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Stand With Us, an Israeli Advocacy Group, Creates Streisand Effect for ‘Antisemite’ Abby Martin’s Video

Israeli propaganda arms like Stand With Us wield a massive apparatus to depict Israel as peace-seeking eternal victims. Case in point was a counter to journalist Abby Martin’s interview on the Joe Rogan show. Stand With Us (SWU) posted a video that went through Martin’s remarks and presented some legitimate counterpoints. Unfortunately and admittedly, Martin used some hyperbole. As messaging, one must be careful of that, because it can be debunked. But after picking off the low-hanging fruit, SWU goes on to kvetch about the blow back that comes from oppressing and displacing Palestinians for 70 years. Fraco!

At The New Nationalist (TNN), we believe in fair play and recognize that there are two sides to every conflict. So readers can watch the video for themselves and judge accordingly.

Beyond the counterpoints, SWU employed the standard one-trick-pony anti-Semite diatribe. Israeli and Jewish propaganda seems to work off the same tired script. The same labels — “haters,” “notorious,” “anti-Semite,” “Nazi”, “ridiculous,” “smear,” “vile,” etc. — are repeated over and over again to the point that they become counter-productive. In fact, we strongly sense that this engenders a Streisand effect  whereby more precocious observers develop enough curiosity to go see what the fuss is about.

This propaganda tries to operate in a vacuum, as if Israelis don’t engage in behaviors that bring about reactions and even hatred. The saying about those in glass houses really rings true. Aristotle gave good guidance on the concept of hatred. As we proceed through this exercise, consider the following quotes:

“Anger derives from what happens to oneself, whereas enmity arises without [the offense] being directed at oneself. For if we believe that someone is a certain kind of person, we hate him.”

“To enjoy the things we ought and to hate the things we ought has the greatest bearing on excellence of character.”

SWU — and really all Jewish propaganda — liberally uses words like “vile” and “smear.” Vile is defined as extremely unpleasant, morally bad. Smear means to damage the reputation of (someone) by false accusations; slander.

On the question of smear or false accusations, Martin to her credit rolled up her sleeves and hit the streets of Jerusalem. Martin said, “I was getting so many accusations of misrepresenting Israeli society and distorting the treatment of Palestinians, I wanted to let Israelis speak for themselves.” As you will see SWU should have let it go, and without pulling the one trick pony.

To be fair to the Israelis, it’s surprising they would even allow Martin in the country to carry out such investigations. In fact, TNN often use Israeli media in our Around the Web section because, in some respects, it’s more open and candid than European and U.S. news.

The shocking video has had 238,000 views thus far and features a range of people in Jerusalem’s so-called Tolerance Square (don’t know whether to laugh or cry). Each interview shows with clarity how racist, supremacist and even genocidal the prevailing views are in Israeli society. Be sure to watch the clip between 10:23 and 14:40.

Many were quick to share their extreme racism and even call for mass murder, as if such views were totally normal and acceptable. Keep in mind, they said these things knowing they were speaking on camera to U.S. media. As much as anything, the interviews reveal stark ignorance,  and mind-blowing arrogance almost to the point of psychobabbling. To most decent folks, this casual and evident chosenite attitude is hard to stomach. Little wonder this community has to resort to one-trick-pony epithets.

When asked how to deal with the Palestinian population, one man responded, “I would carpet bomb them. That’s the only way … I think we have the right to hate them.”

Another says, “I think we should give the Arabs a country. Then it can be a war between countries … we can just drop one big one and, pop! Done!”

At minute 6:45 a young woman declares plainly, “We need to kill Arabs,” while she and her friend twitch and giggle.

A more merciful man says, “Israelis have to take over. We have to kick [Palestinians] away.” He then ponders, “It would be better not to kill them, but to send them away to Arab countries.”

An Israeli dissident spoke on camera and offered balance and sanity to the situation. He admits that he is a rarity within Israel.

