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The Skripal Narrative – Too Ridiculous for Words


By Stephen McMurray | 4 May 2018

DAVID ICKE — An article on the Skripal case appeared in the Times Newspaper on 03.05.18 that was so ridiculous I had to check it wasn’t April 1st. According to their ‘journalists’ it is now believed that Sergei and Yulia Skripal left the Zizzi restaurant before eating their dessert which, their secret inside source says, must have been a sign that they were feeling ill. However, despite this supposition, rather than going home to rest as most normal people would do if not feeling well, they went to the park to feed bread to the ducks. It is not mentioned if they had the bread with them at the outset or they purloined it from the restaurant. Either way, instead of going home to bed or calling for an ambulance, they decided that giving immediate sustenance to a flock of mallards was more important.

‘Bread Boy’

But wait, it gets better. Obviously they would have contaminated the bread by touching it and they went on to give some of this contaminated bread to three random children in the park. It is suggested that they did this so that the boys could also feed the ducks but this must be questioned as one of the boys, rather than giving it the starving waterfowl, decided to eat it himself. So perhaps the Skripals’ altruism stretched to hungry children as well as hungry birds.

These intrepid investigators from the Times go on to tell us that the boy thankfully suffered no ill effects. That’s right – the truly terrifying, all-powerful novichok which allegedly totally incapacitated two adults for weeks after they had simply touched it and has resulted in half of Salisbury being sealed off,  had absolutely no effect on a young child who supposedly ingested it. Commenting on the strange lack of symptoms shown by a boy who just consumed bread contaminated with, according to all the ‘experts’ in the media , one of the most deadly nerve agents ever invented, the journalists simply said that it ‘exposes the limits of novichok.’

So Novichok is either extremely deadly or too innocuous to even give someone a slight cold, depending on which narrative the media want to spin. […]

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