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Newly Released Mandalay Bay Crime Scene Photos Leave Bread Crumbs Galore

PHOTO: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Las Vegas police department on Thursday released crime scene photos of Mandalay room 32-134 and 135. Already we have seen some fake truthers pull a nothing-to-see-here, move-along, Crime Syndicate narrative. But as you will see, it’s anything but that. It’s necessary to view the images through the inserted video, as snipped images tend to lose quality. These are our notes.

The images in general appear to make liberal use of CGI. As usual these are not good quality photos. At minute 6:45, the view outside the window does not look natural. Do the iconic window photos taken after the shooting event even match the crime scene photo of the window? No. 135 as labelled on the police photo is on right.

None of the gun placements make any sense. They’re scattered everywhere. I see only one weapon with sights or optics. Nature of the weapons by type and position shows no organization at all.

Where is belt-fed weapon allegedly used? Where are the thousands of rounds fired?

Where are all the suitcases and bags he used to carry all this into his room? The guns, drills, ammo. Where’s the picture of that? All I see is guns all over the room.

Where are the bedspreads!? Not one glass, cup or water bottle.

Never see a clear picture of Stephen Paddock’s full body.

Each rifle on the list is a premium brand name, about $1,500 to $2,500 a piece. But he had tissue in his ears? Really? You’re telling me he couldn’t buy some ear plugs or protection?

At 0:10, is that little L bracket supposed to stop anything?

Door is in tact in one pic at 0:30, then it’s cut in half in another at 4:20.

At 0:20, you see the view from back into the hallway, and there is no evidence of bullet holes. Why is the hall lamp on the right side hanging? From what? Why is the exit sign at left hanging? From what? Yet, no bullet holes.

The picture at 3:50 has 29 holes. That is the door from the inside. What happened to the 200 rounds fired through the door at Campos?

[LA Times] Paddock, who had placed security cameras outside his room, shot Campos through the door of his suite, which was outfitted with a camera to survey the hallway, as was a room service cart parked outside. Police said Paddock fired 200 rounds into the hallway.

At 1:00, housekeepers just leave a messy cart with cords coming out and a camera attached, and parked in middle of hallway at 5:22? With his alleged wealth and budget, why didn’t he buy wireless cameras? Why did he buy cameras with cords? The “surveillance cameras” look like they were purchased at Radio Shack in 1989.

The hotel looks like it was designed by Uncle Vinnie. Nothing matches, colors clash. “I said buy the fabrics from Uncle Vinnie!” At 1:35, we see curtains in strange surreal positions, straight from the Ghostbusters school of interior design.

@2:50 – Luggage plugged in, charging a cell battery that comes with the suitcase. Seems peculiar that he’d take the trouble to charge his travel battery before killing a bunch of country music concert goers, then himself.

At 3:00 – some type of modified breathing apparatus? Really? Somebody is supposed to effectively breath through this contraption? Looks like the script writers got totally carried away with this one.

At 3:18, the tablecloth has been pulled up on the hallway cart in earlier pictures. At 1:00 the cloth is down. This signifies these ARE NOT virgin pictures.

At 3:22, shouldn’t all the spent shell casings be on top of the broken glass? In fact, if he busted out the windows with that hammer, shouldn’t the glass have fallen outside, not inside?

At 5:00, we see a photo of empty closets, yet Paddock was supposed to be camped out there for four days. No clothing seen anywhere else either.

How did police get info from Stephen Paddock’s computers about searches for guns and ammo and child porn? The police told us at the beginning, back in October, that the computers were missing their hard drives and they could not find them. How did that happen?

Also revealed in the police report — and yet the public has seen none of these. Simply doesn’t combine.

The mystery of Jesus Campos disappearing to Mexico after receiving a leg bullet wound is answered, and it’s laughable. As a reminder, the security employee responsible for the 32nd floor at Mandalay had never seen or knew of Campos.

TNN Takeaway: As we have suggested before, these are not so much mistakes as psychological mind-game operations designed to gauge jut how gullible and asleep the public is to these criminal operations. It is also a middle finger to those who do see it; as if to say, what can you do about it?

3 Comments on Newly Released Mandalay Bay Crime Scene Photos Leave Bread Crumbs Galore

  1. The stuff in the cans, videoed near the car is Tannerite, something else they want to ban. Tannerite is a legal, UPSable binary explosive that can be mixed onsite and detonated with a centerfire rifle round. it’s largely harmless fun, although some people get a little carried away- see youtube for some spectacular Tannerite videos.
    The presence of Tannerite and multiple rifles without sights suggests an agenda- banning anything that might be a potential threat.

  2. One other observation- the approximately 100 pieces of brass on the floor are about 900,000 short of the necessary number to kill 58 and injure 500+. The US army shoots about 40,000 rounds for every opponent they kill. Would some old man be a better shot, especially at night, and at such a distance?

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