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What the Media, Officials Wouldn’t Reveal During the Notre Dame Cathedral Fire

PHOTO: Breitbart/Sebastien Bozon/AFP/Getty

If you turned on any U.S. or international news networks covering or discussing the Notre Dame Cathedral fire on Monday, the first day of Holy Week, you undoubtedly heard narratives on the cause of the blaze that were quickly and keenly focused on a construction-related accident.

The Paris prosecutors’ office, for example, within mere hours of the blaze and before the fire was even contained, ruled out arson and possible terror-related motives, and said it was treating it as an accident, ABC News reports. Interesting.

Even more interesting is that French news agency France 24 made no mention of the fact that the Notre Dame fire follows a rash of attacks on churches throughout France in recent months — one of which was an arson fire at St. Sulpice Church in Paris.

St. Sulpice is the second-largest church in Paris, after Notre Dame Cathedral. An unknown arsonist(s) set on fire to its large wooden door on its southern transept on March 17.

A firefighter is seen as flames shoot through the front door of St. Sulpice Church in Paris March 17, 2019, in this still image taken from social media. Vandals and arsonists have targeted French churches in a wave of attacks that has lasted nearly two months. PHOTO: Crux/CNS/Instagram@agneswebste/Reuters

According to an article in Le Parisien, “It was the spectators who heard the flames crackling that gave the alert,” said Karen Taieb, deputy mayor of Paris in charge of heritage. The day after the fire, investigators reported that the fire was “human” and “deliberate.”

For the police, no possible doubt: the fire that damaged the entrance to the Saint-Sulpice church (VI e ) Sunday afternoon did nothing accidental. “The fire is from a pile of clothes and clothes do not ignite by themselves,” says a police source. …

The investigation remains in the hands of the police of the VI th district and has not been entrusted to the judicial police.

St. Sulpice was just one of at least 10 churches that have been hit since the beginning of February, Crux news reports. Some churches were set on fire while others were severely desecrated or damaged.

In Auray in early March, Saint-Gildas church was repeatedly vandalized. March 4, Le Telegramme reported the arrest of two young women who were seen running out of the church after it was set afire in several locations.

Photos Véronique Le Bagousse
Smoke-filled Saint-Gildas church in Auray. PHOTO: Le Telegramme/Véronique Le Bagousse

Vandals targeted the 800-year-old Basilica of Saint-Denis during the first week of March. They smashed stained glass windows and severely damaged a 200-year-old organ, Le Parisien reports.

Saint-Denis, Tuesday, March 5. The windows of the south rose of the basilica were broken to enter the building. PHOTO: Le Parisien/DR

On Feb. 10 in the late afternoon, Maisons-Laffitte, the tabernacle of the Church of St. Nicholas (Yvelines) was severely vandalized, Le Parisien reported.

PHOTOS: Twitter/@PNerval

On the morning of Saturday, Feb. 9, around 7:30 a.m., shortly after the opening of the Dijon of Notre-Dame church, “an individual entered the building, committed degradations in the choir of the church before opening the tabernacle and spreading hosts on the master-autel,” a statement from the diocese reported.

What is a “host”? Religion News explains:

According to Catholic doctrine, hosts of unleavened bread literally become the body of Jesus himself at the Mass. Consecrated but unused hosts are stored for future use, so breaking into the tabernacle holding them and scattering them on the floor ranks among the highest of sacrileges.

“When somebody tramples on a host, it’s as if the whole church is being stomped on,” Catholic historian François Huguenin said.

In the morning of Wednesday, Feb. 6, degradations were observed at Notre-Dame-des-Enfants church in Nîmes (Gard), Le Parisien reports. The tabernacle was broken, hosts thrown on the walls and on the ground, various degraded religious objects and excrement thrown on the interior walls of the building.

Intruders even drew a cross on a wall with excrement then stuck consecrated hosts to it, Crux reports.

Bishop Robert Wattebled of Nimes issued a statement on Feb. 8 declaring that the desecration was so severe that the church building could not be used until penitential rites of purification had been carried out.