The following interviews reveal how mainstream the matter-of-fact desire for mass killing and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians are among Israelis. This is also reflected in polls across the region, showing that more than 70 percent oppose Palestinian statehood or ending the occupation, and 50 percent want to ethnically cleanse the 1.5 million Palestinians living inside Israel as citizens.

To Stand With Us, TNN offers you a forum to refute what our eyes clearly see in the video. Yes, you could pull the one trick pony on us. If you do, we promise we will get as much Streisand effect as possible out of that. Or you can shut down and take the Martin video offline, and we will write yet another article describing your censorship practices. Or you can comment on and explain the abject racism and supremacy visible in plain sight in your society.

It is truly your call, and we don’t suffer fools.

32 Comments on Stand With Us, an Israeli Advocacy Group, Creates Streisand Effect for ‘Antisemite’ Abby Martin’s Video

  1. Yes it’s ‘anti-Semitic’ to select Israeli / Jewish media, or interviews with Jews, which make Jews look bad LOL … Wasn’t Abby Martin, now with TeleSur, the woman that weirdly melted down when she worked at RT to denounce Russia’s operations in Donbass / Ukraine?

    Re videos, the Jewish Ron Keeva Unz on his site Unz Review, has organised a political video service which explicitly highlights what YouTube is censoring, Unz glad to link to wherever the video is hosted, e.g., those of ‘Brother’ Nathanael Kapner

    Unz and his site are interesting, essentially refugees from the ‘conservative’ mainstream, they are quite bold about a lot of anti-Israeli and Jewish-questioning articles and allowing comments about kosher mafia activities … tho they try to keep their focus within a certain ‘quasi-sober-mainstream’ topic base, issues such as immigration, war-mongering, racial and ethnic behaviour patterns, Jewish politicians and lobbyists etc … in general Unz does not host articles in the ‘truther’ realm of false flags etc, tho commenters there do bring up the truther issues

  2. I wasn’t scandalized by the Israelis’ views, even if don’t share them. It was refreshing that interviewees were so candid. Even though Abby Martin didn’t hear similarly dark comments from the Arab side, it’s naive to suggest they don’t exist or aren’t just as common. Fear of retribution must quieten tongues.

    Trump’s mandate is to do nothing while the Israelis clean house.

  3. Martin, sadly uses Palestine issue to masque her “Jews don’t exist as a world threat” stance. She recently did a empire files on who the bolsheviks improved Russia and nary a mention of the JQ . She’s basically a communist as is her boss who I believe is Jewish and extremely anti-America, again missing the fact that true power is ablove left-right debate

    One more media personality whose compromised status always should be duly noted

      • right but then we are using the enemy’s arena, we should go our own way and only recognize the enemy to attack not find vaguely agreeable, IMO.

        I’ve been saying this for several years. It started when I was stupid enough to believe the goy would support a networking site not owned by Jews.

        Boy, was I wrong. The fact is, no true resistance is possible till we go our own way, like Hitler did, TBH.

        He rejected the status quo and started from scratch. That’s what happens when the enemy masquerading as us is in charge of our organizations. They are programmed to fail and why nothing significant ever gets accomplished and cat fights rule the day

        • My purpose for writing is conversion of the normie, not just singing to the choir. Otherwise I might as well hang it up.

          If you eliminate or diminsh the sounder messaging from the Petersons and Martins of the world then we isolate ourselves from the large normie audience that listens to them. If we spot something useful, as in the article, we run with it, and am not overly concerened with purism. These Martin interviews served an excellent purpose, hat tip to her. Ditto the Peterson interview with Newman.

          • The Overton window and discourse of the quasi-normie mainstream is indeed shifting fast … here’s a recent statement, notable in that it comes from the pen of former Reagan Treasury official Paul Craig Roberts

            Identity Politics is based in Jewish cultural Marxism, which was designed to break up goy society, and it has done a good job.

