Satan, the FBI, the Mob — and the Forgotten Plot to Kill Ted Kennedy


During the 1980 presidential campaign, a notorious Hollywood satanist was linked to a plot to murder the third Kennedy brother, uncovered documents show.

By David Gambacorta | 12 January 2020

POLITICO — The FBI and Secret Service agents made their way through the streets of San Francisco’s foggy Richmond District neighborhood, about two miles from the Golden Gate Bridge, toward a narrow Victorian house that looked like it had tumbled out of the shadows of Alfred Hitchcock’s imagination. The building rose two floors to a sharply pitched roof; nearly every inch of the exterior had been painted the color of midnight.

The agencies had spent the better part of two weeks in October 1980 pursuing a case that had all the ingredients of a potential media firestorm, one that could stir up the country’s most traumatic political memories. Now — on Halloween — their digging had led investigators here, to 6114 California Street.

It was called the Black House, and stories about what went on behind its walls had been the subject of curiosity and speculation for more than a decade. The agents climbed a brick staircase, and knocked on the jet-black front door.

They were soon met by a bald, middle-aged man with a goatee: Anton Szandor LaVey. No introductions were necessary. LaVey, the high priest of the Church of Satan, was once rumored to have played a mystical role in the death of a former Hollywood star. He’d been expecting these agents to pay him a visit. […]

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  1. LaVey, like a lot of other characters that emerged in that decade- late 70s to late 80s- was just a rabble-rouser, designed as a prop for the ‘Satanic Panic,’ a fake figurehead. You had others like him- G.G. Allin, the early ‘Satanic’ groups that inspired Black Metal- like ‘Venom,’ Kiss, Judas Priest, etc. Just like with all of these operations, the most obvious clown-acts are made to distract. Then you have the speculators, administrators, and spooks who launder the real activity into sheep-dipped military and mob operations- like with Bundy, Gacy (& John David Norman), Manson, Dahmer, the Memphis three, Johnny Gosch, Israel Keyes, etc. Those guys/groups carry out real terror, death squad activity much like you see from MS-13, or the Albanian Mob now, who both flash that same ‘Devil Horn’ sign- notice that here-

    ‘Hellbanianz’- notice the devil horns, three sixes ‘mudra,’ and the twin-dragons, which also match the twin eagles, the phoenix, which tie back into Zoroastrianism, the ‘Ordo ab Chao’ where one element plays sabotage, chaos, the other plays the more orderly, quasi-‘ethical’ political aspects as a front, controlling the entire political spectrum through narco-laundering, extortion apparatus

    Same stuff with the CIA and Mossad connected (NSO group, Pegasus- which is also a ‘Unicorn’ Talmudic symbol) MS-13 Cartel Gang- that same ‘devil horns’ symbol. And I’m not even some conventional religious person- most of my life people around me, myself- always thought that just meant ‘rock and roll’- but clearly not when you see it being used so ubiquitously in connected intelligence/organized criminal operations, in conjuction with the ‘three sixes’ and ‘three nines’ mudra overlapping- which is just plain misinterpretation, mixing and matching religious mythology that was never supposed to be the same thing (but was a forced interpretation for Geopolitical, tribal interests)

    Those two- but even more- are directly linked

    Kabbalistic, Judeo-Freemasonry, which took the remaining literature from antiquity out of the Arab world in the Middle Ages/Renaissance and reinterpreted it, according to a new occult practice, is where the symbology/grammar comes from- it’s also why the National Crime Syndicate has been predominantly Jewish and Italian (with an elitist Protestant minority- aka the ‘Protestant Ascendancy’- like the ‘Baptist’ Rockefellers), which were the same groups that started all of that during the Renaissance (Cosimo De Medici, his connections with Rabbis, who then helped co-opt operative freemasonry into ‘speculative freemasonry’- the Scottish Rite, abroad, along with your John Dees, later Francis Bacon, Ben Franklin Characters). It’s the grammar which undergirds the international criminal economy. If you read ‘The First Family’ by Mike Dash, he has some passages in there about how the Triads, Yakuza, and Cosa Nostra ALL HAVE THE SAME ORIGIN MYTH they tell each other. How is that possible? Because it’s Kabbalistic. One is Western, involving the Knights Templar, and the other is Eastern, involving Monks- but Lurianic Kabbalah linked the two together, which also helped build relationships within the early ‘East India Trade’ Opium Trusts.



    So, in the end, LaVey wasn’t really lying when he kind of inferred he ‘just used his operation for money and socializing.’ Sort of a limited hangout. Much like the so-called ‘Process Church,’ it puts a celebrity face on a strategy of tension, pitting wealthy urban cosmopolitans against rural, manual laborers (Illuminati flashing Hollywood tweeting ‘learn to code’ ring a bell?), distracting from what is ultimately a broad-scale, narco-laundering operation with a shit ton of murder, rape, and corporate sabotage happening on domestic turf by an intricate web linking back to domestic executive sources- auctioning the responsibility out to foreign actors, in a shell-game, to start more war for more rackets.

    Which they can then ‘correct’ later, act all moral and pious, tell us how ‘Christian’ or whatever we need to be as a culture, because it’s all of US who was doing this- not them. Even though it’s their bank accounts and wallets that fattened, and everyone else that had to absorb all of the stress, hits, etc. It’s the entire ‘Order and Chaos’ operation itself that is evil- the pretend-moral, fake-ethical side that swings in to the rescue is just as much the problem- the Jerry Falwells, Ben Shapiros, Jordan Petersons, dirty fake Zionist reverends and Islamists who are always making a racket out of telling you to make your bed and correct yourself, when none of us ever ordered a Charlie Manson in the first place- he was a CIA/Federal Informant. And LaVey- no demon-worshipping occultist, but an Ayn Rand Objectivist- fitting in more with fellow Randian Alan Greenspan than some Goth in facepaint.

    • . . . And here they are again- in the upper reaches of the US Military (again). You can see how this, if taken on its face, makes people think there is some giant Satanic conspiracy- the Pentagon/Pentagram, International gangs having the same origin myths flashing devil horns- but that’s all part of the ‘Strategy of Tension.’ It’s Christian Zionism, literally. The US military uses this Satanic garbage the same way Zionists use contrived, proxy ‘Anti-Semitism’- they create conflict because they believe it is some ‘inherent process in making the political sustain reality to the public.’ Satanism to make us all more Christian, anti-semitism to make more Zionists. In other words, if they didn’t terrorize us with retarded ‘Anti-Semitic’ and ‘Satanic’ Narco-Laundering rackets, we’d ‘lapse into corrupt liberalism.’ If you just remember how they call everything they hate ‘communism’ (like they did from early 20th century until recently) or now ‘fascism,’ or ‘liberalism,’ just childish name calling- if they quit doing that we might actually get along once in a while. Maybe not keep regressing, backsliding, being about 50 years behind where we should be, because we keep having to deal with the same rehashed ‘culture wars.’ For six years now people have been talking about blue-haired trannies. Sorry, but that isn’t worth six years, even a year, really even a few months, of discussion. You can blame the cadre of Devil Horn douchebags for that.

      So you had MS-13, Hellbanianz . . . and also . . . Admiral McRaven? lol

  2. So a giant nothing burger by Politico. ((LeVay)) just another snake oil salesman who found a way to market himself to the weird-os of Hollywood..any gimmick will do to attract the mentally disturbed. So we have FBI geniuses who investigated the deaths of both JFK and RFK..and the so called attempt on Teddy which leads them to a ((LeVay)) and his satanic panic ‘theatrics” guess that takes the heat off the ((usual suspects))

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