Trump Fills the Swamp with Crony Plutocrats


Donald Trump appears to be going through a special rolodex of usual suspects to find “experts” to advise him on economic and financial matters. These Big Capital cronies can be viewed on this list, and you know the drill. No doubt these usual suspects will now be turning up in deputy secretary and regulatory positions. In fact, it looks like Goldman Sachs may have numerous vampire-squid openings to fill in this revolving door administration.


To let these people into the White House is reminiscent of Russia’s Boris Yeltsin, who allowed the (((oligarchs))) a coup d’etat from the top. The New Nationalist’s prediction is a no brainer. Trump, like Yeltsin, will dash the hopes of millions and turn their dreams of victory into a nightmare. So far, deluded folks are dismissing it with the excuse that it takes swamp creatures who know how the swamp systems work, blah, blah, blah. Keep smokin’ that hopium. This won’t end well.

What is emerging looks like a blend between Washington Consensus looting and raiding through privatizations and a mechanism called the public-private partnership (PPP). Both are classic operations to subsidize profits and socialize losses for the plutocratic oligarchical class.


PPP can be highly addictive and is absolutely corrupting. The politicians practicing this deception pat themselves on the back while pointing to the benefits and hiding the costs. In the Trump-Carrier deal, subsidies weren’t given to lure jobs (which is bad enough) but to retain them. It sets up a greenmail feedback loop of rewarding a company that threatens to leave or cut jobs. “Why wouldn’t every other company make the exact same pitch,” said Steve Weitzner of Silverlode Consulting, a site selection firm. Carrier will receive $6 million in tax credits and $1 million in training grants in exchange for keeping 1,069 jobs at its Indianapolis plant.


PPP is usually used for infrastructure finance, and the squid boyz must be licking their chops on all the fees and commissions that this will generate. This will also be boom times for J Street and K Street. The media has all but ignored these moves, preferring to distract the population with Hegalian dialetic, divide-and-conquer, racial and social epithets. I don’t know how many more times we have to hear Trump called a racist. For the record, he is a hard core crony cabalist and capitalist, not a racist, get that straight lemmings. Additionally, look for protests and staged-deception events to keep the sleepwalkers off target.

plu·toc·ra·cy: noun

1. government by the wealthy.

2. a country or society governed by the wealthy.

3. an elite or ruling class of people whose power derives from their wealth.

“Crony capitalism is a term describing an economy in which success in business depends on close relationships between business people and government officials. It may be exhibited by favoritism in the distribution of legal permits, government grants, special tax breaks, or other forms of state interventionism.”

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  1. A commenter on ZeroHedge joked: « Apparently you have to overfill the swamp before you can drain the swamp … Maybe to get a good swirl goin’? »

    Without doubting at all that Trump is ‘insider’ & has a ‘HUUGE’ number of appointments out of the cabal roster – My sense is that some ‘surprising’ reforms are in the works (e.g., ‘no more foreign regime change’), & more to come (e.g., USA healthcare, jobs) … because US cabal oligarchy has realised authoritarian rule is eased when they have a significant part of the employed class consenting & co-operative, a group that Obama-Hillary had been ignoring

    The cabal fears descent into the night where they are totally dependent on security & military, because history shows that in that scenario, leaders themselves are decapitated by the ‘praetorian guard’ who no longer need them … Whereas before it seemed the cabal was set to totally trash the USA, that plan may have shifted along with a decision to increasingly trash Europe instead (e.g., Germany migrants) … & let China implode from export & credit collapse

    The cabal has realised they have one last ‘big play’ on the US dollar & capital inflow thanks to ‘eurodollar’ globally-denominated debt in dollars … once global ‘debt jubilee’ hits the US dollar is also toast, but maybe Trump has a window to haul capital in to the US before the big shut-down & re-set

  2. A history of Donald Trump’s now-famous campaign applause line promising to “Drain the swamp!” – as did Ronald Reagan, 33 years ago, & Nancy Pelosi, 10 years ago, ha! … from ‘Know Your Meme’ –

    Per etymologist Barry Popik, “drain the swamp” was originally used metaphorically in 1903 by Social Democratic Party organiser Winfield R Gaylord, in a letter discussing how socialists wish to deal with big business: “Socialists are not satisfied with killing a few of the mosquitoes which come from the capitalist swamp; they want to drain the swamp.”

    In 1983, 40th US President Ronald Reagan said that “draining the swamp” of big government would be a primary focus of his administration

    Right after 11 Sep 2001, US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld pledged to “drain the swamp” where terrorists are

    In 2006, Democratic congresswoman Nancy Pelosi announced she would “drain the swamp” after being elected Speaker of the House of Representatives following 10 years of Republican control of Congress

    On 18 Oct 2016 Donald Trump declared – and published in an official press release – “It is time to drain the swamp in Washington DC.”

    • I would say, so far Russ has shown only one agenda – discovery of truth, fight against
      degeneracy and unfairness etc.
      Same cannot be said of PCR. It is true that he often attacks the U.S. establishment. But he does it from an angle – he is promoting the fake East – West dialectic, i.e. that the US is at war (or soon will be) with Russia and China. He is truly shilling for Putin, who admittedly seems on the surface the best and most rational world politician. But the truth is that Russia has been a controlled opposition of the West at least since the
      illuminati / masons sponsored Bolshevik revolution and Putin, who was an ex KGB agent (and KGB was caught intermingling with the MI6) and hand-picked by the corrupt traitor Yeltsin, is a continuation of this tradition (in spite of all Western and Russian efforts to make it seem otherwise). Trump as friendly towards Putin and
      representing the fake US “anti-establishment” / “anti-globalism” seems to get promoted
      by PCR in yet another fake dialectic / continuation of the same dialectic, which PCR is skillfully upholding. So please spare me the PCR references. He is a trap for semi awakened sheeple, as is Putin. China’s communist party leadership is no different.

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