the existence of an international human/child sex trafficking operation that is perpetuated by the elites and covered up by various government agencies throughout the world.

Comet Ping Pong Pizza was just ONE lead discovered in John Podesta’s emails leaked by WikiLeaks. While there is absolutely no question Comet Ping Pong Pizza and James Alefantis should be thoroughly investigated to the fullest extent of the law, this one lead does NOT define the Pizzagate investigation. […]

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