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The Power and Purpose of Freemasonry

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By Eric Thomson (2002) | 18 August 2017

(compiled from two pieces)

RENEGADE TRIBUNE — Masonry was the first intelligence agency of the modern era. And it was an extrusion of the British Empire. Of this there is no doubt. The primary branches are the Scottish Rite (major) and York Rite (minor). The creator was John Dee. He was Queen Elizabeth’s court astronomer (astrologer), mathematician and European intelligence agent. He routinely signed his letters to her ‘007’. In his European travels Dee spent a lot of time with Rabbi Judah ben Lowe of Prague. As we study Masonry we see that it’s organized very similarly to the internationally dispersed yet defined Jewish communities.

The purpose of Masonry was to serve as a network of agents of influence and also to deliver trade intelligence. Just what the doctor ordered for a trading empire, ja? The ultimate in insider trading. In the Revolutionary Era it had a different common name. In America it was known as the “English Lodges”. This is what George Washington called it when a political scandal arose about his possible membership in it. The Americans of the Revolutionary Era were well-informed about this organization’s connections to the British Crown.

Masonry has a rigid territorial and hierarchical organization. The appearance of ‘irregularly constituted’ lodges, i.e. those not hooked into the network, is a constant concern to Masonry. This would not be a concern if this entity were only concerned with spreading its ostensible message of truth and brotherhood. A Masonic dismisses by rank, or degree. The lower rankers go out before the higher rankers, who stay a bit longer. In this we can see a perfect image of the CIA with its system of territorial sub-stations and compartmentalization. What we actually see in the CIA is an image of Masonry.

Dee’s real genius was in concealing the nature of this organization even from the vast majority of its membership. He did this with a smokescreen of religious and philosophical hooey. The overwhelming majority of Masons do not understand this aspect, nor do they ever advance beyond the 3d Degree, Master Mason. To them it’s a super back-scratching club. It’s ‘good for business’. Masons are sworn to brotherhood with each other, above their loyalties to the ‘profane ones’ of the community. That’s why Freddy the Master Mason has the badge on the back of his independent contractor’s truck. It’s ‘good for business’. […]

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