Pizzagate News: ‘BBC’ Supports James Alefantis But Did They Catch Him In A Lie?

By Alan Ewart | 2 December 2016

INQUISITR — For almost a full month Pizzagate has been discussed across the internet by a steadily growing group of people, and the chances are, if you are reading this article, you are already aware of the background to Pizzagate. For those who have not followed the Pizzagate story I will sum it up in a few lines. A citizens investigation into Pizzagate began after WikiLeaks, founded by Julian Assange, published the Pizzagate emails. A series of emails between Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta, and James Alefantis led people to think that something very odd was afoot.

Alefantis owns a Washington pizza joint called Comet Ping Pong which sits right at the center of the Pizzagate scandal. Internet investigators discovered pictures on Alefantis’ Instagram account that were deeply disturbing. For example there were photographs of Alefantis holding a small girl, he had added the hashtag #ChickenLover to the post. In pedophile slang a chicken lover is someone who has a taste for very young boys. Alefantis also shared a picture showing a young girl who had her arms taped to a table.

Pizzagate links Alefantis to John Podesta and the Podesta emails were very odd indeed. Podesta and his brother Tony Podesta were invited to a “Spirit Cooking” dinner by artist Marina Abramovic. Spirit cooking is described as a satanic ritual and this has led investigators to believe that Pizzagate may allude to ritualized sexual abuse of children for satanic purposes.

Alefantis is also linked to Podesta through David Brock. Alefantis and Brock were once a couple. Brock set up Media Matters For America (MMFA) a pro-Clinton news site which was given office space by John Podesta during the recent presidential campaign. Investigators have also turned up links between these people and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, as well as other powerful people. […]

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  1. REPRESSION OF THE NEWS IS IN FULL SWING.. Reports now coming in that the story of the Norwegian Pedophile Arrests is being covered up. ABC, Washington Post and NYT have all removed the Associated Press story.. the question is WHY? . In the comments below you will see 2 screen shots I took, overlapping each other in one photo in regards to the removal of the article from the NYT. WHY ARE THESE ARTICLES BEING RETRACTED? Could it have anything to do with the Clinton foundation taking money from some of the people involved?

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