            • I know for a fact PCJ was reading articles here at one point. He even linked to a few. Then he abruptly stopped. My guess is that “someone” kvetched and called us a standard epithet, and he was scurried away.

          • that’s a strategy that feels good immediately but not good long term. It is poor strategy to allow the enemy total control of the playing field and to use his operatives as voices for your cause. What that would mean (if we should under take our own way) is a more tightly nit community that goes on raiding parties to expose the enemy and convert the normies and what we have to sell is “our reality is better than theirs” As long as we assume we have to cater to the enemy, he will always have an advantage. Again, yours, good immediate strategy that has been the status quo MO of our movement that has prospered little and been totally owned by the enemy. Of course I don’t expect you to drop what your doing but perhaps ponder it?

            • of course doing so means full vigilance on infiltrators in opposition to our present “accept the fact our movement is compromised and nothing can be done” reality
              The enemy makes it a priority not to let us scheme on our own without his presence.

              (read this

              This is where a layered resistance comes in with vetting out (which is possible to do) the infiltrators and keeping them powerless till we can fully prove they are acting against us
              “Layering” is similar to a secret society method in my mind and necessary cdue to the diabolical realities the enemy presents

                • Much more prolific than just the Daily Stormer and our toleration is cultivated by the traitors themselves enabled by other traitors whose treachery is generally not noticed. What then happens is the traitor support network keeps the message from spreading. All reasons to go our own way which does not mean isolation but high standards and consequences for shillery, one being never having your work talked about without noting your past
                  Two very respected ppl to this day, who example this are Deanna Spingola and MC Piper and you can add David Cole, a self admitted infiltrator
                  Sandy Hook saw Spingola and Piper totally reveal their being compromised

                  • Understanding false flags and hoaxes is very difficult for many people. That is a source of frustration for me personally. Cognitive dissonance runs high. In part it is because there is shaming and gaslighting involved as part of the black magic. I got it big time when I first woke up and it bothered me then. So people need to have the courage to even look into it.

                    But although they may be weak, I don’t just assume those people are bad or the enemies. Some are yes, but not all. Just need to take case by case. Here is Abby Martin showing solid understanding of 9/11. She is also more of a true (not faux) progressive. I don’t have much problem with that either.

                    • that piece was done after she disowned her 911 inside job comments during the Ukranian conflict. She was helped by kosher conspiracist Jesse to save her cred. I posted it in the article I linked while also posting her outrage for Russia protecting it’s interests
                      You are the enemy if you literally serve their cause intentionally. Your as good as the enemy if you self-censor to live well. We have a leader problem. Solve that, the others will follow but that’s a tall order because they are imbeded in the movement in all key positions
                      You really need to gander at the sicko bolshevik love fest. She’s a gatekeeper or 3rd tier op (protocols 12-11)

                    • the other point, I totally agree it is hard but compromising our message by pointing to heroes of the enemy where they say one thing deemed beneficial to us is doubtful likely to win them but bolster the other-side. We have to get a core group to sell truth as cool. Do it with humor and don’t get distracted with unnecessary side issues. It can be done. I think the hard part is getting a core group to believe it can be done./ That core group has to be solid

                    • by the way,false flags are difficult because our leaders almost unanimously pretend they don’t happen. I’ve been watching this psyop for quite a while

              • well, answer this, is it possible to clean the living room with an elephant planted on the couch? That’s what they do. What you end up cleaning is the damgae the elephant inflicts but not the elephant. This means the best you can do is tread water where more likely, the house will fall apart

                • So we have evolving greater chaos that can’t be rectified because the cause is ignored. No solutions deal with the cause, there is never a discussion about undoing damage and 1984 where 2+2 becomes 5 officially, all the more close
                  the fans start arguing over where to put the deck chairs for greatest effect. It’s designed to fail till, like Hitler did for 15 years, we take it to the leak. Only then with a clean movement and an aware elite can we solve the issues. Till then we are reporter complainers and drama queens

      • Made a video about Peterson and got this interesting comment
        “Fiendish Fellows
        Fiendish Fellows
        12 hours ago
        Great stuff Joe! Peterson is a class A shill, you should see the amount of discomfort he experiences when asked about the Jewish Question, he likes to talk about Jews having extraordinary IQ levels and admits is surrounded by Jews so it is not surprising he is a shabbos goy.

