Clues Hidden in Plain Sight About Jimmy Savile’s True Nature

'Eccentric national treasure' Sir Jimmy Savile at Buckingham Palace in 1972. PHOTO: Getty

Editor’s Note: Netflix has a two hour documentary on Jimmy Savile called “Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story.” We rate it worth a watch. It is strong with revelations on how Savile positioned himself, quartering in the girl’s institutions he raised money for and preyed upon those the institutions were designed to serve. It is Winter Watch’s view that the Savile rabbit hole goes much deeper than this show revealed.

Jimmy Savile (1926-2011) was one of Britian’s best-known entertainers and a master of black-magic manipulation. Savile was a self-styled wizard and dressed the role. In reality, he fully divulged that he was a deviant and Luciferian of the highest order, and he hid it in plain sight.

Savile’s case also illustrates the weakness of authoritarian followers and pajama people at the hands of such an evil operative when combined with a Crime Syndicate-controlled media and compromised system. It should be quite apparent that even as skilled at evil as he was, he could not have acted for half a century without assistance.

See “A Word About Authoritarian Followers and Dealing with Pajama People”

Only after he died at age 85 in 2011 did his victims feel safe and enabled to come forward. His favorite M.O. was to rape and abuse patients in the very hospitals for which he raised charity. He was typically given free reign over these facilities. Thirteen hospitals and schools were known to have been involved.

At least 450 individuals of both sexes made allegations, and police finally stated 214 crimes were committed. Twenty-eight involved children under the age of 10. Part of his influence was as a procurer of young boys and girls for top officials. Like John Wayne Gacy, he may have run a body disposal service. The real scope of his activity over a period of 50 years can scarcely be imagined.

Right in your face

He also sexually defiled bodies of dead patients, and even stole their glass eyes to make rings. In the photo at right, he shows his total disdain for the pajama people as he displays one of his trophies.

He showed up on a talk show called “Through the Peephole” wearing a shirt that read “I am an animal and I eat people.”

One method of a skilled satanist like Savile is an in-your-face “revelation of the method” and neuro-linguistic programming. But pajama people just laugh it off as “weird” and continue on oblivious.

We have gathered up a sampling of Savile-isms to illustrate his routine. His delivery was not that funny or engaging but rather quite creepy. The ever-present cigar functions as a wand. He’s rarely seen laughing and typically sneers. If he smiles, the effect is distorted by his cigar clamped on his tobacco-stained teeth. Yet, the brainwashed pajama people yuck it up.

In the following video, he states in a blunt manner, “I’m feared in every girl’s school in this country.“

Jimmy Saville “I’m feared in every Girls’ School”

In a chilling 1991 interview with Dr. Antony Clare (below), Savile openly and frankly discussed his satanic “do as they wilt” philosophy. After calling his father a “good guy” [00:05:23], he self-described himself as “dishonest and inverted” and a “ducker and a diver.”

At minute 00:05:53, he states he has no emotions toward others.

At 00:06:00, he says he “hates children, but could get along with them.”

At 00:06:15, Savile tells Clare how nihilism works: “You are not in that world. So, therefore, you don’t know. You are constrained by certain things. I am not in your world, and I am not constrained by much of anything.” He finished this train of thought by stating, “The tough thing in life is ultimate freedom.”

Jimmy Savile – “Meet The Psychopaths” – Documentary

We suspect that Savile practiced chaos magic. Provided there was enough “free belief” to feed his desires- being unconstrained, they would grow into obsessions, which would culminate in magical results occurring in reality. Somehow this worked, as Savile pulled the wool over the pajama people’s eyes up until his death.

Pajama people line the streets for the funeral procession of sexual criminal Jimmy Savile en route to Leeds Cathedral on Nov. 9, 2011. PHOTO: CNN

For some reason that I can’t quite fully understand, his spells quickly died with him, as hundreds of victims came forward as soon as he died.

He often spoke in gibberish and combined two syllables followed by three syllables. For example, “How-sa ’bout-that-then?” Or he would repeat three words in an intonation, like “now then, now then, now then,” which was a favorite.

One of his little dittys was a song that could only get a pass in a world of wink-wink cultural Marxists and pervert justice warriors (PJWs). See: [Nope, Skits and Jokes About Raping Babies Aren’t Funny and Never Will Be].

Notice the classic three-word intonations. His lyrics mixed perversion under false, twisted, inverted, shadow language, wrapped in the guise of a children’s song. This travesty is supposed to be a Christmas song.