A spate of Catholic churched were vandalised in just seven days across France
Fecal matter smeared on the wall of a church in Nimes, France.

In Lavaur, in the Tarn, on the night of Feb. 5, vandals struck Saint-Alain Cathedral. A tablecloth and the crib were burned, and the arm of a Christ on the cross has been twisted into make believe in a “dab” (gesture of celebration with the arms), Le Parisien reports.

Statues of saints were broken and an altar cloth was set on fire, Crux reports.

According to La Dépêche du Midi, two 17-year-old teenagers admitted to being the perpetrators of the degradations. They were summoned before a children’s judge on March 15.

On Feb 5, Le Parisien reported that Saint-Nicolas de Houilles church (Yvelines) was damaged for the third time in 10 days.

Intruders threw the altar cross to the floor and “completely pulverized” a statue of the Madonna and Child dating from the 19th century, which was renovated three years ago, Father Heart told the newspaper. “It is irreparable,” he said to his parish.

French media reported a 35-year-old man has confessed to police to carrying out the attack, but mystery still surrounds the identities of other culprits, Crux reports.

Vandalism to Saint-Nicolas church in Houilles (Yvelines). PHOTO: Parish of Houilles and Carrières-sur-Seine

Related image

In total, during February alone, there was a record 47 documented attacks on churches and religious sites, meaning that countless cases are going largely unreported.

“Who has heard of the sacking of the monastery of Saint Jean des Balmes in Aveyron? Of those teenagers who urinated into the holy water font of the church at Villeneuve de Berg in Ardèche?” Le Figaro asked in an article in late February that highlighted some of the lesser-known profanations around France.

The Vienna-based Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination Against Christians in Europe, an independent organization founded with the help of the Council of European Bishops’ Conferences (CCEE), documents reports of attacks and vandalism to churches throughout Europe. Their list is quite extensive and can be viewed here.

Newsweek: [CCEE] executive director, Ellen Fantini, told Newsweek that while in many cases the motive for the attacks was not known, France faced growing problems with anti-Christian violence, especially by anarchist and feminist groups.

“I think there is a rising hostility in France against the church and its symbols,” but “it seems to be more against Christianity and the symbols of Christianity.

“These attacks are on symbols that are really sacred to parishioners, to Catholics. Desecration of consecrated hosts is a very personal attack on Catholicism and Christianity, more than spray-painting a slogan on the outside wall of a church.” …

“The pressure is coming from the radical secularists or anti-religion groups as well as feminist activists who tend to target churches as a symbol of the patriarchy that needs to be dismantled,” she added.

Anti-religion groups? Anarchists? Radicalized feminists? Really? Are these code words for discordian satanists?

Who do you think is responsible? And could it be tied to the Notre Dame Cathedral fire, or is this all just some big cowinkydink? You decide.

24 Comments on What the Media, Officials Wouldn’t Reveal During the Notre Dame Cathedral Fire

  1. Definitely feels like a satanist ritual, but there’s nothing Christian about Notre Dame cathedral or Catholicism in general.

    • Ignorance is bliss! When Notre Dame Cathedral was built in 1163 there were no heretic Protestant “churches”. There was ONE Church, ONE FAITH, and ONE Body of Christ. If Notre Dame is not Christian, water is not wet, the moon is made of cheese, and Nuttyyahoo loves Palestinians.

      • sigh…. either you are simply fatuous or ignorant or a servant of the Vatican…’ what I posted on FB in reply to something about why save this cathedral when the glory of God which is Creation is defiled daily….

        Notre-Dame is a symbol of the brutal tyranny of the Ile de France and the Church of Rome and the Bourbon Dynasty of the ancien regime…. it is not the most beautiful NOR the most symbolic NOR the most historically important of France’s cathedrals…
        and ALL of them were built by exploiting the poor for “labours of faith” or via penances and indulgences… blackmail over the afterlife to which the Church claimed the right to decide who gets into Heaven “or else”… to do this they made a Hell on Earth and slaughtered million, and not just in France…. anyone heard of the Crusades?

