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Pension Looting is THE Mechanism for Bankster Bailouts

On a personal level, the complete looting of Spanish pensions by the Crime Syndicate bothers and saddens me a lot. Of all the people I have known in Europe, Spaniards are among the nicest and most friendly.

When the plutocratic Rajoy administration and its Parasite Guild backers took power in 2011, Spain’s social security fund had a surplus of more than €65 billion. The government looted tens of billions of euros, bailing out Spain’s bankrupt savings banks and their creditors and filled holes in the deficit. Now we learn that the Spanish government has confessed that at the end of 2018, its anticipated pension surplus will actually become a deficit of around €7 billion.

There’s that little issue Winter Watch keeps addressing involving creditor bail outs. There is no sound reason at all for it. This is the reason Trump brought in his Goldman Sachs swamp-dweller cronies — in part to loot pensions and the Social Security system and send the elderly to the plantations. Mark my words. The growing protests in France center around pension rollbacks.

The idea that Spain’s youngest workers will be able to support the country’s swelling ranks of pensioners is risible. Spain’s youth unemployment rate is over 40%. Yet, somehow this generation of unemployed, underemployed, badly paid or “ni-nis” (stay-at-home-kids) are now expected to maintain over eight million pensioners who are living longer than ever and are used to earning an average state pension of €906 a month. No combinam.

Then there is the Catalonia separatist movement with strong regional support. Without Catalonia, Spain would be bankrupt. Spain would be unable to continue servicing its debt, which currently represents 100% of GDP. That, of course, includes the contribution of Catalonia, which represents 16% of Spain’s population and 19% of the economy.

The Financial Stability Board (FSB), an international organization, says there is only one bank in Spain that is officially too big to fail and that’s Banco Santander, which is held together via duct tape.

Meanwhile, enabled by the European Central Bank’s (ECB) massive bond-purchase program and cheap usurious money, Spain’s public debt is more bloated than at any point since 1912. This begs a question: When Spain, Portugal and Italy near default, does the ECB take the hit on its portfolio? No way.

The unspoken, hidden solution (let the banksters take the losses) to this dead-end usury is described in this article. Unfortunately, Spain — and Italy for that matter — cannot stand alone to do it without being destroyed.

The Inexplicable Cases of Atlantia and Autostrade

Standard & Poor recently slashed Italian infrastructure giant Atlantia SpA’s credit rating by three notches, from investment-grade BBB- to BB- (“junk”) amid concerns the Italian government could revoke its all-important road concessions business in Italy in response to the collapse of the Morandi bridge in Genoa in 2018.

Moody’s also cut the rating of Atlantia’s motorway unit Autostrade per l’Italia (ASPI), which accounts for roughly a third of Atlantia’s revenues, to Ba1.

Both firms carry huge debt burdens — close to €36 billion in the case of Atlantia and around €10 billion in the case of Autostrade.

The ECB itself holds undisclosed amounts of 11 bonds issued by Autostrade and another three bonds issued by Atlantia. While it’s not allowed to buy junk-rated debt under its rules, it’s not obligated to sell debt that used to be investment grade but has since been downgraded to junk.

Other large investors in Atlantia include Jewish-run Lazard Asset Management and City of London’s HSBC Holdings. From Caroll Quigley in Tragedy and Hope: “The chief backbone of this organization grew up along the already existing financial co- operation running from the Morgan Bank in New York to a group of international financiers in London led by Lazard Brothers.”

Read “Secret Society Kingpins Influenced, Financed 20th Century Upheavals for the Benefit of the New Underworld Order”

For some inexplicable reason, the “market” doesn’t think something wicked this way comes to these Teflon creditors, as the bonds are trading barely discounted from par. I have long felt that these favored banksters control patsy accounts, often pensions, which they use to slough off positions like this at still-inflated prices.

For clues, let’s consider the dominant Jewish-financier view on usury and debt. In the following passage, Jewish historian Leon Poliakov provides insight as to why debt is not forgiven and why foreclosure and the debt-slave model is applied.

“Without money, Jewry was inevitably doomed to extinction. Thus, the rabbis henceforth viewed financial oppressions — for example, the moratorium on repayment of debts to Jews … — as on a par with massacres and expulsions, seeing in them a divine curse, a merited punishment from on high.” 

Could the U.S. lead the stand against looting by usury on behalf of the world’s debt slaves? We doubt it minus an enormous populist revolution. It would definitely involve a massive transfer of wealth away from the usurious 1% (really the 0.001%) who own 50% of global wealth.

Incidentally, while you weren’t looking, someone kvetched that referring to the 1% be given the epithet of “antisemitic.” That’s because 43% of the U.S. Jewish community is in the 1%. It’s like another Shoah.

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    • Interesting re Jewish numbers & Jewish identity, which seems to be a bit fluid. People are sometimes attracted to being Jewish as a feeling of power-affiliation, given how influential Jews are in the West, and this is buttressed by the Christian Bible ideology of the ‘Chosen People’ as top of the matrix. Have seen the same thing amidst Muslims, South Asian Muslims pleased to claim their own ancestors included implicitly-higher-class Arab invaders of south Asia, rather than exclusively local conquered ‘converts’.