Jingle, jangle, jewelry 
Jingle, jangle, jewelry 
Jingle, jangle, jewelry 
Lovely, lovely, lovely,
Jingle, jangle, jewelry 
Lovely, lovely, lovely
Jingle, jangle, jewelry 
Look at my bum!

Note: Some say it is “bugger my bum,” not “look at my bum.”

Jingle, jangle, jewelry,
Jingle, jangle, jewelry,
Up me chocolate starfish,
Up me chocolate starfish
Lovely, lovely, lovely
Stab my Bovril bullets.
Lovely, lovely, lovely
Come and chuck your muck!
Lovely, lovely, lovely
Jingle, jangle, jewelry 
Up me Cadbury alley
I’m not a shirt lifter
Now then, now then, now then
Up the chocolate speedway
Choke your chicken
Up your charlie hole
Lovely, lovely, lovely
Jingle, jangle, jewelry.
Time to chuck your muck…
Over your sisters jubblys
Lovely, lovely, lovely
Time to rape a turkey
Lovely, lovely, lovely
Up the Christmas tree
Lovely, lovely, lovely
Come and eat me clag nuts
Come and have a can smacker
Up me curry bongo
Take it up the bum
Up me cock a sombrero
Up me cock a sombrero
Come and suck me clinkers
Lovely, lovely, lovely
I’m a council gritter
I’m a council gritter.

Jimmy Saville – Jimmy Jangle ‘Jingle Jangle Jewellery’

Here is Savile again, hiding in plain sight. There is absolutely no anecdotal purpose to this story. All he is doing is telling us he can take young girls into Buckingham Palace to meet Prince Philip in the boot (American English: trunk) of his car unhindered. At minute 00:02:01, Savile says, “So I give the nod” to Philip, the nod that say’s “look what I’ve got for you.” He never does explain just why he takes a young girl into the palace to see Philip, who “with fantastic luck” happened to be available and almost waiting it seemed for the arrival of the procurer with the latest offering.

Jimmy Savile Takes Young Girl To Prince Philip.

About his mother, who died in 1972 — who he calls “The Duchess”: “Once upon a time I had to share her with other people. We had marvelous times. When she was dead, she was all mine, for me.”

Mark Thompson, CEO of the pedovore protecting  New York Times aka Slimes is the former CEO of BBC – the British Broadcasting Corporation where the satanist pedophile Jimmy Savile worked for 30 plus years, raping hundreds of children, some of them in hospitals, others in the studios on premises owned by the BBC. Girls who dared to complain about being sexually assaulted were regarded as “a nuisance” and their claims not properly dealt with.

Thompson engineered the BBC Savile cover up then jumped ship to become CEO of the NY Times/Slimes. Thompson continues to protect the satanist pedovore cultists.

Connections with Infamous Serial Killers

One of Savile’s favorite projects was with Broadmoor hospital for the criminally insane, where he loved fraternizing with inmates. In 1988, he showed up in Broadmoor to head a “task force” and lived in a terrace house. He then lined up some girlfriends among the inmates.

Boxing legend Frank Bruno described how Savile vindictively tricked him into being photographed shaking hands with the Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper at Broadmoor. Sutcliffe was convicted of murdering 13 women and likely murdered and severely injured many more. The unsuspecting boxer was introduced to Sutcliffe by Savile during a visit to the secure psychiatric hospital in 1991.

Incredibly, Sutcliffe murder victim Irene Richardson’s body was found just behind Savile’s flat. Coinkydink?

From The Guardian on July 9, 2014, “David Hare on Jimmy Savile”: “When asked if he has been following the Myra Hindley story, he replies enigmatically: ‘I am the Myra Hindley story.'”

Was Savile involved in the Moor Murders of 1963-1965? Ian Brady and Myra Hindley may have had a third person in the room watching during the recording of torture. They tortured and murdered five young boys, that are known. Savile visited them both in prison. Savile adopted and never let go of the Myra Hindley hairstyle.

Winter Watch Takeaway: Jimmy Savile was no lone wolf. He was the point of the spear of a twisted and inverted Luciferian network that today dominates Great Britain as well as the United States.

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  1. Great article, Russ. Probably the best thing every written on this mega-creep.
    What I think people need to understand is that Jimmy Savile wasn’t just close to Britain’s ruling elite, he was part of it. He spent every Christmas with Margret Thatcher, and was very close pals with the perverted Prince Charles. ‘Dumbo Ears’ Charles long association with Savile was why he was never allowed to become king.
    Savile was definitely Jewish, btw. Jews are denying it, just as they denied the Jewishness of Joseph Stalin, or for that matter, Jane Fonda. When they became liabilities to the gang they were all tossed overboard.