        Cathar/Albigensian and Arianist heterodox varieties of Christianity were wiped out, as were the Templars, as were also the Jews and also the Muslims (who were ‘allowed’ in the Visigothic and Burgundian kingdoms in the South until Arianism was exterminated). Witches were burned with piles of “faggots” as kindling i.e. gay men … or eunuchs, who were once common in the church (and the militaries…..
        children were raped by the Roman Church and the Breizh/Breton, Basque and Provencal and Gascogne and Occitan ones also beaten for speaking their own language instead of Parisian French.

        Let no one weep for the abomination the Cathedral of Our Lady of Paris wrought upon this Earth…. weep for those who suffered at the hands of the edicts of the archbishops of the Church of Rome….. the Inquisition in France was even worse than in Spain or Italy….

        It’s no accident that the statues of the Madonna (“Our Lady”) who are the Church’s pastiche version of the Mother Goddess Isis /Astarte – right down to teh blue and white robes and the pieta being a knock-off of Isis and Osires in Egypt…… they are all weeping…. the ones that are, that is… some are plastic….

        But they’re not weeping for any kind of sign of what is to come… what Is coming is already here.. and it’s called Retribution…… for Humanity’s Crimes upon here, the Mother, our Earth….

        “I care about the history not the politics”, one presumptive woman condemning me for being patronizing, whined /bitched at me last night via Messenger… well, silly girl (she’s in her 60s)… history means INQUIRY and can NOT be separated from politics….

        Evil is often given beautiful form as part of its deception… that is EXACTLY the case with the Cathedral de Notre Dame de Paris… very much so (see points above, which are only a partial outline)…..


        here’s Russell Brand’s comments … though he misses the reality of what that church symbolizes/ embodies…. and btw at the time of the commencement of construction in 1163 the Bourbon dynasty had only the Ile de France… the English Catholic King had the west/southwest, and Normandy… the King of Burgundy had the southeast….including Avignon, site of a couple of the schisms within your “one church, one faith, one body of Christ… really? Then why is the Orthodox Church still in schism… it was in 1054 that the Bishop of Rome (the Pope) was excommunicated by the Eastern Orthodox…. and Arianism was still alive and well (and tolerant of Jews and Muslims) in Languedoc.

        Do you enjoy being ignorant? Did you not know that is a Cardinal Sin? (well, really more than one).

        • Your overly long, tired piece of humbug is so dripping with ignorance, that had it been launched into the roof of the cathedral while it was ablaze, would have likely put out the flames.

          Only an ignoramus, imbecile or galoot would try and insinuate that faggots (bundle of sticks) are called faggots because the Church burned homosexuals. That is seriously demented.

          And just saying stuff happened, doesn’t make it true. To pick just one of your several (I will generously call them) untruths – the poor were not “exploited” for indulgences. Indulgences were an ‘indulgence’ that only the rich could afford. The poor had to pray for their salvation.

          When Urban II introduced the concept of indulgences in 1095, it was to encourage participation in the Crusades, NOT to raise money to build Cathedrals. Most of the contribution to and participation in the Crusades, was done by the nobility, not by the peasants, who had to stay home and till the fields and perform all the menial tasks required to keep food and drink on the table. Going on the Crusades, was literally an adventurous luxury, that the poor could ill afford.

          If “retribution” for raping ‘Mother Earth’ were due, it should have fallen on the Bourbon Palace in Paris rather than Notre Dame Cathedral. That, and Westminster in London, and the Capitol Building in Washington, the headquarters of the current political power that has driven illegal wars of aggression in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, not to mention military interference (i.e. murders of civilians, assassinations and destruction of infrastructure) in a dozen other countries in Africa, Central America and Central Asia, the sponsoring of military coups in Ukraine and Brazil, threatening war with Iran, Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua, and on, and on it goes.

          One cannot even start to compare the horrendous destruction that the current Western regime led by the U.S. and followed lock-step by the U.K., France and other European “allies” has wrought upon ‘Mother Earth’ since WWI to anything done in the name of the Catholic Church. You could if you wanted to, but at the risk of overusing the word, it would be fatuous and totally ignorant.

