In a Time of Cancel Culture, Eric Gill’s Sculpture to Pedophila Still Adorns BBC’s London Broadcasting House

In the early years of the 1930s, sculptor Eric Gill was commissioned to carve an image for the entrance hall of BBC Broadcasting House, Langham Place, London. He created 'Prospero and Ariel.' PHOTO: The Guardian/Graham Turner
Eric Gill

Eric Gill (1882-1940) and his friend and collaborator Sir Jacob Epstein (1880-1959) are considered two of the leading sculptors of the early 20th century. Their perversion-hidden-in-plain sight works often shocked audiences. This was not only a result of their often-explicit sexual content.

With Epstein, negative reviews of his work sometimes took on an anti-Semitic flavor. Epstein himself was reluctant to play that card and did not attribute the “average unfavorable criticism” of his work to antisemitism.

Over the front entrance of Broadcasting House (BBC) London stands Gill’s statue of “Prospero and Ariel,” taken from Shakespeare’s last play, “The Tempest.” Even though the statue has been on site for nearly a century, we notice that finding clear revealing photos of it online is obfuscated.

Gill creating ‘Prospero and Ariel’ at BBC Broadcasting House

It was mired in controversy from the moment it was unveiled in 1933. The nude Ariel, or at least the size of his member, seemed quite oversized, and two mediators intervened to require a downsize to fit the young boy’s age of 10.  An unrepentant Gill retorted that he had only followed the corporation’s request.

“I am only a servant of the BBC, and if a statue is placed under the responsibility of Sir John Reith and other directors, then it must be all right,” Gill said.

Elsewhere on the BBC building is this lesser-noticed work by Gill that shows a small child with his hand near a flutist’s exposed crotch.

Gill was also an Associate of the Royal Academy of Arts. Other works included “Madonna and Child” (1910), which English painter and art critic Roger Fry described in 1911 as a depiction of “pathetic animalism.”

However, Eric Gill’s personal diaries, published in 1989, revealed that he was a full-blown pederast who engaged in several extramarital affairs, incest with his two eldest teenage daughters, incestuous relationships with his sisters and sexual acts on his dog.

Artwork by Eric Gill, A group of five wood engravings of fashion subjects, Made of wood engravings
Gill had an uncountable number of sketches like this.

This aspect of Gill’s life was allegedly little known beyond his family and friends until the publication of the 1989 biography by Fiona MacCarthy. Gill’s daughter Petra, who was alive at the time of the MacCarthy biography, described her father as having “endless curiosity about sex” and that “we just took it for granted.”

Gill’s statue for the BBC was before the broadcaster was scandalized by its failure to even minimally vet its star employee Jimmy “666” Savile. With statues of colonizers and slavers coming down all over Britain, there is movement afoot to remove the Gill work.

Rather than remove the pederast statue, I’d set up an organization of volunteers to give free tours that include the history of the statue, its artist, the history of the building and the history of the people who work there. And while the tours are at it, add Gill’s running buddy Sir Jacob Epstein to the mix.

The True History of the Confederate Memorials: It Was a Women’s Movement

Jacob Epstein, 1927

Per Wikipedia, Epstein was a big believer in procreation — and with many women. Despite being married to and continuing to live with his first wife, Margaret, Epstein had a number of relationships with other women that brought him his five children: Peggy Jean (1918–2010), Theo (1924–1954), Kathleen (1926–2011), Esther (1929–1954) and Jackie (1934–2009). Margaret generally tolerated these relationships, even to the extent of raising his first and last children.

In 1921, Epstein began the longest of these relationships, with Kathleen Garman, one of the Garman sisters, mother of his three middle children, which continued until his death. Margaret “tolerated Epstein’s infidelities, allowed his models and lovers to live in the family home and raised Epstein’s first child, Peggy Jean, who was the daughter of Meum Lindsell, one of Epstein’s previous lovers, and his last, Jackie, whose mother was the painter Isabel Nicholas. Evidently, Margaret’s tolerance did not extend to Epstein’s relationship with Kathleen Garman, as in 1923 Margaret shot and wounded Kathleen in the shoulder.”

We lead off with Epstein’s creepy facade relief at 55 Broadway in New York City. Nothing to see here, move along.

On another façade at London Electric Railway HQ is robo pederasty.

Epstein, although a talented sculptor, had a fascination with shock value and especially with “dicks.” People in Liverpool nicknamed his nude male sculpture over the door of Lewis’ department store (1954–56) the “Dickie Lewis.”

The Archangel Lucifer, dick and all, now in Birmingham Museum.

This dick statue is on the second floor of the British Medical Association (BMA) headquarters at 429 The Strand, London. I suspect Epstein, although talented, really had the mentality and arrested development of a precocious 14 year old adolescent. In fact his dick works are a joke on the public chumps at large.

One of the most famous of Epstein’s early commissions is Oscar Wilde’s tomb in Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris, “which was condemned as indecent and at one point was covered in tarpaulin by the French police.” More bizarre than obscene, but he had to slip that dick in.

Epstein’s “Scene from Childhood.” Hellish looking and not exactly what I remember. We aren’t in Kansas anymore, Toto.

This statue in London is rather grotesque but shows a younger man down and at the mercy of “whatever.” Is this some kind of smack down? This is supposedly a war memorial.

Read “Man damages BBC headquarters statue with hammer”

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      • Do you sympathize with these disgusting pedos? Of course we must smash and pulverize these vile creations. That’s when cancelling is absolutely appropriate: against evil and filth, all is permitted. How do you rid society of such dissolute endeavours? You censor and cancel it. Anything else evinces a secret proclivity for pedophelia on the part of those who wish not to destroy such garbage.

  1. “Prothero” a character in a rather obscene statue at the BBC…could that be why one of the evil characters in “V for Vendetta” is named “Prothero”? (Because I have my doubts it’s because Prothero was a Shakespeare character).

  2. JEWISH TALMUD: SANHEDRIN, 55b-55a: “What is meant by this? – Rab said: Pederasty with a child below nine years of age is not deemed as pederasty with a child above that. Samuel said: Pederasty with a child below three years is not treated as with a child above that (2) What is the basis of their dispute? – Rab maintains that only he who is able to engage in sexual intercourse, may, as the passive subject of pederasty throw guilt (upon the actual offender); whilst he who is unable to engage in sexual intercourse cannot be a passive subject of pederasty (in that respect) (3). But Samuel maintains: Scriptures writes, (And thou shalt not lie with mankind) as with the lyings of a woman (4). It has been taught in accordance with Rab: Pederasty at the age of nine years and a day; (55a) (he) who commits bestiality, whether naturally or unnaturally: or a woman who causes herself to be bestiality abused, whether naturally or unnaturally, is liable to punishment (5).”

    During the twenty centuries of its existence…IT SURVIVED IN ITS ENTIRETY, and not only has the power of its foes FAILED TO DESTROY EVEN A SINGLE LINE, but it has not even been able materially to weaken its influence for any length of time.


  3. Kissinger quote from a speech to the WHO Council on Eugenics,February 25th 2009: “Once the herd accepts mandatory vaccinations, It’s GAME OVER. They will accept anything – Forcible blood or organ donation- “For the greater good”. We can genetically modify children and sterilize them- “For the greater good”. Control sheep minds and you control the herd. Vaccine makers stand to make billions. And many of you in this room are investors. It’s a BIG win/win.

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