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WW Podcast: Russ Winter Foresees Impending Debt Slave Wars

In the following podcast, Winter Watch’s own Russ Winter provides a succinct description of how vulture capitalists like Paul Singer use national debt to loot a country of its capital, including social security and pension funds. Winter discusses the reasons why debt write downs never seem to occur. The model instead is debt slavery. He covers Parasite Guild appointments to key positions in the upcoming Trump administration and foresees looming hardcore austerity, crony capitalist/oligarchical  “deal making” (aka loots) and the incorporation of a corrupt Washington Consensus privatization model similar to that of Russia under Boris Yeltsin.


4 Comments on WW Podcast: Russ Winter Foresees Impending Debt Slave Wars

  1. mr winter this is excellent. you dont see this kind of analysis and synthesis around. keep it up your site will continue to grow. your arguments are timely and factual. keep it up. its refreshing to see this type of class based elite based argument (even if you dont want to necessarily admit it, it is really a class-elite anaylsis here) without the requisite partisan hackery from the red or blue dioramma.

    • you can call it “globalist” vs “nationalist” but its the same old feudal CLASS struggle. lets face it. i dont care what we call it. lets face it. if you think humans have changed markedly in tterms of their social in the past ..oh i dont know…500 years…youre mnistaken.

      you know what actually? …this argument seems clearly to be too subltle for this site….

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