          The list of cities completely leveled along with the destruction of their civilian populations by the U.S. and its “allies” is long and growing – Dresden, Hamburg, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Fallujah, Raqqa, Basra, Mosul, Nasiriyah, Ramadi, Khorsabad, Nimrud, Hatra, Palmyra, Homs, Aleppo. Cities partially ruined include Baghdad, Damascus, the ancient city of Babylon, Tripoli, Najaf and Karbala.

          Yemen is a U.S. war crime, little reported by the presstitute media, as is the destruction of African peoples in Somalia and Sudan, to further American unilateralism and hegemony.

          U.S. drone strikes kill hundreds every day in wedding parties, funerals, hospitals and schools all over the Middle East and Central Asia.

          And you talk about “retribution”??!!

          • You’re a complete idiot… further comment other than you should read up on why gays are called “faggots”….

            Man, you’re just a ignorant fascist….period.

            • Once you resorted to one trick pony neuro-linguistic programming labeling your participation ended. We have no tolerance for that and limited tolerance for your anti-Christian screed – you are ban hammered.

              Smoking – please desist with this guy.

              To trolls and shills in general- we have a pretty good Que system. Your chances of getting through are slim- save yourself the effort.

  2. Well Im not a” flamologist” but I do think this event is going to reverberate toward the more religious types, after all, a month prior we had a Muslim shoot-up in their very sacred place of worship…Now this? And on their way toward more enlightenment, since the conventional sources of news are leaking like civs with excuses, I think a newer larger demographic of people will become WOKE….or at least as long as their internet isn’t fully cleansed by the authorities

  3. In addition to being the exactly one-month anniversary of the Christchurch mosque event on 15 March – and having the Jerusalem mosque on fire on the same day – there is this:

    Just as with 9-11, there was a previous ‘terrorist act’ failing to destroy the NYC towers / Paris cathedral … and one of the accused ‘terrorists’ in that, was sentenced to prison a few hours before the fire

    Earlier on the same day of the Notre Dame fire, 15 April 2019, “one of three women allegedly involved in a foiled plot in 2016 to blow up a car packed with gas canisters near the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, was sentenced to eight years in prison by a French court for earlier offences. Ines Madani, 22, was sentenced following a three-day trial during which she was accused of encouraging would-be jihadists to go to Syria and participate in attacks against France.”

    ‘Isis plot to blow up Notre Dame in Paris’, propane gas canisters in Peugeot parked outside on 4 September 2016

    That 2016 ‘car bomb’ in the Peugeot seemed quite an absurd affair as they left the flashing lights on which helped the ‘terrorists’ to get caught

    It looks like they are holding back on playing the ‘Muslims did it’ card right now with Notre Dame, but that card can be played later

    If they said that out loud now, Le Pen’s group would sweep the May Parliament elections, and France would be quite accelerating toward the civil war scenario that Macron’s interior minister Gérard Collomb talked about last year after he resigned:
    “Relationships between people are very hard, people don’t want to live together … Communities in France are fighting each other more and more and it’s becoming very violent … Yes, we have five, six years to avoid the worst.”

  4. An “oh, by the way” quote buried in a US news story states that fire started in two different places:

    “The fire started up near the roof top, while another fire started in the north bell tower,” Picaud told NBC News. “All damage seems to be up high and did not go into the lower part of church or touch the organ or stained-glass windows.”

  5. From what we were able to view in a patchwork of newscasts, the flames seemed to burn far too aggressively. There was the humbug exchange whereby Trump suggested planes spraying water, and French authorities saying they refrained (evidently to not crack hot stone). This is pure insanity. There are all kinds of materials that could have been deployed.

    Most disturbing is an overwhelming intuition that this was the Frankist scum giving the bird to Christianity. The world’s most famous Christian building going down during Holy Week.

    Everyone who has not read Rabbi Antelman’s ‘To Eliminate the Opiate’ would do well to get a copy. in which he lays out his concern that the entire Z-ist agenda is actually all about destroying both sincere Judaism as well as Christianity.

