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‘Holocaust Deniers’ in Russia Now Face 5 Years in Prison


5 May 2014

REUTERS — Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on Monday making the denial of Nazi crimes and distortion of the Soviet Union’s role in the World War Two a criminal offence punishable by up to five years in jail.

The law, described by critics as an attempt to curb freedom of expression to appease conservative Russians, the ex-KGB spy’s main support base, also criminalises the public desecration of war memorials.

The Kremlin has used World War Two as a pillar to unite a society that Putin has said lost its moral bearings following the 1991 Soviet collapse.

It has become increasingly risky for Russians to dispute an official line that glorifies the wartime achievements of the Soviet leadership and plays down its errors. […]

35 Comments on ‘Holocaust Deniers’ in Russia Now Face 5 Years in Prison

    • From the Jewish roots of Russian president Vladimir Putin also here with different photos

      In the first edition of Putin’s book it says his mother’s maiden name was Shalomovitch – apparently Jewish. In the second edition, it changes to Shelomova.

      Putin’s maternal grandfather was a Jew involved in the bolshevik revolution, his paternal grandfather worked all his life as the chef [cook] for Lenin and Stalin. His other grandfather was a Jew from a Ukranian village and a bolshevik activist.

      Jewish Abramovich stated in a 2005 interview that Putin could obtain Israeli citizenship if he wanted as an ethnic Jew, his mother a Jew Shelomova, Putin full Jewish by Jewish law.

      For a man whose family is as well-connected as Putin – Putin’s grand-father was a cook for revolutionary Vladimir Lenin, the Soviet Union’s founder – Putin’s genealogy has strangely become hard to trace, in the manner Soviet security services can arrange.

      The official Jewish story is that Putin was a poor child, & whilst his parents both worked, child V Putin was comforted by Hasidic Jewish neighbours who invited him over & gave him hot meals. These Jewish neighbours were the family of ‘Putin’s school wrestling coach Anatoly Rakhlin’. Putin’s Jewish ‘judo sparring partners under Coach Rakhlin’, Arkadi & Boris Rotenberg, are Putin’s friends to this day & have become billionaires through government contracts.

      • It seems odd to obsess on Putin for or against. Clearly, he’s no Hitler and the west has a highly organized defamation campaign against him. They take that into the alternative media by gearing their arguments against him because he loves Jews. I would be careful of going negative on Putin because we don’t want to help the west demonize him Whatever Putin is, he does not have 1000 military bases around the world and his posturing seems more protective than aggressive.. He very well might be part of play for our benefit. What else is new?

        • So let me get this straight. You disparage Dr. Jordan Peterson for not calling out Jews, though he’s fighting a good fight against institutionalized infantilism, Marxist ideologies and NPL; yet, you defend Putin, whose country has the strict holocaust denial laws and, from what I’ve seen seen thus far, is as big of a (((Russian mafia))) bitch as Trump?

          • I don’t defend Putin, I say let’s not help the neo-cons enact whatever they are trying to do against Putin. Putin is on the other side of the world. I have nothing against Jordon but he’s clearly part of the enemy team since he covers for Jewish power. If you aren’t fighting Jewish power, you are part of the problem. I had the impression you all were fighting Jewish power

            • You can’t ignore Jewish power and resist. There are lots of talented ppl that are part of the matrix. My personal opinion is that caveats should be included when praising someone that is bought off but then,, I don’t see any other fight worthy of undertaking. Don’t get me wrong, I am more impressed with your publication than about any other one going but we are about to get to a point of no return if we haven’t reached it already

              • this is what I will note, you defame the same ppl that Renegade defames. There are a group of Putin haters and a group of Putin lovers. Our fight is above and beyond Putin. To get caught up in either side is like choosing left or right and forgetting they party behind the curtain together and unite as one unseen. Left and right is an illusion we are encouraged to believe in.
                My comment about Putin and it being old was noting how in sync but left unsaid, your views line up with Renegade’s and a few others like Brendon O’Connell, Brandon Martinez and that Jew writer who wrote about Einstein ( I call it the Putin Hate Cult). The obsession gives away the psyop and herds to picking sides when both sides are fronts
                Again, I love your content but what someone always has to determine is “Whose side are they on” and that’s a hard job often

                • For the record, we have barely dealt with Putin on these pages.We certainly haven’t “defamed” him. In part it is because I view him as a bulwark to Americanism, neocohenism and globalism. I don’t see Russia as the big threat to peace and in fact actually see Putin as a true statesman.

