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Russ Winter Joins ‘The Wisdom Circle’ (Dave Scorpio, Giuseppe Vafanculo, Chris Weinert) for a Timely Conversation

In his second podcast with Scorpio and Giuseppe, Russ joined ‘The Wisdom Circle’ to explore the concepts of effective non-violent resistance to the New Underworld Order and the range of tactics that can be used. (There were audio issues early in podcast, but they were quickly resolved.)

Russ identified some push back on the topic, and in Winter Watch’s comment section, as  he tried to develop this idea, but he added that “all of this is individual and personalized to my personality, skills and situation.”

Russ said he believes polite and respectful — yet vocal and economic — resistance is within the wheelhouse of most people.

“It’s not organized, or meant to be gospel, so feel free to do your own thing,” he said.

Russ goes further into the “gray man” techniques that may be necessary as the next phase of the tracking and surveillance tyranny is rolled out against the people.

Posts mentioned in the one-hour call:

4 Comments on Russ Winter Joins ‘The Wisdom Circle’ (Dave Scorpio, Giuseppe Vafanculo, Chris Weinert) for a Timely Conversation

  1. Mr. Winter,

    Hello; I hope you are well and had a good Thanksgiving if you celebrated the holiday.

    On this thread, the link is dead; however, one can follow the trail to YouTube.

    So far, Dr. Huber sounds as though she is underwater; however, her insight to cancer and oxygen is spot on. Flood the body with oxygen and our “current” reestablishes the correct path, which allows for optimal functioning (my opinion). The company Live O2 (I have ZERO personal or financial relatioship with; I am simply a consumer) is excellent in supporting this concept. Oh yeah, and she (as well as you) are quite right about the masks.

    Yep, as I have previously stated it was a weaponized flu, used in limited situations (globally, not through migration). Also, yes, the flu shot will weaken the immune system, which will permit all sorts of issues this year (basically a “hot shot”, with or without the redeployment of the weapon).

    Wow! We beat the FLU! Ooops, sorry! Yep, as I have been saying, they “juiced” the numbers like a dotcom in 99. Bastards!

    Why does everyone have ECHOOOOO!!!!!! I feel like we need rollerskates and a bubble machine. Heck, we got a “ Scorpio”, why not play some Chic and release the bubbles?

    Gosh, Brutal Honesty makes me think that I could get a podcast and a few listeners. Nice fella, but he seems to be holding back a bit.

    Mr. Winter, microphone check, 1-2,1-2…

    Nope, we had a traditional Thanksgiving, and I do like Christmas. These holidays provide time for reflection, peace and a thanks regarding the natural cycles of life (which the seasons provide examples of). Under normal circumstances, if you find the season depressing, I would (humbly) suggest a trip to Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein and / or Norway.

    Black magic? Yeah, I am with you, 110% and I appreciate your insight.

    Boycotts? Yep, I am with you.

    Gray man? Yes; however we need a thread that talks wigs, eye patches, inflatable pecs / lady breasts, contacts, false teeth and so forth.

    Honestly, the show was good, and I am glad you will be going back (periodically). Although, I do prefer your interactions with Mr. Ryan, I also think this show has its merits, and will do my best to be supportive.

    BTW, if I saw Mr. Vafanculo in NWDC, I would think he was a Progressive, who attended service in the NC and was happy to be near Wilson in the pews, Looks like a man from Takoma Park to me, or Ming the Merciless.

    Oh well, I am probably mistaken and do apologize for any lack of depth on may part.


      • Mr. Winter,

        The quality of the show’s content was excellent. Further, Mr. Vafanculo has a great AV setup, is knowledgeable, kind and gracious to his guests. Although I can see many errors in my first post (in terms of jokes that may not convey as jokes over posts and being a tad hypercritical), the overall podcast is well worth support, as well as praise.

        Everyone who participated in the compilation was knowledgeable and quite brave in these times. Further, they were a pleasure to listen to and consider their points. Mea culpa if I was overly critical; it was probably more my own fault.

        The link on WW failed, so I followed the breadcrumbs to YouTube, and wound up viewing the, near, three hours of the whole podcast. While I would absolutely concur that the echo had cleared up by the time you were on, the period before your entry was a little more prone to echo, especially with the good doctor and Scorpio. Also, I was a little grumpy (hey, its the times).

        Either way, I enjoyed the show, was glad you were there and learned something from everyone. Therefore, I am appreciative and offer a solid apology for a goofy response on my part.

        This will not happen again, yet I shall still try to tune in.

        Simple Citizen

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