Who Killed Tupac?: The Jewish Defense League and an Unsolved Mystery

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14 April 2011

THE NEW YORK JEWISH WEEK — Much like my parents remember the day JFK was shot, I remember the day Tupac died. I grew up a hip-hop fan, and still am, and remember vividly my rapture with the Harlem-born, Los Angeles-based rapper. For me Tupac had all the qualities I still admire in poets, which have now only been transfigured on to more “respectable” literary models: defiance, brashness, charm, a temerity bordering on recklessness. So you can imagine how I felt when he was murdered in Las Vegas back in 1996.

The murderous culture of hip hop has, thankfully, ebbed in recent years, and younger rappers today mostly feign a bravado that is largely unearned. But all the present-day fronting conceals a disgraceful truth about the murders of yesteryear: they remain unsolved. No one has ever been tried for the murder of Tupac or his rival, Biggie. And that they were two black men, with their own criminal pasts, is largely the reason, lending the fact its shame. Tupac and Biggie were killed within a year of each other, and while many assume their murders are merely the rough justice of the streets – Biggie’s death a blood retribution for Tupac’s – the fact is that no one has any firm evidence to prove it.

That makes this revelation shocking: FBI files released this week investigating Tupac’s murder suggest that Meir Kahane’s Jewish Defense League may have something to do with it.

According to the files, Kahane’s Brooklyn-based terrorist group had been extorting money from Tupac and another West Coast rapper, Eazy-E, not long before Tupac was murdered. The J.D.L. apparently had a habit of threatening rappers that they were targeted for murder, then demanding money in exchange for their protection. Or as the FBI files puts it: “The scheme involves (name redacted) and other subjects making telephonic death threats to the rap star … Subjects then intercede by contacting the victim and offering protection for a fee. The victim and their family are taken to a ‘safe haven’, usually a private estate, and are protected by gun-toting body guards associated with the Jewish Defense League.” […]

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  1. Although Meir Kahane was allegedly murdered back in 1990, his ‘death’ was actually an elaborate hoax. Both prosecutor and defense attorneys were Jewish, and they hand-picked a jury that was eager to convict the dim-witted Arab patsy on all counts, except the charge of murder. A conviction on the charge of murder was not possible, because no murder had occurred. There was no death certificate issued for Kahane, and no coroners report either. Since a autopsy and a death certificate are required by law in any potential criminal case,the whole episode was simply an elaborate charade.
    Kahane was facing multiple lawsuits and possible criminal charges, including potential indictments for murder, so disappearing when he did was very convenient, to say the least.

    • Some further background on the ‘murder’ of Meir Kahane. He had just finished addressing an audience of Orthodox Jews when the patsy, El Sayyid Nosair, stepped forward and blasted Kahane with a 357 revolver that had been furnished to him. The revolver was loaded with blanks, and Kahane feigned being shot while the dim-witted Arab ran for it. This all took place in the (((Marriot))) hotel in Manhattan.

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