Ground Zero for Covid-19 Outbreak Across US Was an International Biotech Conference in Boston Last February


In the “you can’t make this stuff up” and cowinkydink categories, we learn from NBC Boston that a primary superspreader event for Covid-19 spewed forth from a international biotechnology company’s executive conference held on Feb. 26 and 27 at the Boston Marriott Long Wharf. The event, held by megafirm Biogen (NASDAQ: BIIB), led to about 20,000 cases, according to a new study.

When executives who attended the conference flew home to Europe, Asia and states across the U.S., these superspreaders infected their families and coworkers, seeding clusters of outbreaks. Also by sheer cowinkydink, the study revealed a “unique feature” of the Biogen cohort’s cases: Nearly all were mild and didn’t require hospitalization. Whodathunk?

This degree of illness proves in spades what a scam this all is.

MIT Tech Review covered the work of researchers at Stanford University who found a much larger number of people are infected with Covid-19 than reported, meaning that the death rate is much, much lower than we’ve been told. In fact, MIT Tech Review had to admit that the actual death rate is likely under 0.2%, which means its about as “dangerous” as the common flu.

Hospitalizations and deaths among the young are almost nonexistent. Out of 70,000 students reported to have tested positive for COVID-19 at U.S. universities, only three were hospitalized as of Oct. 5. None have died.

A statistician and Chinese citizen who was working in Massachusetts for Biogen, Inc. — the sponsor of the infamous Boston meeting that became an epicenter for the U.S. COVID-19 outbreak — is being investigated in Beijing for allegedly flying home to her native China while sick, not disclosing her exposure to coronavirus to the airline, and covering up her fever with drugs to fool airport screeners, according to reports in Chinese-based media.

Chinese authorities are considering whether Jie Li, of Belmont, who was associate director of biostatistics for Biogen, broke the law by impeding the prevention of infectious disease, according to government-controlled Chinese media. Li, 37, is a Chinese citizen from Chongqing.

A large percentage of these superspreader cases stem from local homeless individuals taking refuge in shelters and the employees who worked there, a finding that Pardis Sabeti, a computational biologist at the Broad Institute and one of the lead researchers on the study, calls jaw-dropping.

“It was the realization that these events really affect the most vulnerable among us,” Sabeti told The Post. It’s unknown how the virus jumped from the conference to those living on the streets of Boston. 

Takeaway: No shit, Sherlock.

Just because Biogen helped contribute to a nationwide outbreak of Covid-19 is no reason the company shouldn’t try to profit from it.

Biogen has helped build a COVID-19 biobank, a new consortium in partnership with The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard and Partners HealthCare. The biobank, comprised of blood samples and other medical and biological data, will help researchers better understand the biology and behavior of the coronavirus.

The biobank is structured to protect the privacy of Biogen employees who take part.

“Biogen will have the same level of access to the Biobank as researchers around the world, which means it will not have access to identifiable information.” 


Naturally, this study was parlayed into a leading role for Biogen in the field of contract tracing. Collecting data on Covid-19 and tracing promises to be commercially profitable, with almost all government and institutional levels getting involved.

In a recent Fox News interview, UCLA epidemiologist Dr. Anne W. Ramoin mentioned that the Boston Biogen event spread Covid-19 across the United States.

She also said that DNA-sequenced contact tracing will be done on the virus that made its way into the White House. With that DNA sequencing data, they can narrow down the source of contact. She said doing this is essential not just for public health, but also for national security.

Biogen also teamed with Satanist par excellence Bill Gates on several projects, including antibody research, particularly in the pharma manufacturing arena. This research is also focused on coronavirus antibodies.

In 2017, Biogen faced Congressional criticism for price gouging involving it’s multiple sclerosis drugs.

On a personal note, I have a head cold and have been sniffling over the last eight days. I had sweats but no significant fever. Friday, I experienced one night of hard coughing, which seemed to alleviate the irritant. Is this Covid-1984? I don’t know. I do have type A blood which is the catch type. Given that there’s an alleged big outbreak here in Prague — the highest in Europe – maybe so. Regardless I can say it’s really no different from 50 other colds I’ve had in my life.

Per the Stanford research, I now think this coronavirus is widespread and largely benign, except for the very elderly, those with comorbidities, those who’ve damaged their lungs by smoking or people with diabetes and immune deficiencies. I could run down and pay $100 for a test, but that would just feed the meaningless case statistics and hysteria. The odds are high that you will be exposed in these outbreak centers regardless. I don’t believe they are necessarily lying about the “cases”, just the implications.

I’m 69, so I’m treating this conservatively and more diligently, even if it is just a common cold rather than the ‘rona. More importantly there are also a bunch of old folks holed up in my building, so I’m laying low, using a mask in the building, washing my hands, wearing gloves in the elevator, and while using building door handles, bagging garbage, and not bothering with recycling, and pretty much staying home until my cold is gone. The real risk to these old-timer neighbors is the overreaction, being abandoned and left alone by the Covid tyrants in some old folk’s home or hospital.

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  1. The question I have is, after 9 months of this foolishness, are people ever going to figure out they have been played?

