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The True History of the Confederate Memorials: It Was a Women’s Movement

Wreath laying at Confederate Memorial Day services, Confederate Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery, 1922

If we’ve learned anything in the current year, it’s that too many respond to shadow language and little else. They listen to words and phrases, not concepts. They don’t have the interpretative framework to discern false histories and contrived narratives.

For example, if you told a person brainwashed by critical theory that the Confederate statues that they want tear down were erected and funded by a diverse southern women’s movement to honor their kin, would they bat an eye? These were memorials to the dead, and this is duly noted on almost all the statues.

At the end of America’s Civil War, several hundreds of thousands of fallen Confederate (and Union) soldiers were laying around the countryside or interned in shallow graves. The war was mostly fought in the South. Tens of thousands of others were dying prematurely and often in poverty from their wounds.

The Ladies Memorial Association (LMA) was established to give these fallen American soldiers decent burials and commemoration. Alliances with northern women were formed to return fallen Union soldiers to the North. Between 1865 and 1900, these women’s associations were a formidable force in the South, establishing cemeteries and raising large monuments.

At the same time, as part of national reconciliation and reunification, soldiers from both sides held reunions and bivouacs. The flags and uniforms of the Confederacy and the Union were freely displayed and honored by all sides involved.

At one time, before the utter and complete degradation and corruption of “American” media, there were fine documentaries, such as Ken Burns’ “The Civil War.” It was first broadcast on PBS on five consecutive nights from Sept. 23 to 27, 1990. The concept of national reunification and memorialization was touchingly covered, as shown below. Approximately 40 million viewers watched it.

If this clip doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, shame on you. Unfortunately, for many under the age of 35, this classic documentary seems to have fallen into the Memory Hole, leaving them with the knowledge of a flea on the issues involved.

The removal and vandalism of these memorials are akin to desecrating cemeteries and tomb stones. It offends family members and our national honor. No Union soldier would have stood for it. One of the statues just taken down in Baltimore under the cover of night and with no public notice was the Confederate Women’s Monument dedicated in 1917.

Confederate Memorial services, Arlington, Va., 1922

Winter Watch has no problem with true diversity. But there is a mono-culture scam being pushed by globalists, or worse — the Red Vanguard discordians. If you wish diversity to exclude fallen Confederate soldiers, then how about their wives, daughters and mothers? Are you diverse enough to include them? If not, who is the true sexist?

And the reality is that the Confederate memorial removal hysteria is undemocratic. National polls reveal that even within black communities, only a minority strongly support the removal of statues of Robert E. Lee. What if the poll were rephrased to ask about removal of memorials to fallen American soldiers, because that’s what is happening.

“Free speech” should be re-branded as “diverse speech.” It’s time to take a play out of their book. The Red Vanguard would then have to admit they don’t really want “diversity.”

I don’t care for the right-left dialectic at all. I propose the term “populist nationalism” and drop the Alt-Right concoction and narratives of the Judas Goats. My term implies a sense of popular opposition against giant centralized powers — globalized corporations, governments, etc., which is the essence of the “red pill.” This positioning also places you on the offense against your political opponents right off the bat. If you are anti-populist, you are aligned against the will of the majority of the country.

Finally, to repeat the theme of prior articles, Winter Watch is pro-civil rights. This must be applied universally and would certainly include the civil rights of white people, which are being violated every day.

Read “Where’s the White Man’s Martin Luther King When You Need Him?”

We’ve illustrated this issue in dozens of posts and include articles from around the web and “real news” sources [see “Festival Charges Double Ticket Price for ‘Non-People of Colour’“]. What’s next, white seating only in the rear?

Fat, black woman protest organizer instructs whites to “get to the back of this bitch”.

