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‘Non-White’ Student Linked to Racist Graffiti Inside School, Officials Say

Graffiti containing a racial slur (blurred) and phrase 'White Lives Matter' was discovered in a Missouri high school last week. PHOTO: Fox News/Twitter

By Lukas Mikelionis | 22 November 2017

FOX NEWS — School officials in a Missouri community were making plans Tuesday to discipline a “non-white” student whom they said had confessed to writing a racial slur and the phrase “White Lives Matter” on a mirror inside a girls’ restroom at a high school.

Parkway schools Superintendent Keith Marty said in a statement Tuesday that the revelation that a non-white student was involved was surprising, but it did not “diminish the hurt” caused by the incident at Parkway Central High School in Chesterfield.

“The behavior was wrong and the student will be held accountable for this serious act according to our student discipline policy,” said Marty, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch[…]

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  1. Here in Texas we have our own (((racial))) issue at Texas State univ. A hispanic chica wrote in the university rag how whites could never be her friends. Dead silence from MSM. In response some White Lives Matter banners appeared around campus and suddenly it was escalated as racial tension that the banners appeared, yet no comment from the local MSM on the said racist article from the hispanic student.

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