                  It is just pathetic that he feels he has to suck up to the usual suspects in this way. I am certain pressure came to bear. But when I see this it makes me feel maybe I’ve been too hard on my place of origin. I have just researched Pearl Harbor- article coming. Talk about revisionism- and all readily available. The problem is that Americans are too lazy and indifferent to even appreciate rights that Putin has taken away in his country.

                  There is no way that Jordan Peterson makes my shit or asterik list. He performs a great function and with courage.

                  • I WASN’T defaming him. Just stated. As fact that he supports the JWO if only because he ignores it Did you say Putin took away our rights?Please be aware that anti-semitism was a death penalty offense. Not believing in the holocaust is antisemitic. The history of Russia has never been about free speech

                    • I parsed my words carefully, I said, “the rights that Putin has taken away in HIS COUNTRY.” But Ok, Russians never had those rights to begin with, and still don’t. That doesn’t really change the equation much to my mind.

                    • Sorry, my eyesight is good for 68 but I often misread off my phone. Well, as far as suppression of free speech. The goy were taken over by Jews in all of Europe and Russia quite awhile ago. Jew rule is more hidden in the US but of course, the intention is ending up in the same place where no one will be permitted to criticize power
                      You know it was also against the law in Bolshevik Russia to be caught with a copy of the protocols. What we need to figure out is is Russia today, better than Russia in say 1978. Maybe in general they have more free speech now. I haven’t studied the issue

                    • Of course, relying on someone else who has studied the issue never protects you from the agenda that that person comes to the table with and why real facts are very hard to come by since we both I am sure can acknowledge a lot of lying and distorting is going on in subservience to the cause baggage often carried with the information

                      Which then leads me back to whose side is the information presenter on and that sometimes takes a good bit of time to discern, especially for those wearing resistors clothes

                    • The war is between Chabbad and the Progressives for the top of the pyramid. Russia is Chabbad and so is Trump on his own but via Kushner as well. The Chinese seem to lean Chabbad but since the whole judeo-christian thing is beyond them, they just concentrate on the money, growth, and calming public outrage. I have read reports of a surprising influx of Chabbad into large Chinese cities and the bewilderment of the local populations.

                      Chabbad is still pure Talmud, still condescending to the shabbos goy, still seeing all Gentiles as less than human, but they seem to have some desirable qualities among which are a rejection of the current LGBT hegemony and a dedication to full employment on a national scale. We will still be working for them, but we’ll be working.

                      They are pro-Israel in the sense of a homeland and it seems they want more settlements but they’re a problem there as they have poor hygiene and will not work (why would you if you expect to be served) draining funds from the state’s welfare coffers. Interestingly, Netanyahu hates them.
                      They’re also prone to government fraud on an impressive scale, primarily Medicare, Medicaid, and nursing home schemes. About 40 or so of them were indicted down in Lakewood, NJ recently where they’re causing problems for the local population. They’re fond of suing as well and have been known to engineer accidents.

                      As I’ve mentioned before, the local newspaper, central NJ, was in the process of publishing articles condemning the Lakewood community for various fraud and public nuisance issues when it all stopped cold. They have some serious money power and aren’t afraid of being seen as a powerful group in control, which is a big change from the liberal Jewish syndicate here in the US which keeps denying its existence.

                      Time will tell but you were right, Russ. Trump is a kind of Trojan horse. He represents only the tiniest change- the JWO is still in control.

                    • Re the global ‘Chabad Illuminati snake’ in China – Though theoretically there are only a few thousand Jews in China, the Chabad website lists 11 Chabad centres there.

