The Sun Has ‘Reached Solar Minimum’ and Its Surface is Ominously Calm

This recent Nasa image shows the face of the sun looking blanker than usual. PHOTO: Metro UK/NASA

By Jasper Hamill | 4 June 20190

METRO — The surface of the sun is normally a roiling, super-heated hellscape. But Nasa images have revealed that the face of our star is looking ominously calm right now, prompting claims it’s reached a stage of its cycle called the solar minimum.

During the minimum, there are significantly fewer sunspots and its magnetic field weakens, allowing cosmic rays from outside our solar system to rain down on Earth.

This doesn’t tend to pose a threat to anyone here on Earth, but it’s risky for astronauts and satellites outside our atmosphere.

The website Space Weather wrote: ‘The sun has been without spots for 16 consecutive days – a sign that Solar Minimum is underway.

‘Many people think Solar Minimum is uninteresting. Not so.

‘This phase of the solar cycle brings extra cosmic rays and long-lasting holes in the sun’s atmosphere.’ […]

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