    This is why the US is at the top of the list for slated destruction. The demographics: Some 45-50% of Jews live in US/Canada. 35% in Israel, with the rest thinly scattered. The greatest concentration outside North America being in France. While a sorely misinformed, CIA infiltrated nightmare, the Christian Church in the US (most loosely interpreted) is probably the biggest protestant mass of functional believers on earth. Look out. This is their goal. To stamp out the faith.

    All I could think of as the horrible scene interrupted sleep last night was the part in Daniel about the antichrist setting itself up as the Almighty in the holy place(s). Are they thinking to remodel Notre Dame as a satanic spectacle?

    • I have to wonder why the worlds most famous Christian building would be loaded with pagan symbolism.

  6. Also seems there was footage of light beam strike on the spire available on a site that has since been scrubbed. Definitely explains why the scaffolding isn’t on fire and the interior looks like a projectile hit the roof.

  7. For the record- some 5,000 Christian churches were burned during the communist revolution in Spain during 1936. Over 20,000 were destroyed in Russia after the communist revolution in 1917. Thousands more were destroyed during the aerial obliteration of Europe 1941-45.
    The same factor was at work in all of these instances- The Judeo-Marxist desire to blot out Christian civilization.

    • No, just more distraction, divide and conquer at work. The Paedoholic Church should pay for the reparations from its very own pocket, starting with Poop Frankie himself.

  8. Whoevers fecal matter that is better get checked out for internal bleeding in the digestive tract asap. The only time my poo looked like that, I had a duodenal ulcer that required hospitalization.

  9. “If terror can be induced on a widespread basis into a society, Lewin has stated, then society reverts to a tabula rasa, a blank slate, a situation where control can easily be instituted from an external point.

    “Put another way: By the creation of controlled chaos, the populace can be brought to the point where it willingly submits to greater control.”

    People need to understand this is just more of the same old same old. It is the method those in possession of occulted knowledge have used to control us since the beginning of time. The only way to beat this system is to quit feeding into it with fear and negative energy.

  10. I came here first for all things Notre Dame this morning – thanks. (Like the commenter above, I was aware of none of the prior incidents of fire and vandalism). I think it’s important to resist the temptation to be an instant expert at times like these. That said, how much of an expert does one have to be to remark: they know how to do this! – had to be a huge volume of combustibles in there to burn like that – is that normal ? – and isn’t fire control omnipresent in these sorts of projects? – the fire control guys must literally walk step by step behind the welders.

    I took a look at Drudge this morning for the first time in 7 months. Fully expected to see reports of overnight cries of Allahu Akbar from the Parisian suburbs – but seemingly no such reports. The dog that did not bark? That has been part of these things for quite some time; they seem to be pitching this one quite differently. “God saved Notre Dame” … hmmm …

    • We ran with two different theories. I am seeing a mega-ritual. Torchy is seeing discordian anti-Christian evil of some nasty vein. The two theories may in fact overlap.

      • Yes Russ, especially since the media made sure we saw the symbolic spire come down. There was definitely a message in that. On another site it was mentioned that Titanic went down on this day; true or not? The proximity to Easter is undoubtedly a factor as well. Check out the Robert D STeele post on phibetaiota. I’d love your feedback on that one.

  11. Thank you for posting this article. I am blown away by all of these acts of vandalism that have taken place in just the past couple of months leading up to the HORRIFIC “Grand Finale” that took place yesterday. I heard ZERO mention of any of these disgusting & atrocious assaults that were carried out in multiple Catholic churches in Paris.
    On the World News with David Manure, I was astounded by the smoke I was watching furiously billowing out of one of the “peaks” – it was soooo very thick and I know my eyes were not deceiving me as a yellowish/gold tint seemed to infuse itself into the previously whitish-grey smoke – and then after THAT, it seemed to take on a pinkish hue.
    I am not a science person but from the little I’ve read/listened to and watched on both 9/11/2001 and much more recently, civilian population-taken smart phone videos on the fires in California in both Fall 2017 (Santa Rosa) and late July/early August 2018 in the Redding area of CA and the flames look eerily similar in appearance and speed and voraciousness.

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