WaPo-ABC Conducts Epic Fraud in Polling

Lying press WaPo-ABC manufactured a dirty-tricks poll that is not only extremely counter-intuitive but demonstrates once again and for all to see how thoroughly dishonest they are. What an insult to our intelligence. It is clear for all to see that they will just make up whatever fits their cartoon-world narrative.

We all know Republicans, Republican-leaners and those who voted for Trump. There are some on this forum. What WaPo is trying to portray is that such voters are overwhelmingly sheeple-like, neocon bumpkins, who the Trumpensteins can lead around by the nose.

Do your own informal survey with Republicans you know. Even sample the often-mindless evangelical types. I have my own sources and, not only are they skeptical about the chemical attacks, they are even more so about taking military action. You can go to sites like Drudge and Bretibart and certainly Infowars and see there is zero possibility that support runs 8 to 1. Trump supports have thrown away their red MAGA hats in droves. I would be amazed if even the majority would support “Trump missile strikes in Syria.” In reality, Trump’s approval rating is in the 20s handle and threatens to get worse.

Epic Fraud

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  1. I had my comment about this very poll on my abc local affiliate removed because I called BS on it. Most idjut joe six pack americans will believe hook line and sinker. People are even roasting Tulsi Gabbard as an anti american because “she isn’t for the war”. That headline bill kilgore posted monday from WaPo sums it up.

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