Screw You, Twitter Trotskyites, and the Horse You Rode in on

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James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas is going after Twitter now. His latest sting operation delves into the topic of shadowbanning with gotcha video footage exposing Twitter Policy Manager for Trust and Safety Olinda Hassan and others.

Folks here at The New Nationalist (TNN) are constantly amazed how many of these Trot (Trotskyites) operatives are hired-gun foreigners from the Indian sub-continent. Many of these goons speak with American accents, leading us to believe they are second generation “Americans” or were young kids when entering the U.S. Likely others hold green cards. But, as you watch the video, take note of how un-American these speakers are in demeanor and — more importantly — philosophy.

Twitter and other companies in the tech sector are importing and directing workers with repressive and sickening anti free-speech attitudes. Torchy, who is familiar with California, says the schools are infested with neo-Marxist teachers.

We are not in Kansas anymore, Toto. I can’t even remember the last time I’ve seen a normal Kansas boy in this sistema club, except in a military coffin. Why? Kansas didn’t do nuthin wrong- SAT scores by state #16. The infiltration and capture is complete, and we have major technology companies catering to this. This is absolutely NOT organic.

Despite the partisanship, we must confess to being big fans of Project Veritas’ work. There has been a news blackout of this in the lugenpresse. You can hear Hassan in the video sequence proclaim, “We’re working on getting the sh*tty people not to show up. It’s a product thing we’re working on.”

Here’s the full video. If Twitter’s practices and policies don’t enrage you, then go away — now.

At TNN, we have wondered aloud about our meager Twitter following. How can this site with 50,000 reads per month have only 368 Twitter followers? Plus, we probably get as much or more readership through other sites such as Renegade Tribune, which has a larger following and runs many of our articles. We have been picked up by other good traffic sites as well. So as alt-media goes, we have a pretty good reach now — but nothing on social media. How does that combine? The answer is in the video.

Shadow banning works by quickly pushing, muting and down ranking a tweet off the timeline. I have friends who follow TNN on Twitter and they’ve told me that they have NEVER SEEN A TNN TWEET. So even the 368 who do follow us aren’t being reached. Twitter is so dishonest that they leave a little residual micro-echo chamber who seem to get the tweets, just to encourage the foil to flop around like a fish out of water.

This nasty individual, one Abhinav Vadrevu at minute 7:10 states this travesty succinctly. Yes, “they don’t know they’ve been banned” and “you just turn off all the features for them.”

In our use of Twitter, some of the micro-echo chamber we follow gets through to our feed, but there are others I never see, as if muted. There is no particular rhyme nor reason to it either. It’s as if we’re subjected to whatever these goons fancy on any particular day.

This gulag guard Steven Pierre explains that it is all by machine, which rates content as a positive or negative thing — at least in the eyes of the hive mind. The machine hive mind will “ban a way of talking.”

Another goon, one Pranay Singh explains they have “red neck” identifying bots on the scene. So they don’t even bother with $3.50 an hour types working in India for much of this. At minute 6:40, Singh says the U.S. government sends requests to take down celebrities “all the time.”

Here, one Mo Noral at 4:20 is discussing a two stage process of removing content that personally “offends” them. He says, “I guess it is how you feel about a particular matter.”

Twitter gulag goon Conrado Miranda explains “the filter,” an algorithm mechanism that just intermittently removes tweets.

TNN takeaway: We suspected this culture was rotten but, as usual, it’s far worse than even we imagined. Fuck you, Twitter, and the dark horse you rode in on.

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