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Black Man Burned African-American Church, Painted ‘Vote Trump’ On The Walls

Hopewell Baptist Church is damaged by fire and graffiti in Greenville, Miss., Nov. 2. PHOTO: Courtesy Angie Quezada/Delta Daily News via Reuters

By Chuck Ross | 21 December 2016

DAILY CALLER — A black man has been arrested and charged with burning an African-American church in Greenville, Miss. last month and defacing its outer walls with “Vote Trump” graffiti.

The Mississippi state police arrested Andrew McClinton, 45, on Wednesday and charged him with first-degree arson of a place of worship, Warren Strain, a spokesman with the Mississippi Department of Public Safety told The Daily Caller.

McClinton allegedly set fire to Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church, where he is a member, on Nov. 1, a week before the election. The fire destroyed 80 percent of the church. A GoFundMe account raised more than $240,000 to repair the facility.

“We do not believe it was politically motivated. There may have been some efforts to make it appear politically motivated,” Mississippi Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney, who also serves as the state fire marshal, told The Associated Press.

Clarence Green, a bishop at Hopewell, told the AP that McClinton is a member of the church.

The attack, which was investigated by local and state authorities as well as the FBI, was widely attributed by media outlets to Trump supporters. The Atlantic, to cite one example, published an article entitled “A Black Church Burned in the Name of Trump.”

Mississippi U.S. Rep. Bennie Thompson, whose district encompasses Greenville, said last month that the arson and vandalism was an act of “domestic terrorism.”

“If there is something like the Ku Klux Klan or the Aryan Nation … we look at that as domestic terrorism,” he told the AP at the time.

The case appears to be yet another hoax targeting Trump supporters. Several Muslim women who have claimed since the election that they were targeted by Trump fans because they wore hijabs have been charged with making false reports.

2 Comments on Black Man Burned African-American Church, Painted ‘Vote Trump’ On The Walls

  1. What I do not like about this story is that there was no evidence presented in any news article about why he was arrested. This is the town where I grew up. I cannot accept a fact presented to me without evidence or reason, as unsurprised as I may be to find that it is true.

  2. Just like Charles Manson. Put nonsense on the walls to trigger race riots. Makes me wonder about other racist vandalism. Kids and false flags makes the most sense. I just can’t see much use for adults, otherwise. If someone handed me cans of spray and put me in front of the most extreme Muslim mosque with a guarentee of not getting in trouble, i still wouldn’t bother. What would even upset them? Allah sucks gay dick? Maybe if i could paint the image, lol.

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