Radio 1 Becomes Latest BBC Station to BAN White Job Applicants as Their Newsbeat Trainee Post is Offered Only to People from ‘Black, Asian or Ethnic Minority Backgrounds’

  • The BBC is facing criticism for recruiting for a trainee post for ‘non-white’ people
  • The trainee post is on Newsbeat BBC’s current affairs outlet for 16-25 year olds 
  • They have previously insisted similar positions are legal under the equality act 

DAILY MAIL — The BBC has come under fire for excluding white people from applying to a trainee journalism post.

The job is offered through Creative Access an organisation that aims to get better representation for people from ethnic minority backgrounds in the creative industries.

The traineeship with Newsbeat, the BBC’s current affairs outlet for 16-25 year olds, is touted as ‘the ideal environment for multi-media training that is so rewarding to experience early in a journalism career’ according to the job advert.

The job advert from Creative Access that says it is only open to those from non-white ethnic minority backgrounds

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