  2. That a hell exists thank Almighty God is going to serve a great many people extremely well!!!!!

    In the mean time Climate Change is the other side of the coin and isn’t England if not every corner of the world paying a price accordingly!

    “Rain will come in torrents, and I will send hailstones
    hurtling down and violent winds will burst forth… In my
    wrath I will unleash a violent wind, and in my anger
    hailstones and torrents of rain will fall with destructive
    fury.” {Ezekiel 13: 8-13}

    “The Lord will cause men to hear His majestic voice and
    will make them see His arm coming down with raging
    anger and consuming fire, with cloudburst,
    thunderstorm and hail.” {Isaiah 30:30}

    “I will make justice the measuring line and righteousness
    the plumb line, hail will sweep away your refuge, the lie,
    and water will over flow your hiding place.” {Isaiah 28:17}

    “See the Lord has one who is powerful and strong. Like a
    hailstorm and a destructive wind, like a flooding
    downpour He will throw it forcefully to the ground.”
    {Isaiah 28:2}

    If anything explains our meteorological problems along with the
    scientist conundrum it would certainly be these words. A paragraph in
    the book of Job though certainly sums it up best period:

    “God’s voice thunders in marvelous ways, he does great
    things beyond our understanding. He says to the snow,
    ‘Fall on the earth, and to the rain shower, be a mighty
    downpour.’ So that all men may know his work, he stops
    everyman from his labor. The animals take cover; they
    remain in their dens. The tempest comes out from its
    chamber, the cold from the driving winds. The breath of
    God produces ice and the broad waters become frozen.
    He loads the clouds with moisture he scatters his
    lightning through them. At his direction they swirl
    around over the face of the whole earth to do whatever
    he commands them. He brings the clouds to punish men
    or to water his earth and show his love.” {Job 37:5-13}

    So, climate change really has got nothing to do with industrial
    pollution at all and everything to do with the pollution of sin.

    For more see my book Climate Change the Work of God by Gerry Fox

  3. I went through adolescence in England during the height of Saville’s BBC A list celeb status. he was everywhere in the media – radio music shows (theme song ‘I’m in with the in crowd’ instrumental…), his own TV shows, other guest appearances and co compering of the top 20 show, TV ads for nationalized railways, police ‘wear your seatbelt’ TV spots and on and on.
    It’s hard to overstate how institutionalized he was, right down to blanket coverage in the tabloid press running marathons for charity, opening supermarkets, hanging out with show biz people and on and on.

    A lot of people knew his modus operandi and the many circles he moved in (northern England heavy organized crime, child molesting rings, show biz pr, the aristocracy and on and on) but he was clearly untouchable.

    The Saville inquiry has been running for ten years and has produced zero results. What a surprise. 2016 saw a limited hangout ‘safety fuse’ inquiry results to make the masses feel something was being done but nothing happened following the published results. Classic flat reporting by the neo liberal BBC friendly UK Guardian:

  4. After what was allowed to happen in Rotherham (read the INDEPENDENT INQUIRY INTO CHILD SEXUAL EXPLOITATION IN ROTHERHAM, 1997 – 2013, aka the Jay Report), as well as many other cities and towns in England, no one should be surprised at even the most disgusting revelations coming out of the UK, which re ‘anarcho-tyranny’ is heavy on both anarchy and tyranny.

    The ‘benefits’ culture in the UK has created a more or less fixed yob white underclass that is profoundly despised by the ruling elite, to the point of allowing who knows how many underage yob white girls to be sexually brutalized by Paki scum over years and years, while doing nothing to stop it — oddly enough, this is the same ruling elite that created the ‘benefits’ culture in the first place.

  5. It is one thing for the media, the police, the judiciary and the killers themselves to commit terrible acts without our knowledge or consent. It is quite another matter, with grave repercussions in the realm of psychodrama, public ritual and advanced mind control, when these crimes are committed with our consent. It is an ancient rule of both the moral and common law that silence connotes consent; silence and a lack of meaningful action constitute consent in the face of these crimes.

    Thus the old strategy of exposing the cryptocracy, when applied blindly in the belief that exposure in itself is a potent weapon against cryptocracy, is bankrupt. Exposure and publicity by themselves, without a broader understanding of the epistemology of the Hermetic-alchemical control process itself, is worse than useless, it actually plays into the hands of the conspirators. Moreover, to whom are we directing the exposure, anyway? Who do we imagine comprise the audience that will respond and take effective action? Faith in the power of exposing crimes and their perpetrators to the light of day presupposes an audience of human beings who will intuit, fight, resist, remember.

    Hoffman, Michael . Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare . Independent History and Research. Kindle Edition.

