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The Uneven Alliance: How America Became Pro-Israel

Trump speaks at AIPAC in 2016. PHOTO: American Herald Tribune/Lorie Shaull/Flicker

Israeli lobby in the US managed to infiltrate all aspects of government, thus formulating US policy directly.

By Ramzy Baroud | 8 March 2017

AL JAZEERA — Mere days after Donald Trump won the US presidential election, American Zionists moved quickly to ensure that Israeli interests were fully guarded by the new administration.

The Zionist Organization of America wasted no time, hobnobbing with notorious racists, also known for their anti-Jewish agendas. ZOA’s annual gala on November 20 hosted none other than Steve Bannon, a leader in the so-called alt-right, otherwise known as white supremacy in the United States.

Under his leadership, Breitbart, seen as a major platform for the alt-right, fuelled anti-Semitism (needless to say, racisms of all shades) argued Alex Amend and Jonathan Morgan in AlterNet.

Watching top Israeli officials and leaders of the Jewish community in the US hosting – ever so enthusiastically – Bannon at ZOA’s annual gala appeared perplexing to some. Others casually explained it as the nature of politics, as Israel needs its US alliance even if it meant accommodating anti-Semites.

But it is hardly that simple. […]

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  1. Parasite: One who habitually takes advantage of the generosity of others without making any useful return.

    A (generally undesirable) living organism that exists by stealing the resources produced/collected by another living organism.

    Greg Felton, an investigative reporter and author, spoke at the Vancouver Public Library on Feb. 25, 2008 about the influence the Zionist lobby has on the U.S. foreign policy.
    Find more information at We as Americans either learn these truths and rid ourselves of this filthy parasite or we will continue our slow, painful death. No help from either political party can be expected, as they are both completely owned by this blood sucker.

  2. Thanks a lot, Johnny! I’m always pleased to find people who have seen my presentation. The problem in the U.S., as I see it, is that the public does not realize that they no longer have a country

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