                      Jews were part of Communist China’s leadership right from the beginning. Here are photos of Mao Zedong & other Chinese leaders, with assisting Jewish government figures at the top of the Chinese hierarchy, Jews even on China’s ruling politburo:
                      ‘The Secret Role of Jews in China’

                      Chabad in China:
                      Beijing China, Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi Shimon Freundlich, Director
                      Shanghai China, Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi Shalom Greenberg, Director
                      Chengdu Sichuan China
                      Hong Kong Discovery Bay China
                      Hong Kong Centre China
                      Guangzhou China
                      Kowloon China
                      Ningbo China
                      Shenzhen Guangdong China
                      Shenzhen Nanshan China
                      Yiwu Zhejiang China

                    • I’m curious. Is there any evidence of native Chinese actually converting, or do the Chabbad agents just have Chinese wives? This crowd is prepared to miscegenate to the Nth degree to achieve global dominance and I’m encountering interested marriage combos these days.

                    • To read in English about Russia and free speech issues, etc, a good source is Anatoly Karlin on the Unz site, who came to the USA as a boy, mostly lived there and is now for a time living in Russia.

                      Specifically re free speech, Karlin documents lots of oppression and censorship using Article 282 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation of 1996, with the key thing being of course how it is applied, which is in some cases rather selectively and brutally.

                      As has been noted, many ‘shiteholes’ in the world have wonderful ‘constitutions’ and ‘laws’ but things get dicey if you look at what actually happens. The USA is actually fairly bad too, tho the issue is that in the USA the way of suppressing people is more complex (they file some unrelated charge against the victim, or bankrupt & destroy him), plus the US courts do semi-secret ‘orders to Google’ to hide what is going on, and CIA-Google in general just censors to help their friends

                      From the Russian legal code:

                      Article 282. Incitement of Hatred or Enmity, as Well as Abasement of Human Dignity

                      Actions aimed at the incitement of hatred or enmity, as well as abasement of dignity of a person or a group of persons on the basis of sex, race, nationality, language, origin, attitude to religion, as well as affiliation to any social group, if these acts have been committed in public or with the use of mass media,

                      Here’s a piece by Anatoly Karlin specifically on Article 282

                    • Let me be totally honest here, a real resistance needs it’s own intellectuals (perhaps like yourself) to champion, not some JWO successful operative like Peterson committed to hiding the Jewish role in society’s downfall.
                      When you champion someone who comes close, well, I submit close doesn’t get the “cigar”. We need the cigar, we can do better. We need our own leaders not JWO fame wannabes as surrogates to
                      “speak” for us

                  • Agree that Russia is not a ‘big threat to peace’ but I have come to see Putin’s ‘statesmanship’ as occurring by a kind of accident due to relative weakness in the global oligarch turf wars

                    For those of us more familiar with US-Nato horrors, Russia can look like ‘opposition’ but I tend to think that is illusory

                    If the Russians really cared about ‘principles’, they would let their Chechens and Dagestanis go free, they would rescue their fellow Russians in the Donbass being killed by Ukrainians … but Putin does not want more ‘nationalists’ inside Russia, whom he treats worse than pro-Western people, as Anatoly Karlin on Unz has been documenting

                    If there was true ‘opposition’ by governments, they would join in exposing 9-11 … the laughably fake ‘9 trips to the moon’ with 6 ‘moon landings’ that started 50 years ago 1968-72 … and that nuclear weapons do not exist, and that Hiroshima & Nagasaki were chemical fire-bombings just like Tokyo, as TNN has helped show … But the ‘nations’ are playing along with almost every scam out there

                    • Russia joining the USA and Turkey to line up for the killing of hundreds and thousands of Kurds and expelling them from territory, is particularly ugly to me … Even ‘alternative’ voices of Left and Right are largely supporting the Turkish killings of Kurds, because ‘the Kurds are friendly with Israel’ or ‘Russia and Iran support it too’

                      This is all horribly Machiavellian to me … I think it does not matter if the Kurds are enmeshed with corruption, Israel, the drug trade or anything else … Kurds have a right to self-sovereignty, regardless, and in international law as well per the UN Charter etc … But no nations or powers really respect ‘nationalism’ unless it suits their interests

                      Kurds are just like Poland, they are clearly an ethnic group of several tens of millions, living in continuous territory, with their own language and ancient culture, distinct from others, their nationhood continually sabotaged

