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Who Are Tom Cotton’s Advisors?

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By Allen Murray Happer | 3 May 2018

US JOURNAL — Senator “Tom Cotton” has become a 99controversial figure in the US Congress since 2014. This trend has been strengthened since 2016, along with the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States.  Cotton is a graduate of Harvard University (Law School) and was a US soldier in the Iraq war. He is currently nominated for the post of CIA Director after “Mike Pompeo”. The support of AIPAC lobby and other Israeli lobbies in the United States have strengthened this trend.

On the one hand, he wants to amplify the US military budget (giving the excuse of confrontation with China and Russia), and on the other hand, he is one of the main supporters of the breach of the nuclear deal with Iran. However, the activity of this young American senator in the US Congress has drawn lots of attention to itself especially in the US media. But he seems to have shattered many of the Senate rules and regulations in the shadow of Trump and AIPAC’s support!

The first issue that needs to be addressed in this regard is “Cotton’s membership in the Senate Committee on Intelligence”. His presence in the most critical committee at the Senate in his first term, has created a lot of ambiguity among experts of the security affairs in the United States. An American security official who didn’t want his name to be revealed told our reporter:

“Since 2014, the AIPAC lobby insisted on Tom Cotton presence in the Senate Committee on Intelligence. This was while many of Republican senators, despite having AIPAC support, could not attend this committee. AIPAC, after choosing Cotton as Arkansas Senator, insisted that he should certainly be serving in the Senate Intelligence Committee, which Cotton promptly accepted because of his dependence on AIPAC.” […]

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