The Great Goldman Sachs-Trump Con Job

December 28, 2016 Winter Watch 0

By Matthew Jamison | 24 December 2016 STRATEGIC CULTURE FOUNDATION –During the 2016 Republican Primary Campaign which was one of the most immature, intellectually insubstantial and vicious in the history of American politics – devoid […]

IMF Chief Convicted, But Spared Jail Time, for Corruption

December 25, 2016 Winter Watch 0

“This should help calm all that they’re-only-in-it-for-themselves, anti-establishment feeling out there,” quipped Globe and Mail senior international correspondent Mark MacKinnon By Lauren McCauley | 19 December 2016 COMMON DREAMS — Christine Lagarde, head of the International Monetary […]

The Sources of Jewish Power

December 22, 2016 Winter Watch 3

By Will Ally | 16 December 2016 RENEGADE TRIBUNE — As the economic collapse comes closer and closer we have to start thinking about the future of our movement. The Jew will use the collapse to […]

The Web Censors Emerge in Force

December 19, 2016 Winter Watch 0

16 – 18 December 2016 WAYNE MADSEN REPORT — Facebook, which was partly seeded in funds from the Central Intelligence Agency’s IN-Q-TEL venture capital firm as a method to collect personal information, has announced it is […]

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