Don’t Let Globalists Rebrand Independence Day as the 4th of July or Let SJWs Quash Your 1st Amendment Rights

Fellow Americans, can we please stop calling Independence Day the Fourth of July? July 4 is a calendar date, devoid of anything meaningful. It’s a day the post office is closed, the beach is crowded, tortilla chips are on sale and the electric bill is due. Independence Day, however, expresses the values of autonomy and nationalism. Let’s not let something as sacred as our ancestors’ sacrifices in the battle for freedom be bastardized by globalists. Let’s not forget — or let others forget — the importance of independence.

And to clarify, autonomy and nationalism is a rejection of open borders, unfair trade and centralized control, such as the E.U. and central banks. It is not a rejection of controlled immigration, fair trade and mutually beneficial alliances.

That said, as you may recall (but likely don’t), we posted the “2016 State of the First Amendment survey” conducted by the Newseum Institute’s First Amendment Center, which found that 39 percent of Americans could not name a single First Amendment freedom. (They apparently don’t know what they’re supposed to be celebrating on the 4th of July either.)

But there was some good news in Newseum’s 2016 report. Around 86 percent of respondents believed in “protecting speech,” while just 10 percent favored limits aimed at “protecting people from hearing things that offend them.”

Newseum 2016

Since nearly half of Americans don’t know what their First Amendment freedoms are, they had no qualms about denying others theirs in 2017, Newseum’s latest report shows. It’s based on surveys covering key issue during the past year, including free speech on campus, the publication of leaked information and “fake news” — a malicious label that multiple mainstream media outlets attached to this very website (coupled with gross lies about what we were reporting).

Newseum Freedom of the Press Survey 2017

Other notable findings:

  • 23 percent believe First Amendment freedom protection goes too far (9 percent had no opinion)
  • 43 percent said colleges should be able to ban controversial speakers
  • 55 percent said racist comments shouldn’t be allowed on social media
  • 10 percent reported participating in a boycott or demonstration (36 percent signed a petition)
  • 75 percent don’t believe journalists should be able to publish classified information obtained by someone else illegally

I’m almost afraid to ask the obvious question: Where do we go from here?

A child today is enslaved with $42,000 in public debt at birth. Ironically, a sizable portion of that debt stems from the bailouts of those very same corrupt banking systems. And it’s as certain as death and taxes that we’ll be called upon again to bail out those very same bigger-than-ever TBTF banks in order to “save ourselves.” Meanwhile, anticipate the privatization of key public assets across the U.S., otherwise known as public-private partnerships (P3). Translation: Privatized gains and public losses.

On that chipper note, steer clear of debt, everyone, don’t count on pensions or social security if you’re under 50, and have a happy and healthy Independence Day.

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