In summary:

  • True Diverse Speech Rights
  • Populist Nationalism
  • Civil Rights Activism for all, and that includes whites
  • Preserving history and women’s-funded war memorials is fundamental and a red line not to be crossed

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23 Comments on The True History of the Confederate Memorials: It Was a Women’s Movement

  1. It’s notable how 1960s-1970s people, co-ordinate with their advocacy of equal civil rights for black Americans, also fondly respected the noble aspects of the old Southern heritage, & the tragedy of a civil war that was much about people resisting what they felt would become an evil empire if the right of local rebellion was not respected … Note the passion with which people sang ‘The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down’, here from ‘The Band’ in 1978, 4m15

  2. I’m a fan of Spanish Bombs myself. Decent historical context regardless of the side being idolized. Another great new wave tune is Depeche Mode’s “Stripped”. Martin Gore was a great song writer and it doesn’t get better than, “…let me hear you make, decisions without your television, let me hear you speak it just for me.”

  3. “Free speech” should be re-branded as “diverse speech.” It’s time to take a play out of their book. The Red Terror would then have to admit they don’t really want “diversity.”

    Do you really want to engage in this kind of intellectual debate/wordplay with these people? — another question that’s just as important: do you think they want to?

    The issue for white people is simple: rule or be ruled — and Whites in the US just got a very good look at who will be, and who will be electing, their future rulers.

    • engage in this kind of intellectual debate/wordplay with these people?

      You are too black pilled for me. Everything I engage in or write and I mean everything is intended for the normie and pajama people- not fanatical enemies or even the choir. It is essential that you understand this distinction.

      • I’ll go with eah on this one. Attempting to use the talmudically weaponized language that was used to brainwash them will not “wake” them to the fact that these words are now weapons. Free speech is not “diverse” speech when all “diverse” means is dindu monopoly on language and violence. You might as well call it “teen” or “vibrant” speech.


        Do you really think attempting to split hairs over “diverse speech” is going to penetrate the deep jungle of hate between the ears of these feral white haters? If these armed black NNN militias and all the anti-white violence which Winterwatch has documented over the last few years cannot break through the normie normalcy bias, rambling on about the right to “diverse speech” certainly won’t.

        To be frank, this is the kind of milquetoast I would expect to hear on one of your podcasts with Muskowitz.

        • Must I keep repeating myself? Once again this type of argumentation is not intended for the feral white haters. There are very substantial numbers of confused fence sitters aka normies aka pajama people in varying degrees of mind control. Let me throw it in your court- how do you discourse with those folks?

          I see rebranding free speech as diverse speech (for everybody) as an encirclement. There is nothing off about that word- it has just been hijacked in an evil way. I am reclaiming it for proper usage. diverse- adj: showing a great deal of variety

          Same with universal “civil rights”. Muh civil rights, muh right to diverse speech. This needs to happen with frequency to break down the mind control.

          • I see rebranding free speech as diverse speech (for everybody) as an encirclement.

            Suppression of free expression today is fundamentally a moral phenomenon — today it’s government and the media who decide and dictate what sort of expression is moral and therefore acceptable and allowed — anyone who is ‘canceled’ is first subjected to ad hominem attack: they aren’t called “racist” because they are, or because what they say about Blacks is unreasonable or unsupported by facts; they aren’t called “ant-Semitic” because they are, or because what they say about Jews is unreasonable or unsupported — they are denigrated via ad hominem attack in order to label them as morally unfit, exclude them from discourse, and invalidate their arguments.

            Similarly, politics today isn’t about ‘public service’ — it’s mostly about demonstrating moral fitness to lead.

            So I don’t see how this makes sense — I don’t see how “rebranding” will help.

            Regarding free expression, what we are dealing with is absolute right vs absolute wrong — I’m not interested in semantics or negotiation, but in crushing those whom I see as absolutely in the wrong — and I think most ‘normies’ can grasp that.

  4. OT

    I want to comment on something you re-tweeted (again):

    Until you remember the fact that he is the same guy who stood by and did nothing (other than tweet) for the last month while the Left destroyed our history.

    Personally, I agree with Trump’s decision not to intervene — it wasn’t really a federal issue — mayors should not have allowed, or worse ordered, cops to ‘stand down’ — they should have quickly requested National Guard forces to help suppress violence/looting if it was necessary, including protecting historical monuments — or governors could have ordered the NG to do so without such a request: they have control of NG troops in their state.

