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Charlotte Shooting Update: Camera Trickery and More

More controversy has been stirred up around the black officer’s behavior in the Rakeyia Scott video. Some are calling it a gun and others, including Mark Dice, have “debunked” it as a glove. In my coverage I addressed it as something all together different. I would suggest reading the entire article before weighing in. Here is the part of the video in question.

I would draw the viewer’s attention to the Rakeyia Scott video starting about 1:32. I would turn off the blabbering to stay on focus. Watch sequence by sequence as first nothing is on the ground in the vicinity of the black officer’s left foot. Then Scott pulls the video out of frame and viola at 1:49 a handgun like object appears near the black officer’s left foot. At 1:55 Scott goes off frame again, but at 1:58 when she swings her camera back the object on the ground near the black officer is gone. The officer appears to be handling something (glove, gun?). At 1:59 he tosses it back to the ground. Freeze the frame at 1:59 and you can see the object in mid-air.  At 2:12 the video moves off scene (orchestrated?) as the black officer bends over. As the video moves back in frame at 2:14 the object is once again gone.

I submit this is all Hegelian dialectic trickery. Curiously, the objects being tossed around suddenly become grainy and unclear enough to support a controversy. Whodathunk? This is done with more camera tricks as is seen so frequently in these events [see “Ludicrous Video Emerges of Brussels Blast Aftermath] . In looking over the sequence between 1:35 to 1:60, focus on the object and pavement. The image strangely deteriorates enough that you can’t quite make it out.

Again, we turn to a Samsung Galaxy 6 cell phone camera test in daylight. Small stones and pebbles on the ground are crisp and identifiable; and in clear daylight, so should be the objects the officer is tossing around. Further, the aspect that debunkers Dice and Alex Jones do not address is the gun-like object in a latter photo that was not visible in the Scott video. This is referenced in Sunday’s article so understand the moving parts.

Now comes something even more glaring and stark.  Stills are being released from the body cam of the Charlotte officer on the scene showing Keith Scott handling what may or may not be a gun. He is also shown with what may or may not be a gun holster on his right leg. Yes, even more “controversy.” Whodathunk?

Naturally, this is designed to reinforce the notion of dindus being dindus. But to my white nationalist friends I say check your prejudices and look deeper for the real truth here. Again, something else (trickery) is going on. What was used to take these camera images? Circa 1869 tin-type?

1869 or 1882 tin-type, I can’t tell
Really? Get real. An upgrade to 1963 Dealey Plaza?

Folks, police don’t use tin-type photography in 2016. Indeed, here is how advanced law enforcement body cams function, as they are obviously state of the art and designed for use in court and as evidence.

Verdict: This whole Charlotte agit-prop is beyond the pale with evil divide-and-conquer lies and fabrications. You are being conned and traumatized by some very nasty people.

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  1. “1869 tin-plate”



    It is all soooooo confusing….and now stuff is coming from all over…shooting here, stabbing there….bang bang here, boom boom there.

    Confuse by distraction? Or just overwhelm the sheep?

    Fuck man.

  2. off topic-

    Odd Note(s) – At the conclusion of the debate, specifically at 1:35:30, you see the “Cleaner” swoop in quick as a flash and put the papers in his folder.

    Haven’t watched the debate, but people at the above site seem to think that Hillary had the questions ahead of time, was looking down at notes, and that this “cleaner” swooped in to gather the evidence and pass the papers off to Holt.

    I have no doubt there was cheating involved. This woman has had to use an earpiece in the past

  3. Haven’t been following this story (I don’t even bother with anything coming out of the MSM–I just assume it’s all propaganda and agenda-driven fake stories), but thought this was interesting.

    Charlotte […] Records show briefly last year, Scott’s wife took out a restraining order against him. “He hit my 8 year old in the head a total of three times with is
    [sic] fist….He kicked me and threaten [sic] to kill us last night with
    his gun. He said he is a ‘killer’ and we should know that,” she wrote on
    the form last October.

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