Iranian Military Now Claims US ‘Cyberattack’ Brought Down Passenger Plane

Body bags after Ukrainian plane crash outside Tehran. January 8, 2020 PHOTO: Radio Farda/INSA

As new video shows 2nd missile striking plane, Iran blames ‘enemy sabotage’

By Steve Watson | 16 January 2019

SUMMIT NEWS — The Iranian military is now blaming the US (again) for the downing of Ukrainian International Airlines Flight 752, after it admitted that IRGC commanders shot the plane out of the sky last week, and in the wake of a new video emerging showing a SECOND missile was fired at the civilian airliner.

Iran Guardian Council chairman Ahmad Jannati stated Wednesday that “enemy sabotage” cannot be ruled out, while Brigadier General Ali Abdollahi directly suggested that US military forces hacked Iran’s radar systems to make it appear that the airliner, containing 176 people, was an incoming missile.

Abdollahi also seemed to suggest that the US military hackers could have actually shot down the plane as part of a cyber attack to make Iran look bad, according to the report.

After initially claiming “mechanical error” caused the plane to crash, then admitting they shot it down ‘by mistake’ after evidence of a missile strike could no longer be denied, Iran has now pivoted back to directly blaming the US. […]

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  1. It would be helpful to know if the decision to fire was made by an officer on duty or by an automated/computerized system. Computerized systems can (and have been) hacked into. And which middle-east political entity would benefit from doing so?

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