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Jewish Conference to Study ‘Dominating’ Role of Jews in Communism

IMAGE: The New Observer

29 October 2017

THE NEW OBSERVER — Jews occupied senior roles in Communist Russia — including heading up the NKVD secret police, and the Ministry of Justice — ran the US Communist Party and dominated the Soviet Union’s spy rings in America, according to the head of the Yivo Institute, one of the oldest Jewish Institutes of Higher Learning in the US.

Jonathan Brent, the executive director of the YIVO Institute, told the Times of Israel that it was “important to discuss these subjects even if they make people uncomfortable.”

Speaking to that Jerusalem-based newspaper about a conference titled “Jews In and After the 1917 Russian Revolution,” scheduled for November 5 and 6, 2017, in New York, Brent said that a “lot of people do not realize that there were Jews in Stalin’s secret police.

“This is something that really needs to be talked about. Some of these individuals had fathers who were rabbis in the shtetls.” […]

3 Comments on Jewish Conference to Study ‘Dominating’ Role of Jews in Communism

  1. Amazing the psychological trauma these parasites inflict on our consciousness.
    They brag about their involvement; but when we point out their involvement, we lose our jobs, friends and family. Mother F@%kers.

  2. …some say that Josip Broz TitoI (communist mass murderer), was not an ethnic Croatian, but a KGB colonel, named Nikolai Lebedev!….this “Tito” imposter spoke 7 languages, including Yiddish, but Croatians, Slovenians, Serbians, Bosnians, don’t speak Yiddish!……..strange cosmos, indeed!

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