      Non-Zionist Jews who critique Jewish mafias, have told me, that people in the Jewish community, seeing a gentile of interest to them, sometimes falsely tell that gentile that he has Jewish ancestry, with bogus hard-to-investigate claims that this is confirmed by rabbis researching Jewish archives in the ancestral country etc … this co-opts the gentile, who has ‘learned’ he is a Jew … and is also a trap, as ‘anti-Semitic’ weapons can be deployed against this ‘Jew’ if he does not behave co-operatively.

      Curious that though the Jewish community overall encourages marriage amongst fellow Jews, there is significant inter-marriage into powerful gentile or allegedly gentile families, e.g., the Trumps, the aristocracy of Britain. Before World War I & before the Zionist agenda became prominent amongst Jews themselves, it seems that Jews were massively drifting out of Judaism, like Europe has now largely drifted out of Christianity, former Jews inter-marrying, no longer circumcising or following any ritual.

      Another issue of Jewish identity deserving more coverage, is Israel’s heap of scorn & discrimination upon the many black Jews of Africa, Lemba – Remba tribes & others, apparently descended from Jewish settlers who took African wives, black skin colour becoming dominant over the centuries. Despite many African Jews following Jewish rituals more than most people in Israel, most black Jews are yet denied the easy entry into Israel of the white-skin-colour Ashkenazis.

      • My neighbors are a wife of jewish origin but does not practice or follow its tenants and husband raised christian but not practicing and not religious. I would go as far to say they are secular and probably have not intention of returning to either group.

  1. If it is a lulz ironically in my search of who is using this meme to attack ant-semitism many are Jews. You can see them at twitter. That’s where I came across it. I say the source of the lulz are Jews to use as part of their AS claptrap.

    48% of the billionaire class are Jews. So to be accurate they should have used of the 0.1%, not the 1%. 46% of all Jews make over 100K, highest of all groups, but doesn’t add up for 43% of the 1% (390k) – good catch.

  2. Not sure which way you think the number is wrong … fewer Jews in the USA, or more Jews? Or the number inaccurate because it’s not posed against the 10 to 25 million ‘illegal’ immigrants in the USA? Also, am not clear what you suggest could be accomplished by the hasbara brigade in giving an erroneous percentage here.

    It seems generally thought there are – noteworthy number here – roughtly around 6 million Jews in Israel, another 6 million Jews in the USA, and, less certainly, 3 to 9 million – averaging another perhaps 6 million – in other places.

    To repeat Alan Greenspan’s famous line, “I know you think you understand what you thought I said, but I’m not sure you realise that what you heard is not what I meant”

    • Tell us how you arrived at these numbers. “… 10 to 25 million ‘illegal’ immigrants in the USA…”
      Ah yes the magic kike number “6”.

      • Hey man you can use an internet search engine to get some figures … Typical is a statement like this: « There were 11 million unauthorised immigrants in the U.S. in 2015 » per Pew Research Centre, typical MSM semi-official ‘source’

        Many (on Unz etc) plausibly argue the number of non-legal Mexicans etc is much higher, they say the real figure is 20 million plus … I do not live in the USA, nor have visited there this decade, figures are not mine

        You didn’t answer my queries but you ask me about things you can search yourself in 10 seconds? … You suggest something is not correct but don’t say yourself what the error is? By all means enlighten us

  3. “Historically, society is destroyed by debt every time. The Jews were often persecuted not really for religion, but because they were the moneylenders. When people could not pay their debts, they suddenly discovered that the bankers were Jewish. Edward I of England had borrowed from the Jews extensively. When he could not repay them, he banished all Jews from England and they could not take any wealth with them.”

    Of course it was not long before “Christians”(crypto Jews?)got in on the action.

    “The Pope Gregory X (b 1210; 1271 – 1276) was the first Pope to issue an edict to protect the Jews. Christians and Muslims were forbidden to lend money for interest and thus the bankers were Jewish. The protestant Reformation was silently funded by the elite Christians who wanted to get into the banking industry. The Catholic sin of usury was abandoned in the Protestant Reformation and as such this is where we draw the line defining the birth of capitalism. It was the birth of Christian bankers.”

    If only we could do a wash, rinse, repeat on the seven year debt forgiveness.

  4. This article is sooo … anti-semetic! Spain needing 100% of GDP to “service” their
    debt – who does not see that as totally fair. Without the jews providing society with
    the blessings of their debt based money, why, commerce would simply grind to a
    halt dont’ya know. We should be thankful for any employment, and grateful for
    our daily bread. Time for us to yank on our bootstraps, snug up our belts, and
    get to work. No hard times for those who work hard and save. Scrimp, save
    and sacrifice my dear fellows. Make good on your bills and pay your taxes.
    Signed, White House Chief Economist & CNN, MSNBC guest contributor.
    (And then one day, for no reason at all, the “Nazis” came to power … 🙂

    • Hammmm….sounds like the Talmudic “800 gentile slaves per Jew” scenario….or is it 2,800 gentile slaves per Jew? Gee, and it didn’t even take the “coming” of “Ha Mossiach” (aka the anti-Christ) to do it!

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