    • Great Barrington Proposal voice of reason countering the Satanists

      Thousands of medical practitioners and public health scientists have signed a declaration arguing for an alternative public health approach to dealing with covid-19.

      The Great Barrington Declaration,1 published on Monday 5 October, was drawn up by three epidemiologists and public health experts from Harvard, Oxford, and Stanford universities, who describe their approach as “focused protection” of the people most at risk.

      As of Wednesday 7 October almost 6300 medical practitioners and public health scientists from the US, the UK, and other nations had signed the declaration.

      The authors—Martin Kulldorff, professor of medicine at Harvard, Sunetra Gupta, professor of theoretical epidemiology at Oxford, and Jay Bhattacharya, professor of medicine and economics at Stanford—said that because older people were 1000 times more likely to die of covid-19 than younger people, an “age stratified” approach could allow resources to be focused on older and high risk patients, while allowing younger and healthier people to attend school and keep businesses open.

      They argue that focused protection would reduce the “collateral harms” of lockdown, including deaths from suicides, reduced childhood immunization, and increases in domestic violence.

      Gupta said that widespread starvation was another serious consequence of lockdowns—a concern underscored by a report from the charity Oxfam,2 which found that border closures, curfews, and travel restrictions had caused breaks in the food supply that threatened to cause 12 000 deaths a day worldwide, exceeding the 10 000 deaths a day recorded from covid-19 in April.3

      Kulldorff said that, with focused protection, low risk people could remain active and that this would help communities reach herd immunity sooner, which could shorten the duration and harms of lockdowns.4 Herd immunity, he said at a meeting in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, “is not a strategy—but a biological reality that will arrive sooner or later, either naturally or through a vaccine, or both.”
      He defended the Swedish approach, saying that “schools were never closed for children aged 1 to 15, with zero covid-19 deaths . . .and the United States has now passed Sweden in terms of deaths per million inhabitants, despite Sweden having an older, more high risk population.”5

      Benefits and harms
      On Monday the declaration’s authors met with Alex Azar, US secretary of health and human services, and Scott Atlas, an adviser to President Trump, for what Kulldorff described as a “very good discussion.”6

      However, Stefan Baral, a physician epidemiologist and associate professor at Johns Hopkins University, said he was concerned that the meeting had taken place. Baral explained that, while he generally agreed that lockdowns were causing serious harms, he had declined to sign the declaration because it did not address the concrete steps needed to assist the most vulnerable people.

      Baral told The BMJ that three steps must accompany any loosening of restrictions: firstly, the removal of any barriers to accessing healthcare; secondly, paid leave for people affected by covid-19; and lastly, housing support for such people in multigenerational households.

      “Sweden instituted paid leave from day 1,” he said. “You can call in sick and know that you are going to be able to eat that night. In the US, if you call in sick, you and your family may not eat.”

      Bhattacharya, one of the authors, said that he welcomed such criticisms, as he hoped that the declaration would be just the beginning of an important dialogue about the benefits, and the harms, of public health interventions.

    • The ingenious crux of this con is that EVERYONE has it already. If labs run enough amplification cycles on their PCR “tests”, they will show up as “positive”. Not to mention the fact that they’re not trying to test for a particular virus, but only a segment of DNA that is found in everyone, and judging by the testing of fruits coming up positive, I reckon nearly every THING composed of organic material. Read it and weep!
      “ She has discovered that the test for COVID-19 is not actually testing for COVID-19. The test itself is a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test that is looking for DNA particles. She discovered that the PCR test protocol developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) to detect COVID-19 is actually testing for chromosome 8, which is present in everyone. That is correct. One of the primer sequences in the PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 that is used by the WHO is found in all human DNA. Essentially, we are the virus.”
      Further, I would encourage everyone to NOT get tested, and certainly NOT COOPERATE with contact tracing efforts, as you will only put you and yours at the mercy of the crook authorities that seek to control every aspect of your life based on this scam.

  2. That would mean
    1) China has better pandemic detection in place than the USA.
    2) USA Mass Media kept the expanding pandemic under wraps, until blame could be pinned to China.
    3) Initially Covid-19 ability to sicken and kill was unknown. China’s Covid-19 news blackout made precautions seem prudent. (20 million missing cell phone numbers)??

  3. My vote for the covid delivery system is chemtrails. Can be area selective and is a fine-tuned delivery system of 50+ years.

  4. RW,

    This thread was created before my arrival to WW, and I just caught out of the corner of my eye. Unfortunately, I will need to (very respectfully) disagree with the Ground Zero in Boston and rather ask that you consider Fort Detrick Maryland as Ground Zero with the year being 2019. This is where the project came out of, along with two BSL-4 facilities, one in NC and the other in TX.

    Then the whole project was shipped to the BSL-4 facilities in Wuhan and Rome. Now I contend that Wuxi AppTec also got a piece of the work; however, it is very hard to verify this idea.

    Please know that Boston is important to the spread and the push outward; however when the Fort had its “meltdown” for lack of a better term right now, there were a lot of soldiers and civilians getting quite ill both on and near the base. From my (very humble) opinion this would have represented Ground Zero for what would become the larger event.

    All my best,

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