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Fears US Military ‘HIDING’ Something in the Skies After Mysterious ‘Blobs’ Appear on Radar

'Blobs' came up on radar, leading people to believe the US military was hiding something. IMAGE: The Sun/YouTube/ Secureteam10

THE US military is hiding what is really going in the skies after a series of mystery “blobs” were spotted on radar systems, conspiracists claim.

By Warren Muggleton | 18 January 2018

THE STAR — Weather experts were left stunned after strange readings were seen across Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky on December 10.

It was eventually agreed that the “blobs” were down to a USAF jet releasing radar-jamming material – known as chaff – on a routine exercise.

But then similar readings were seen in Florida and Maine – which cannot be explained in the same way given the distance between states. […]

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