        My video is here

        • When we hold up a guy who denigrates half of all whites by calling NAZIs evil (Half of all whites now fall into the NAZI category) we hurt our own cause and promote theirs. Now it may give your website hits and they count on personal success to take presidence over upward white movement as a whole

      • Peterson is cponnected to the hip of Ezra Levant and full support Zionist

        THe only way I can see promoting the guys work is if you have reconciled your enslavement as beyond repair

        • Who is “promoting” him? Not us- Torchy and I both stated quite clearly that he was hardly cutting edge in our book. The clip with Newman was a useful exercise in countering NLP and victim stances, period. But he is a rather minor figure in terms of paying attention to. I’d say right now he is overrated by the cognescenti. But we have bigger fish to fry than to dwell on him.

  4. LMAO at the comment about “female genital mutilation” when the defining characteristic of Jewish religion is arguably male genital mutilation.

    • Quite true and really a profound, sad topic … there are actually 3 cultures that generally mutilate baby boy genitals, Jews, Muslims, & also Yank USA Americans, where Jewish doctors have corrupted the US system and sold a bogus ‘health benefit’ story hoax with this horrid practice that kills hundreds of babies a year, & leads to desensitisation of the male because of rubbing on clothing

      It is suggested that the sub-conscious lifelong trauma of being mutilated, is the reason that Jews, Muslims & USA people cause the most problems in the world, over-aggressive & manipulative because of trying to compensate

      In its last known brave moment, Germany’s government the other year tried to outlaw circumcision altogether, but the government relented under joint Jewish-Islamic onslaught

      Mutiliting genitals of babies as described in the Abrahamic ‘holy books’, is something that backs the notion that the ‘god’ of Judaism, Christianity & Islam was really a demon masquerading as God, taking pleasure in suffering, mutilation, torture, murder & death

      • From article on How Japan defeated Christianity

        Japanese are the only heathen people in history known to have almost entirely extirpated an Abrahamic cult from their lands after it made deep inroads.

        Tokugawa Ieyasu (1543-1616), is one of the greatest heathen heroes in history, though little known outside Japan. He perhaps single-handedly saved Nippon from following the same fate as ancient Greece, Rome, or the much battered Hindu civilization at the hands of the Abrahamics, with no end in sight except what befell Greece and Rome.

        In contemporary Japan, Christianity is still associated with intolerance, fanaticism, and considered a morbid death cult.

    • Well, they credit Islam with all the evils that the Talmud exudes. Jews do that with everything, like Hitler and the big lie and Hitler wanted to take over the world. They always project and since they control the media, the privilege knows no bounds, repercussions for evil doing, non-existent. Watching Breaking Bad, we get to see White supremacists as mindless killers which I suppose means that there are no Jews who could be outed for such behavior (because we all know Jews are happy to manifest bad characteristics of all goy groups while pretending none applies to themselves)

  5. Russ, they don’t talk to real anti-semites, just fake ones that they pretend are real like Baked Alaska and Abby Martin. As I hope you saw in her bolshevik propaganda piece, Martin actually runs cover for the Jewish takeover. My view, we now have a right to call the word NAZI a hate speech word used against 1/2 the white race (in irony because hate speech in and of itself is A way to protect Jewish covert power and not good for ordinary folks just born with fake privilege that holds no power)

    • So get this, they brand Abby Martin who has never responded to one “Jew” question I have asked her, as the anti-semite to confront. Real nazis are still miles down the road and they don’t want the proles to know where they live

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