Timberlake’s New Illuminati Music Video Provides Predictive Programming for Apocalyptic Super Bowl Event

Justin Timberlake is going to be the halftime show at the Super Bowl LII, for which The New Nationalist (TNN) covered concerns in a recent article, “False Flag Being Rigged for 2018 Super Bowl? Dicey Stuff Going On.”

Now comes a new music video released two weeks ago by Timberlake called “Supplies.” The lyrics are rather ebonized and make little sense, at least to me. The dominant theme, however, is dark and apocalyptic. One line goes:

Some shit’s ’bout to go down, I’ll be the one with the level head
The world could end now, baby, we’ll be living in ‘The Walking Dead’

In the background of the video is the skyline of a city, with rubble in the foreground. Is this some sort of predictive programming? Some believe this skyline is Minneapolis, where the Super Bowl LII is scheduled to be held on Sunday, Feb. 4. We have added a photo of that city’s skyline for comparison. It could definitely raise eyebrows. Like we always say at TNN, you decide.

At 1:42 there is some sort of explosion around the pyramid, followed by falling burning debris. Is this a mental implant?

At the video’s close, Timberlake pulls himself out of a pile of dirt and emerges into a dystopian wasteland. He is then surrounded by children in disheveled clothes. One steps forward to address the camera, proclaiming, “Just leave! Die already! You’re still asleep! Wake up!” TNN question: Who you talkin’ to, bitch?

The video also displays symbolism of an Illuminati light atop a pyramid in one scene, but there are pyramids throughout. The bowing to the all-knowing eye is at minute 1:22.

There are also short subliminal messages inserted into a segment. We captured one at minute 3:12 that states, “The Muslim Ban is White Supremacy.” This is a tawdry straw man fallacy, given that there is no such thing as ” the Muslim Ban”.

Another at minute 3:13 states, “We are all immigrants. At 0:25, a shirt in the lower-left corner reads, “The future is female.” At 2:02, there’s another female in a t-shirt that states, “Pussy grabs back.”

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  1. And speaking of the Illuminati, one of the important past TNN pieces by Thomas Müller, going into the roots of Sabbatean Frankist Jewry in 17th century Turkish-Jewish arch-heretic Shabbatai Tzvi … a favoured topic of the recently deceased truthing Jew Barry Chamish –

    That piece has just been reprinted by Henry Makow

    Canadian rebel Jew Henry Makow has been around a long time, and has a wide following

    Makow rather started truthing by focusing on the issue of legal system depradations destroying the family by ravaging male rights, his site used to be called ‘Save the Males’

    Nowadays I understand this issue much more deeply, it is clearly a major goal of the oligarch cabal to damage the 30% of the European heritage population which is active-age adult male … the group of people in the world who are most dangerously independent, and capable of a revolutionary mentality

    • That Sabbatean Frankist article deserves a lot more traction. I am all the more convinced it is on track. I think Freemasonry is tied into it.

      Henry Makow has been supporting TNN work. He is a good man and I would recommend his site. For anyone who says otherwise just zip it, because I will delete. I am not going to get into a distraction about his Jewish background.

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