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Trump’s Trojan Horse Immigration Policy

A 60' [Trojan] horse piñata in El Paso, Texas. PHOTO: KLAQ 95.5FM

President Donald Trump’s new “framework for amnesty” plan is straight out of the Trojan-horse carnival-barker script. This, after endless talk and no action about “extreme vetting,” the program would provide citizenship to at least 1.8 million illegals. That’s more than two and a half times the 700,000 enrolled in the DACA program.

Internationalist carnival barkers also love to back load the benefit. The trick here is to formally end the family migration pathway. However, everyone currently on the huge waiting list would be allowed into the United States. That pipeline of pending family or chain migrants includes roughly 4 million people — many of whom will depend on taxpayer funds because they are either unskilled or too old to work. That population is enough to keep the chain migration pipeline open for another 10 years.

“Everybody gets in,” said Mark Krikorian, director of the Center for Immigration Studies. “It will be eight to 10 years before there’s any reduction in immigration numbers.” A one-year grace period for chain migrants is understandable, he said. “But for everybody on the waiting list to be able to come? That is absurd.”

The end of the diversity lottery is also a fraud as it involves only 50,000 immigrants a year, which is peanuts compared to the deluge of 5.8 million from DACA and its family migration pathway. This nothing burger must have been added to give the neo-Marxists and the Crime Syndicate something to kvetch about as they do their victory dance. This goes along ways towards explaining 5th Column capture of the blue states and cities and the Democratic tidal wave that will give leftists victory at multiple levels in the 2020 election.

Meanwhile, there is no crackdown on sanctuary cities.

There’s no support for this mass amnesty from Democrats. Maybe that’s part of the Trojan horse plan as well.

The diabolical effect will be to take the welfare system to the breaking point. Saul Alinsky couldn’t have done it any better. It will swamp the labor market with even more low-wage workers, which will keep American citizens firmly on the plantation. Besides pressuring wages, these aliens shift costs onto the middle class in the form of higher prices for schooling, medical and other social costs — not to mention creating a high-friction, low-trust society.

The big “trade off” is $25 billion allocated “to build the border wall,” whatever that means. But mark my words, this will never be completed. What does get built will leave wide holes or gaps. It will also be a boondoggle to line the pockets of Trump’s Crime Syndicate pals. Instead of a wall, look for border security to include a buildup of domestic drones and Trojan Horse surveillance technology that can be redeployed anywhere in the U.S. against American citizens.

Even in the unlikely event that the 864-mile wall is built according to plan, it will be in slow motion. The administration does not envision the investment happening all at once. It spreads out the investment cost over 10 years, breaking down the totals desired per year. For fiscal year 2018, the request provides for 60 miles of primary wall and 14 miles of secondary wall at a cost to the tune of $1.6 billion. FY19 would cover 65 miles for another $1.6 billion. The numbers then increase in subsequent years. So by the end of the first term in 2021 about 200 miles of wall will be built. Then a new Democrat administration scuttles it.

A review of articles in the lugenpresse reveals more deception and misdirection. Hardly anyone is correctly describing this as a front-loaded immigration tsunami.

Winter Watch Verdict: Yet another epic dishonest Trumpian scam. Will the last one out, please turn off the lights.

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  1. Very notable re-election victory for Czech President Miloš Zeman (that mark makes the first name sound like ‘Milosh’)

    Tho there are complexities, and Mr Zeman likes his alcohol, this overall was a vote for traditional European cultural values against the SJW-type shite-lib pozzing mentality

    And as with the Trump victory, it was a ‘surprise’ with the conventional view being that the opposing ‘modern liberal technocrat’ candidate Jiří Drahoš, had the election in the bag via all the ‘modern city people’ supposedly eager to vote against Zeman

    President Zeman speaking on the ‘Trojan Horse Migrant Wave Invasion’ of Europe

  2. You non-believers disgust me. C’mon now, Trump is just playing everybody while he truly is working behind the scenes to make America great again. You’re either with Trump or you’re a traitor to this great republic. /sarc

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