‘Italy first’? Right-Wing Politician Vows to Kick Out 100K Migrants Per Year If Elected PM

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25 January 2018

RT — The head of Italy’s ultra-nationalist Lega Nord party has promised to clean up the “mess” and kick hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants out of the country if he is elected prime minister in the upcoming general election.

The 2018 Italian general election is due to take place on March 4, after the country’s Parliament was dissolved by President Sergio Mattarella in late December. The leader of Italy’s traditional far-right ‘Lega Nord’ party hopes that his ‘Italians first’ slogan will sway enough voters to land him in office. Salvini is betting on Italians’ anti-migrant sentiments to bring him to power as part of a center-right alliance led by Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia (Go Italy!).

“In Italy, there are too many illegal immigrants who go around making a mess, I cannot take it anymore,” Salvini told the host of Dimartedì political talk show that aired on La7 news channel. “There are those who use the aircraft to bring immigrants to Italy. I would use them to bring them back home.”

To tackle the record number of migrants arriving on Italy’s shores from North Africa, Salvini, in a separate interview with la Repubblica, promised his electorate he would deport 100,000 illegal migrants each year of his potential five-year premiership. By the end of his time in office, Salvini pledges to expel 500,000 illegal migrants out of more than 600,000 refugees who arrived in Italy over the past four years. […]

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  1. Yes this is a big big deal going on in Italy, which may turn the whole EU upside down after the 4th of March.

    The temporarily-leading fake ‘populist’ Beppe Grillo, long ago exposed as a troll for bankers & Western neo-liberals, is quite ‘pro-immigration’ (‘not much we can do’, etc.), and he is getting ravaged because the increasingly anti-immigrant rightist coalition involving Silvio Berlusconi, Lega Nord etc., is covering immigrant issues ‘thoroughly’ on the leading TV stations, which are owned by Berlusconi. It is Berlusconi’s pathway back to power and personal redemption, and he has the hundreds of millions to spend on it.

    Italy may end up similar to the ‘surprise victory’ last weekend, re-electing anti-immigration Czech President Miloš Zeman against the much-favoured ‘technocrat’.

    Underneath that coalition with Berlusconi, is a strong under-current of opposition to Brussels, the EU and the euro currency. Italy’s industrialists are keenly aware that their prosperity has been hugely damaged by the EU-euro arrangements, and that their intrinsically-strong export economy would be doing brilliantly well outside of the German-run regime that Berlusconi has openly called a ‘scam’.

    The coalition is smart enough not to campaign on leaving the euro (a confusing issue for ordinary people, scaring those with euro bank savings) … but in Italy the strong industry – export cabal, is getting ready to act against the German games that have crushed all the Mediterranean countries.

    Factor in an upcoming global credit crisis ‘moment’ and you have an Italian torpedo ready to blow up the EU and the euro in its current form.

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