  6. I have never heard of, or read about a more completely insane evil mind than Jimmy Savile in my entire life. A sociopath and psychopath wrapped into one, an amazing accomplishment. Certainly he is not alone, as the British aristocracy, government, police and royals seem infested by this horror. This results in extremely slow investigation, if at all. It would be interesting to research his parents to see what we find, particularly the Mother. All the world is indeed a stage, populated with some of the most despicable players one cannot even imagine.

  7. OT: more work for you guys! > “Multiple people shot, unexploded devices found at NYC train station” …

    I see victims prone – composed enough to maintain cell phone usage – I see people in civilian clothes providing medical assistance – one guy attempting a tourniquet – are the blood stains an odd sort of “paint-red” ? … no lack of false flag predictions out there … is it just about time for one of those?

      • 4 hours after incident and they still haven’t put out an alert of the surveillance image of the perp who is at large. Curious to say the least and first thing I would have asked at police presser. TV media just looped the same thing all morning.

        All morning they stated perp wore orange, and changes to green four hours later.

        All morning the narrative was that perp threw smoke bomb into the subway car. Now four hours later the story is that he was sitting in the subway car when he opened up.

        • The alleged shooter is allegedly named Frank James. He and his brother Jesse may be headed for Northfield, Minnesota.

          A date to watch might be the 19th of this month. Merrick Garland and his band of goblins could well kick off the Great White Supremacist Terrorist Hunt with some kind of special event on that particular day.

          • “Black” was not expected (by me) – but “nationalist” is then an expected context; as soon as I heard “black” – I said “must be a facebook [social media] manifesto” – sure enough. One other alt-analyst says April 18 – in NYC is a day to watch. Was yesterday a “drill”?

  8. I wish I hadn’t listened to the recording of Savile’s song. I can’t get it of my head now. Lovely, lovely, lovely……..

  9. Savile had a ‘joker’ mouth, a long, asymmetric nose, dark beady eyes and bleached blond hair. Are King Charles, prince William and Bojo also part of this strain?

    Savile’s sexual obsession reminds me of Roald Dahl’s book The Witches.

    “REAL WITCHES dress in ordinary clothes and look very much like ordinary women. They live in ordinary houses and they work in ORDINARY JOBS. That is why they are so hard to catch. A REAL WITCH hates children with a red hot sizzling hatred that is more sizzling and red hot than any hatred you could possibly imagine…. A REAL WITCH gets the same pleasure from squelching a child as you get from eating a plateful of strawberries and thick cream. She reckons on doing away with one child a week. Anything less than that and she becomes grumpy.”

    If you believe Dahl, then Savile was a ghoul or barghest.

    “A witch is always a woman. I do not wish to speak badly about women. Most women are lovely. But the fact remains that all witches are women. There is no such thing as a male witch. On the other hand, a ghoul is always a male. So indeed is a barghest. Both are dangerous. Bu neither of them is half as dangerous as a REAL WITCH.”

  10. Stage name Michael Parkinson interviewer aka Lord Plunkett and Lord Porchester aka Jimmy so vile Savile respectively from online articles fathered Prince Andrew aka Elton John aka Prince Andrew aka Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols band. Plunkett and Porchester also two of the biggest heroin dealers ever and each fathered their sons with the uncoronated Queen Elizabeth actor.
    Of the many guests on the Parkinson show was Savile and stage name Alan Alda of MASH starring Fred Astaire aka Walt Disney aka FDR aka Harry Morgan father of the Marx brothers with Groucho aka Hitler aka Bing Crosby also interviewed by Parkinson. Also on Parkinson, stage names Rolf Harris aka Captain Mark Phillips friend of Savile and Ghislaine Maxwell as Princess Anne as a married couple.
    Boxer stage name Frank Bruno is in black mask and black body suit aka Piers pro vax and gun grabber Morgan seen shaking hands with the Opie child actor aka Prince Charles introduced by Savile and the Bill Clinton actor’s many stage names include Perry King and Ken Osmonde of Leave it to Beaver. As Opie appeared with stage name Don Knotts the father of Ellen and black mask Obama Seinfeld aka Epstein, the black coloured masks referring to black mail not to a black male.

  11. Wow …Great site, I’ve only just found it after watching Giuseppe The G-Man….

    No wonder the ADL is shadow banning you.

    I need to find a safe host site to reupload my own blog which was also ADL banned.

    Here are some banned useful links re Saville and Jew Greville Janner.

    Food for thought… (The Jimmy Savile affaire)

    All fingers in PIE

    Lord of the PIE

    Janner Exposed

    PQ Gab … o/o/o/

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