    Trump should emphasize all of the above, and pound home hard and often that if citizens of affected areas are unhappy with all the violence and looting that was allowed to happen, then they need to take a good look at the people they elect and/or the chiefs of police these elected officials appoint.

    However Trump should have ordered troops to secure Wash DC and its monuments.

    This was a no-win situation for Trump, vis-a-vis the media — if anything they would have been even harder on him had he ordered NG troops in, and e.g. “protesters” were shot (many of them deserved to be shot) — here is a good example of typically despicable media behavior toward Trump:


    “I want to ensure that everyone understands the gravity of the situation here.

    Hydroxychloroquine worked this whole time.

    The media said it would literally kill you if you took it simply because POTUS promoted it as a cure.

    Thousands of people likely DIED because of this.”

    • I largely agree. Trump was maneuvered by skillful opponents into the classic double bind situation. Still it would behoove him to toss his mythical chess playing and skills at snakes and ladders persona. Even if one didn’t think he was in on it, he is a very inept leader, not cut out for the role, and now the 5th Columnist challenges are catastrophic.

  5. Bottom line: People don’t want to look at statues honoring the oppressors of their ancestors and should not have to.

    • Hey Dwight – any White who wants to appease blacks – or even cares how they
      feel – on this issue, is among the worst of enemies, and I would personally favor
      hanging. I don’t know if you are White, or other, but I suggest you move to the
      black paradise of your choice if you care so much for their ‘feelings’ about this
      ridiculous non-issue. No statue or monument ever held a black man back. The
      average black, who is actually quite BELOW average compared to the rest of
      us, knows absolutely zero about these monuments or their true history. Or for
      that matter, any history AT ALL, along with the many other subjects that they
      consistently demonstrate a sub par grasp of despite how much money and
      effort we expend to edu-macate them. That’s of course the ones that don’t
      drop out at rates of 50% and more in many school districts. Any White who
      hasn’t simply had enough of blacks and their antics (AND crime) is simply
      not sane, and simply not fit to live among us. Dwight – pack your bags and
      move … and take your pathetic cuck comments with you.

      • “Any White who hasn’t simply had enough of blacks and their antics (AND crime) is simply not sane, and simply not fit to live among us.”

        Herr Feldmarschal, we just need to explain that freedom of speech is really just diversity of opinion, and since every normie surely accepts that diversity is equivalent to equal rights for whites, they will suddenly understand that dindu antics are badong. Yea, thats the ticket.

        As far as “Dwight” goes, he probably thinks that Dwight Eisenhower (the Swedish Jew), who assassinated Patton, was some kind of noble figure. I think that we would agree that Rommel was of made of far superior metal than “Eisenhower”.

    • I don’t know if you are White, …

      I don’t know either, but in any case the following sentiment is still generally true (and probably relevant here):


      “Our task is to defeat hordes of white people.

      Our enemy is other white people.

      After they’re out of the way, we have no other obstacles.”

      Meaning Whites who will accept being ruled are a problem.

    • Dwight, nobody “has to look” at any statue. You’re pretending that everybody is forced to look at memorials. You, and everyone like you, have the option of not looking.

  6. Isn’t it funny how the words ‘evolve’ even as the concept does not. When I was growing up I had one grandfather who didn’t even include Greeks or Italians in the category of ‘white’ and Slavs were automatically ‘white trash’ while the other grandfather graciously used skin-tone alone to determine the ‘lesser’ types.

  7. This article is a fine example of why white genocide is real campaign. They don’t want our living because they don’t want our dead!

  8. Dark things are in motion all over the world. Their plans are accelerating like never before. They feel their objective of total domination is in sight and they are getting anxious, and sloppy. But they never calculated the internet in their plans. It enabled people to learn the truth. Yet soon the internet will be censored and worthless. But in the meantime spread as much truth as you can. Save all the information that you can and back it up for the future. Keep fighting. People are waking up like never before. I see it more and more every day. Do not get distracted or disheartened from our goal of waking up our sleeping brothers and sisters.

    It is not enough to know the truth, you must spread it. Make websites, comment in forums, message boards, etc. The truth is like a fire, all of us lighting little fires all over the world, and suddenly — an inferno!

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