                      Of course Kurds have corrupt alliances in their desperation … all peoples oppressed for centuries are somewhat damaged and corrupt … Look at India, or Ireland, or Poland

                      Iranians claim to care about Palestinians … But if Iranians really cared about ‘sovereign peoples’, they would let the Kurds and Balochis leave Iran

                      It is especially shameful for the USA, after the Kurds worked and died for US interests, now the US abandons the Kurds to be killed by Turks who hate them … Is this not ‘genocidal ethnic cleansing’?… As Henry Kissinger once said

                      It may be dangerous to be America’s enemy, but to be America’s friend is fatal

        • right, but I guess a concern of mine is, this is how you get Americans to be willing to fight other nations, by comparing them to us and have them come up wanting often through distorting the ir actions as pure evil. THis is what was done to Germany and it continues today.

          I am not defending Putin, I am wondering why he’s being demonized by many in the alternative media. I understand why the MSM is demonizing him.My concern is alternative media demonization is but a varient form of the MSM demonization but geared to a more discerning audience. I can see Jews behind the curtain giving anti-semites a reason to hate Putin because he loves Jews!

          Also consider that we may very well have holocaust denial illegal here quite soon and we were born with “free speech” which actually has never existed. I have noted obsessive anti-Putinism by Kyle, Brandon Martinez, Chris Bjerknes and Brendon O’Connell. Many of those add Iran and Syria into the mix which makes it likely a neo-con psyop in actuality.

          I would simply ask who is the country with military bases all around the other, Russia or the US? If I defend Putin it is because of that fact only but I agree, he is part of the NWO in all likelihood and not going to solve our problems. Turning him into god or the devil, draws us into an illusion that taking sides in the NWO matrix will be a win for us

  1. Seems like the U.S. is the only place where antisemitism and holocaust revisionism is not a criminal offense — though we can see that TPTB are working hard to change that (ie BDS).

    • It is less than half, 13 of the 28 EU countries, which have ‘holocaust denial’ laws where ‘truth & facts are not a valid defence’ … these countries are mostly in Europe’s middle latitudes

      European countries with denial laws threatening jail etc are Austria, Belgium, Czechia, France, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania & Slovakia, plus non-EU Switzerland, Liechtenstein & Russia

      EU countries with NO holocaust denial laws are all of Scandinavia, UK & Ireland, plus Estonia & Latvia in the north; & in southern Europe, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus & Malta

      Of course there is now the creeping expansion of ‘inciting racial hatred’ prosecutions affecting everywhere in the West … in the USA sometimes, you don’t get criminally charged but you get ‘doxxed’ (publicly outed & shamed) and then lose your job, career and income, and given the US lack of social safety net you can be homeless, or live in poverty forever afterwards

      • A ban on history revisionism (read holocaust denial) is a requirement of the EU charter; but, as you rightly noted, not all countries have met this requirement.

  2. It is amazing to me how the victorious Allies have to continually cover up the lies of the past. We are all paying for their crimes now. We have been stained just as the Russian people have.

  3. ‘Appeasing conservative Russians’ or kissing Jew ass more like it. Seriously. Let’s all quit playing this game. It’s retarded. When people’s freedom of expression is thwarted people grow in to distorted beings, never reaching their full potential.

  4. Putin, wow what a patriot. Always standing up for the prosperity of the Slavic people…… NOT !

    Speaking of ‘Neo-Cons’, I tried to watch a video called “The War Party” but I was so disgusted by it I couldn’t finish watching it. Watch it on an empty stomach, if you can stomach it.

  5. This comment thread shows how religious use of ‘Reply’ greatly reduces readability, which is a shame because the topics of censorship and the West’s relationship with Russia/Putin (almost synonymous at this point) are both very important, and the discussion here is good — I suggest max 4x indentation and use of @ after that.

    >institutionalized infantilism

    A very good phrase/description of things.

    When people’s freedom of expression is thwarted people grow in to distorted beings, never reaching their full potential.

    Yes, very well said, and not an exaggeration at all.

    Also thanks for the link to Karlin’s piece re Article 282, where I learned about the gruesome persecution of Dmitry Bobrov.

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