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Martin Luther King Jr ‘Watched and Laughed’ as Woman Was Raped, Secret FBI Recordings Allege

PHOTO: via Black Agenda Report

Publisher claims tapes expose activist as the ‘Harvey Weinstein of civil rights movement’ who had ‘40 affairs’

By Peter Stubley and Chris Baynes | 27 May 2019

INDEPENDENT — The FBI’s attempt to discredit Martin Luther King Jr – new details of which are only just emerging some 55 years later – was a mammoth operation involving undercover informants, wiretapped phones and bugged hotel rooms.

J Edgar Hoover, the bureau’s notorious director, believed the material gathered by his agents in the Sixties exposed the civil rights leader as a “notorious liar” and “one of the lowest characters in the country”.

It included a tape which, according to an FBI summary, recorded King laughing and offering “advice” as a fellow Baptist minister “forcibly raped” a woman just a few minutes walk from The White House in Washington DC. […]

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